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Gate Access Control

Gate access control keeps unauthorized intruders out of your gated community or commercial facility, preventing theft, vandalism, and violent crime around the clock. We provide and install a range of secure gate access control systems to protect any business. Whether your property is an HOA neighborhood, school campus, apartment complex, or other gated commercial area, Safe and Sound has what it takes to create a personalized gate entry system that is tailored to your needs.

Gate Access Control System

Safe and Sound Security gate access control systems enforce the safety of your gated area with high-definition surveillance cameras, automatic gate operators, video entry systems, and a range of credentials and credential readers. Not only does a gate access control system keep out intruders who may be up to no good, it can also streamline gate entry for residents, employees, staff, and property operators. In our security gate access control systems, we strive to achieve a combination of strong security and user-friendly operation.

Our slide and swing gate access control systems enhance business efficiency by using the latest access control technology, to let people in securely and easily. We eliminate the traditional lock and key in favor of modern systems that don’t get in the way of gate entry for authorized people. Our installers provide a wide range of cards and readers, including prox, smart, and mobile app credentials, as well as advanced biometric entry systems such as face readers and fingerprint scanners, for gated areas in need of maximum security.

Residential Gate Access Control Systems

Residential gate access control systems for gated communities, HOA neighborhoods, and gated apartments require top security to keep residents safe, as well as to minimize any liability for third-party crime that may fall on property managers. At Safe and Sound Security, we are committed to keeping your community safe with sophisticated residential gate access control.

Our community entry gate access control systems ensure smooth operation and peace of mind for you and your residents. We know how to design a complete system for any residential facility with controlled access gates.

What You Can Do with Residential Gate Access Systems:

Enforce safety and peace of mind

Simplify visitor management

Reduce financial liability

Streamline gate entry

Know when packages are dropped off

See entry logs of all gate access events

Keep the gate closed when not in use

Control access to multiple gates

gate entry system

Pedestrian Access Control Gates

Pedestrian access control gates security is suitable for any residential facility that receives foot traffic through a gate. We provide various credential cards and readers, security camera systems, and gate intercoms to completely cover your pedestrian gate security. With video entry technology, admins may verify the identity of visitors, and remotely talk down to people at the gate. For example, if an unauthorized person is attempting to break in, security staff can quickly see footage of the incident and respond in real time.

Driveway Gate Access Control

Our experts provide, install, and integrate comprehensive driveway gate access control systems for gated areas that receive vehicle traffic. Gated driveways are susceptible to crime and intrusion if gates are not properly guarded with a complete security system. We work to provide, integrate, and install gated community access control for all types of gated applications, carefully assessing each gated area and designing the perfect combination of access control equipment.

Our front and rear driveway gate access control is guaranteed to keep unauthorized vehicles out of your property at all times. By integrating Safe and Sound license plate reader (LPR) cameras, property owners and managers can also white-list and watch-list certain vehicles that they know to be safe or dangerous. This gives you complete control over who enters your gated driveway.

driveway gate access control

Commercial Gate Access Control Systems

We provide and install the best commercial gate access control systems for all gated business areas. Electronic gate access control is a smart, convenient way to secure your commercial property. With the right system, your commercial area can reap the benefits of a sturdy gate without compromising on efficient employee entry. Employees can use a card, punch in a code, or simply wave their smartphone in front of a sensor to gain access.

Intercom systems are ideal for protecting commercial gated areas, as receptionists can see visitors at the gate through security cameras before deciding whether to remotely let them in. Access may be granted to employees and visitors by pressing a button on an interior panel, or by swiping on an app.

RFID Gate Access Control

Your gated facility can benefit from the most powerful and convenient security available, which is why we provide and install cutting-edge gate security technology, including radio frequency identification (RFID) systems. RFID gate access control captures and encodes digital data for convenient hands-free entry, using RFID tags and radio waves to identify incoming and outgoing vehicles and objects.

Benefits of RFID Gate Access Control Systems:

Wireless Gate Access Control

We provide wired and wireless gate access control security for commercial applications. Our experts know how to install a gate access control system that meets the security and installation needs of your commercial space. We have the expertise to install extensive hardwired entry systems, or to design a system with minimal wiring that avoids procedures such as trenching.

Wireless Gate Video Entry

Safe and Sound wired and wireless gate intercom systems enhance gate security by letting receptionists and business operators see and/or speak with guests requesting entry at the gate. Visitors simply press a button on the entrance panel to ring a buzzer. Admins can then verify guests through video communication or voice-over messaging, and decide whether to unlock the gate. This lets you know exactly who you’re letting in, before they enter your property. Our experts install and integrate the latest in cutting-edge gate entry technology, including features such as cloud-based mobile apps to give you remote gate access control anytime, anywhere.

wireless gate access control
gsm gate access

GSM Gate Access Control

We install and integrate Global System for Mobile (GSM) gate access control for gated commercial facilities in need of convenient, modern security that is accessible from a mobile phone. GSM gate access control systems use cutting-edge technology to enable wireless communication across your entire gate security system. Our mobile security products connect to a GSM cellular network, creating a unified, powerful access control solution. Find out how a GSM system for mobile phone use can provide convenient and flexible security to your gated property.

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