Genetec Authorized Dealer

Enhance the transparency and security of your organization by implementing Genetec Security Center into all of your facilities.

Genetec Authorized Dealer

Enhance the transparency and security of your organization by implementing Genetec Security Center into all of your facilities.

Genetec Products

At Safe and Sound, we’re a Genetec authorized dealer that can provide you with everything from initial consulting to full installation of a video management system. We offer licensed Genetec installers that analyze every area of a site before installing systems to maximize efficiency and provide top-notch security.

As a Genetec certified partner, we have the needed skills to customize a system to suit your exact needs. Whether you are planning to incorporate Genetec Integrator software into your existing system, or simply add third-party devices, we can help every step of the way. Choose Safe and Sound as your Genetec dealer today and see why our white-glove service makes us a top choice.

Genetec Security Center

Enhance the transparency and security of your organization by implementing Genetec Security Center into all of your facilities.

Genetec Security Center is a security suite that empowers firms by providing them with the key tools needed to keep their organization safe. With Omnicast video surveillance, Synergis access control, license plate recognition, and threat response software, firms can work smarter and more efficiently by unifying all aspects of security into one centralized system.

Genetec Security Center Benefits:

  • Monitor the flow of foot traffic and vehicle movement with Omnicast video surveillance. The VMS system pairs with countless popular security cameras, connects to cloud storage for archiving, and efficiently scales as your business grows.
  • Improve the efficiency of your security system by uniting all the core features into one suite. A unified system allows for security operators to switch between features without ever having to change programs or locations.
  • Survey multiple sites from any global location when you integrate Genetec Security Center into your system. Remote security operators can monitor any connected site, regulate system rules and privileges, and contact local authorities when detecting a threat.
  • Control the access rights and privileges of employees, partners, and clients to a site with Synergis Access Control. The advanced system allows administrators to revoke privileges, respond to threats, and set rules all from a remote location.
Genetec security center

Genetec GTAP

Access unrivaled customer support and technical information with Genetec’s Technical Assistance Portal.

Genetec GTAP allows you to access endless amounts of technical manuals, detailed product descriptions, and customer forums pertaining to specific issues. Through the portal, you can contribute to community forums, download new software programs, and submit help tickets when requiring further assistance. Whether you need to fine-tune your system, or completely rewire it, Genetec GTAP provides all of the key information to answer your questions.

Genetec GTAP Benefits

  • Download critical software programs directly from GTAP to enhance the safety of your system. Whether you are integrating new software into your current system or starting fresh, GTAP can provide the exact information you need.
  • Analyze and contribute to customer forums to better understand and manage issues, while also conversing with others facing similar problems. GTAP’s forums connect businesses and firms seeking practical help to their ongoing system issues.
  • Submit a help ticket through Genetec GTAP to request the aid of trained Genetec experts. Genetec’s highly-trained crew of customer support members can easily guide users through problems and resolve issues plaguing a system in a matter of minutes.
  • Examine in-depth manuals to better understand how Genetec’s advanced products and systems work. Detailed product documentations provide great insight into how to better systems and maximize the potential of security devices.
genetec gtap

Genetec Omnicast

Ensure total privacy and safety of your facility today with Genetec Omnicast.

Genetec Omnicast is a video management system that provides firms with the necessary means to survey their facilities and grounds. The advanced software provides users with live video footage, in-depth data analytics, dynamic security camera maps, and much more. Once Omnicast is in place, users can continually modify and edit it by adding more devices, customizing interfaces, and integrating it with other software programs.

Genetec Omnicast Benefits

  • Store daily recorded footage with cloud-based video storage. Recorded footage can be accessed at any time to provide critical information about past events and threats.
  • Navigate between footage from various sites and devices with dynamic security maps. Security professionals analyzing sites can navigate through high-quality 3D maps to view footage from locally connected security devices. Whether viewing content on-site or from locations thousands of miles away, operators are granted all the same management capabilities.
  • Protect all aspects of your video management system with a variety of cybersecurity measures. Passively encrypt data, authenticate users, and manage certificates to ensure that your system never falls victim to cybercrime.
  • Integrate Genetec Omnicast with all of your existing security resources. Utilize thousands of different cameras, sensors, and servers alongside Omnicast to create a system that maximizes the potential of the existing security infrastructure. With all devices unified under a common system, you’ll be able to more efficiently monitor any facility.
Genetec Omnicast

Genetec Stratocast

Unlock the countless benefits and advantages of cloud streaming with Genetec Stratocast.

Genetec Stratocast allows you to upload all the content from your security devices directly to a cloud storage system, which can be remotely accessed at any time. With a cloud storage video management system in place, users can do away with costly recording equipment, add as many cameras as needed, and receive live push notifications to mobile devices.

Genetec Stratocast Benefits

  • Create priority lists for push notifications to rank events by order of importance. Once rules and priorities have been set, mobile notifications will appear in their respective order of importance.
  • Reduce the cost of data storage by eliminating the need for DVRs and NVRs with Genetec Stratocast. All content captured by cloud-connected security cameras immediately transfers to online storage systems in real-time.
  • Ensure that security cameras operate around the clock with a dual recording feature that stores footage even in the case of a connection failure. Dual recording automatically switches the default storage destination from the cloud to SD cards, to guarantee that footage is still recorded while the internet is down.
  • Maintain an uncompromised level of data security with Stratocast’s top-notch encryption standards. Every piece of information transferred from security cameras to the cloud becomes encrypted, to prevent cybercriminals from hacking private footage and key data analytics.
Genetec Stratocast

Genetec Cloudlink

Modernize any existing security system by installing a Genetec Cloudlink device to connect your legacy hardware to the cloud. 
Genetec Cloudlink appliances allow existing hardware such as electronic locks, door sensors, license plate readers, and more to connect to a cloud-based access control system. Once the device is installed, you’ll have more freedom than ever to monitor points of entry, modify access controls, and respond to events in real-time.

Genetec Cloudlink Benefits

  • Migrate to an IP-ready security system with Genetec Cloudlink to enjoy the countless benefits of real-time cloud-based access control. Systems operating off a Cloudlink appliance allow operators to instantly manage access control devices, while simultaneously responding to security threats the moment they occur. 
  • Remotely control as many as 256 electronic locks and data readers with just one Genetec Cloudlink appliance. Once you reach the maximum allotted number, simply supplement the system with another Cloudlink appliance to control 256 additional devices. 
  • Integrate Genetec Cloudlink with a number of industry-leading access control devices and appliances. Top brands such as HID, Axis, Salto, Mercury Security, and Allegion all perfectly assimilate with Cloudlink’s cloud-based access control.
  • Prevent verified individuals from sharing their credentials with outsiders with a built-in antipassback feature. Cloudlink’s detective system monitors the access time of credentials, to ensure that verified user’s don’t pass an access card or key fob to the user behind them to also gain entry.
Genetec Cloudlink

Genetec Synergis

Guarantee the safety of any site with an access control system from Genetec.

Genetec Synergis is an access control software that allows you to modify rules, grant permissions, and revoke privileges to individuals included in a system. While the system primarily aims to grant access to verified individuals, it subsequently functions as a gateway to keep unverified persons out. With Synergis, you’ll be able to remotely monitor points of entry, modify permissions, and respond to security breaches in a matter of moments.

Genetec Synergis Benefits:

  • Grant security personnel the power to modify the privileges of verified individuals and control points of entry. During emergencies, security personnel can remove the access rights of individuals, lockdown select areas, and grant access to local authorities.
  • Create customized rules to provide varying levels of access to select individuals. With Genetec Synergis, you can choose to grant minimal, partial, or full-access to verified persons.
  • Monitor the health of a security system by analyzing data analytics captured by Genetec Synergis. Synergis keeps daily logs of activity to provide security personnel with a clear picture of each day’s events and visits.
  • Merge Synergis access control with Omnicast video surveillance to enhance the security of a protected site. Omnicast and Synergis seamlessly partner to monitor points of entry, detect unverified access, and provide helpful data analytics for later inspection.
Genetec Synergis
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Authorized Genetec Dealers

Any Genetec surveillance system requires installation from a professional reseller or dealer that is trained to implement the software. While there are many competitive dealers that offer training, few offer the level of expertise that Safe and Sound does.

Who Should Use Genetec Systems

How to Implement Genetec VMS

Nothing says safety quite like a well-implemented Genetec CCTV system that protects your business around the clock.

At Safe and Sound, we’ve got plenty of experience setting up and implementing Genetec systems. We’ve installed hundreds over the years, paying close attention to Genetec system requirements, while also evaluating Genetec hardware requirements.

Our installation professionals analyze every aspect of your site before installation, to determine the best locations to place security devices. Once given the okay, our installation professionals set up security cameras, video management systems, and Genetec video analytics to fully maximize the system’s potential. Those who wish can even have an optional Genetec NVR storage device installed.

Throughout installation, our engineers continuously train your security professionals on how to operate, understand, and modify the system. As Genetec authorized dealers, we know exactly what goes into Genetec engineering, how to make the most of a system, and how to pass that information on to you.

Genetec Camera Compatibility

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Genetec and Hikvision Integration

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Genetec and Bosch Integration

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Buying and Installing Genetec Security

At Safe and Sound we are Genetec authorized dealers that provide a wide range of products and services to complement your security needs.

Our offerings range from everything as minor as a Genetec integrator, to a fully functioning Genetec video management system. Once you choose what’s right for your site, our professionally trained Genetec installers work around the clock to create a system that perfectly suits your needs.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing system or installing a totally new one, Safe and Sound is there to pave the road to success. Our attention to detail, white-glove service, and persistent customer training ensure that every system is perfectly designed to suit your needs. That’s what makes us a top-rated Genetec partner, as we ensure customer comprehension from start to finish, and stop at nothing to meet that goal.

Genetec Systems Partners

Genetec Systems partners with dozens of other access control and artificial intelligence programs, giving firms the chance to employ new security measures that provide true peace of mind.

Products that Integrate with Genetec

Security Cameras

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Verkada installer

Genetec Installer

As a trusted Genetec installer, Safe and Sound Security provides, installs, and integrates Genetec video security for businesses of all sizes. Our installation experts know how to combine Genetec software with compatible high-quality video cameras and other technology to achieve the ideal system for your security needs. We personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, ensuring your Genetec system works without a hitch.

Genetec Repair

Our dedication to your security doesn’t stop once installation is complete: We continue to offer Genetec repair and maintenance services for the rest of your video monitoring system’s lifetime. Whether it’s a small camera setup or a sprawling enterprise network, we have the expertise to keep your Genetec system running smoothly and securely.

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