Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

During a fire, a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Optimize emergency services response times with fire alarm monitoring for your business. Give us a call today to get protected.

The Best in Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

An up-to-date fire alarm monitoring solution is essential for protecting your staff and your assets. Trust that the job will be done quickly, professionally, and at a fair price when you choose Safe and Sound as your fire alarm monitoring installer. We are experienced in working with all of the top fire alarm monitoring providers and can answer questions about the features of each system. We take the time to evaluate your building so we can design a system that is customized to your property. Our technicians are highly trained and provide an outstanding customer experience. Installing fire alarm monitoring in your building allows first responders to be alerted at the first sign of a fire. This minimizes response times, resulting in less damage to your property. Many insurance companies offer discounts for maintaining fire alarm monitoring at your business so the investment helps pay for itself. Whether you are looking to upgrade an older fire alarm system or install a brand new one, Safe and Sound will provide professional guidance every step of the way. Contact us today to get started protecting your location!

Site Assessment

Every commercial building is unique. This is why we conduct a site assessment of every property to confirm the structure and layout of your facility. Conducting a site assessment allows our expert technicians to ensure we install the most efficient system and avoid unexpected issues.


Using the information gathered during the site assessment, our skilled team of engineers will work to design a customized fire alarm monitoring system for your business. This includes thoughtful planning for the ideal locations of wiring and sensors. Trust our engineers to create a plan that will result in a seamless installation.


At Safe and Sound, our technicians provide our customers with unparalleled service. During installation, we work to minimize disruptions to your operations and make the process quick and easy. We stand behind our work and our technicians strive to exceed your expectations for quality and service.

Some of Our Customers


Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated fire alarm monitoring installer in the area. We have years of experience working with both residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to provide an unmatched customer experience. See what some of our recent customers are saying about us.

Chandrika Prasad
Chandrika Prasad
19:34 26 Dec 22
Thank you Safe and Sound for employees like Scott Reid! Knowledge, kind, attentive and very understanding of our needs... with our security camera. He exceeded our expectations. He not only fixed the issues with the camera, but assisted with downloading the apps on our phones and making sure that each one was running smoothly. He adjusted all the settings to meet our needs and made sure all our questions were answered. We appreciate your services!!read more
Joe Zavala
Joe Zavala
18:08 03 May 21
I have worked with Patrick, Ami and Zach to install a new security camera system at a homeowners association.
Niranj Patel
Niranj Patel
15:50 03 May 21
Highly Recommended for those people that want clarity in there camera systems the have a great team that works closely... with you we use them for our company i have no negative things about them or there work i will keep using Safe and Sound they are very friendly and respond quickly, some may say they are a little expensive but if you want the quality and long lasting they are the ones that offer it very pleased with there work. I would recommend to anyone looking for security and cameras. very easy to use there systems any questions you may have if you call them they will walk you through it and if you are very computer friendly they can show you with like team viewer, zoom more
Erika Osueke
Erika Osueke
00:55 03 Dec 20
Safe and Sound Security gets the job done! Our company switched from a local provider after too many ongoing issues and... Get Safe and Sound came in and owned the project. They got us up and running in a few days and quickly solved any issues that popped up. They are very efficient, courteous and communicative. We look forward to the long lasting relationship and plan to use them at all our locations!read more
USAN 811
USAN 811
17:57 02 Dec 20
I felt the project went well and the response time was excellent. I don’t have any criticisms . We did have a few... hiccups after the initial install, but those issues were addressed very quickly.Thanks for the great job performed by everyone at Safe and Sound!read more
Board Of Directors
Board Of Directors
18:39 11 Jun 20
As the President of Westgate Park Homeowners Association, I am pleased to say that Safe and Sound put surveillance... cameras in our Association when we had been told for 30 years that it couldn't be done! The homeowners are very pleased and the price was economical; value excellent and overall an outstanding job!read more
Kelvin Jones
Kelvin Jones
20:14 13 Nov 17
Very Happy with all phases of this Company !!
Bill Wygal
Bill Wygal
18:47 13 Nov 17
Safe and Sound has done two systems for us. They have done everything they said they would do and have done it on time.... We appreciate their service and follow more
Ronnie Payne
Ronnie Payne
18:14 13 Nov 17
Safe and sound were very professional, system was setup and running in no time. I would recommend this group over ADT... in a heartbeat and the service has run smoothly since more
Best Roman
Best Roman
19:26 11 Nov 17
Love the response time
Jack Marks
Jack Marks
18:56 11 Nov 17
The work is excellent and the customer support is really good
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Fire Alarm Installation and Integration

Adding a security alarm to your fire alarm monitoring is a wise investment to protect your business from burglary. If you are adding a new system or want to integrate an existing system into your fire alarm monitoring, we can help. Integrated systems can save business owners money while also simplifying operations. It can also improve response times as one central monitoring location can provide all of the services needed in an emergency.

Security System Installation
Fire Alarm System Annunciator

Fire Alarm System Repair

Many people don’t know that most fire alarm system components have an average life expectancy of 10-20 years. Make sure your fire alarm system works as designed with a service visit from one of our expert technicians. We can replace broken or outdated components to make your system responsive and functional again. Don’t just hope that your system is working! Stay up-to-date so that your system can protect you when it matters most.

PDF Guide to Hiring Home Security Installers

Guide to Choosing a Fire Alarm Monitoring System

We understand that choosing a fire alarm monitoring system can be confusing. Check out our quick guide to installing fire alarm monitoring systems so you can feel confident.


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