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Gate Intercom Installation

We provide professional gate intercom installation to residential and commercial gated areas of all sizes. A gate intercom system improves safety, streamlines communication, and gives property managers complete control over who enters their gated area. Our white-glove service and 10+ years of experience make us the go-to for gate intercom installation.

Gate Intercom Systems

Gate intercom systems provide a wealth of benefits to your gated property. With a secure gate entry intercom system, property managers, employees, and residents can easily identify visitors requesting entry at the gate, then grant remote access with the simple push of a button, or swipe on a phone app. When gate intercom installation is combined with access control, property managers, residents, and employees alike can rest assured that no unauthorized pedestrians or vehicles can enter the area.

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Who Needs a Gate Intercom System?

Multi-tenant gate intercom systems

Multi-tenant applications such as gated apartment complexes, HOA neighborhoods, and student housing areas are prime spots for a gate doorbell intercom. An intercom system with door release and video will allow residents to rest assured they are not letting dangerous people into their residence. Cloud-based apps are popular with multi-tenant facilities, as residents can get alerts on their phone and see who is at their door no matter where they are.

Commercial gate intercom systems

Gate intercom systems for offices, retail establishments, and other commercial buildings are a great way to ensure only employees and authorized people have access to your commercial property. A front gate intercom system is an effective addition to all gates that need securing against intruders.

Mixed-use gate intercom systems

We provide flexible gate intercom systems that provide solutions for mixed-use commercial and residential spaces. Gate intercom systems can feature traffic control, integrated keycard readers, parking structure access, and a range of other options for mixed-use buildings.

Industrial gate intercom systems

IIndustrial facilities such as manufacturing buildings and warehouses can use gate intercom systems to control gates to construction and warehousing areas, preventing theft and vandalism of property and equipment.

Campus gate systems

School administrators can use gate intercom systems to filter out suspicious or dangerous individuals, and ensure only administrators and students have access to restricted areas. Vehicle gate intercoms can also restrict campus parking access to certain vehicles.

Parking intercom systems

Parking lot and garage entrances are also great places for intercoms, as staff can use them to authorize all vehicles entering the parking lot through a traffic gate. Installing surveillance cameras in these areas can also deter criminals who target unwatched parking lots.

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Wireless Gate Access Intercom

Safe and Sound wired and wireless gate access intercom systems enhance gate security by letting admins remotely communicate with guests requesting entry at the gate, without requiring cabling between every intercom station. True wireless gate camera intercom systems are prone to problems such as hacking and weak signal strength. To solve this, our experts use the latest technology to install wireless gate intercom systems that provide the best of both security and convenience. We do this by using IP network intercoms

Visitors simply press a button on the wireless gate entry intercom panel to ring a buzzer and request access. Admins can then verify guests through video communication or voice-over messaging, and decide whether to unlock the gate. This lets you know exactly who you’re letting in, before they enter your property. Learn how a Safe and Sound wireless intercom gate opener can protect your gated property today.

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Electric Gate Keypad Intercom

An electric gate keypad intercom integrates intercom systems with electric keypads, which visitors can use to gain entry or to call residents, employees, and operators. Guests simply enter a PIN code into the security gate keypad intercom to gain entry, or they can request entry with the keypad if they are not yet authorized.

With access control and an electric intercom keypad gates can open smoothly to let in visitors, residents, and employees without a hitch. Safe and Sound Security gate intercom systems are installed carefully to provide maximum functionality and convenience. After electric gate intercom systems are installed, our experts continue to maintain them over their lifetime.

Cellular Gate Intercom System

We provide modern cellular gate intercom systems that pair with cloud-based smartphone apps to let residents, employees, and property managers see who is at the door anytime, from anywhere. We install high-quality VoIP gate intercom technology that provides the best of both worlds: convenience and foolproof security. Our smart gate intercom systems provide residents and employees with streamlined app-based entry. We provide apps that support many users, so multi-tenant properties can supply an app to each and every resident. This is great for remotely letting in maintenance services, delivery people, or locked-out residents.

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Video Intercom With Gate Release

We provide and install the best commercial gate access control systems for all gated business areas. Electronic gate access control is a smart, convenient way to secure your commercial property. With the right system, your commercial area can reap the benefits of a sturdy gate without compromising on efficient employee entry. Employees can use a card, punch in a code, or simply wave their smartphone in front of a sensor to gain access.

Intercom systems are ideal for protecting commercial gated areas, as receptionists can see visitors at the gate through security cameras before deciding whether to remotely let them in. Access may be granted to employees and visitors by pressing a button on an interior panel, or by swiping on an app.

See when packages or mail is delivered

A camera gate intercom at a front gate can let users see when packages or mail have been delivered. Video monitoring can also catch package thieves in the act, if they still choose to steal while being recorded by cameras.

Time-stamped footage

Gate intercom systems with camera integration let users see time-stamped pictures and video footage of guests. This lets business owners and managers see extensive logs of who entered a facility, and when. This can provide valuable recorded proof in case of criminal incidents that go to court.

See who is at the door

A video intercom with gate release adds a layer of security to your gate. By visually verifying the identity of guests rather than relying on voice alone, intercom users can rest assured they are letting in the right person.

Authenticate in noisy environments

A video intercom with gate release makes guest authentication more possible in areas with high noise levels — buildings on a busy street, for instance — where it is difficult to rely on audio.

Aiphone Gate Intercom

We provide, install, and integrate gate intercoms from various manufacturers, including all Aiphone gate intercom systems. The best new cutting-edge driveway gate intercom system on the market is the Aiphone IXG, an IP multi-tenant intercom system featuring a touch-screen entry panel, cloud-based mobile app, and HID card readers. While Aiphone’s earlier intercom models provide powerful gate security, the IXG takes it up a notch by pairing with a cloud-based app, which lets users manage gate security footage and access control from anywhere, simply using their phone.

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