Cannabis Security Systems

As cannabis security system installers we provide, install and integrate cannabis security camera systems, VMS, alarms and access control.

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The cash, crops and commodities in your cannabis operation are valuable to you—and to criminals. Along with a viable business opportunity comes huge potential for diversion, theft, loss, and other illegal activity. Security is a must but competing regulations at the state and local levels complicate security decisions for cannabis businesses. 

Safe and Sound Security’s cannabis security solutions cut through the regulatory noise to ensure your security system fully protects your business assets. Our professional installers have experience in securing both medicinal and recreational marijuana retail business and grow operations.

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Cannabis Security Systems

Cannabis is desirable to criminals. Its value triples when it crosses state lines. Your profits are valuable too. As a marijuana retailer you keep a lot of cash on hand. These facts make a varied, professional security plan essential for licensed cannabis operations. It is also required by law. 

The California Code of Regulations for cannabis operations requires that licensure applications detail how you will keep all access points secure. This includes security cameras, burglar alarm systems, and access control systems. Safe and Sound Security installers assess your operation to determine the security technology you need to get your operation licensed and keep it secure.

Cannabis Video Surveillance

The State of California puts forth a lengthy list of requirements for video surveillance at cannabis operations. It requires security cameras wherever cannabis goods are located within the premises. It also mandates that you install cameras where on-site camera-system storage devices are located and at all entrances and exits. State law requires security cameras at point-of-sale areas and wherever cannabis goods are displayed for sale. 

The state also details the type of cameras, where and how they should be mounted, when they record, and how long you must store footage. Our professional installers can help you install a security camera system that meets and exceeds the requirements of California law to get your cannabis operation licensed and keep it protected.

Cannabis Alarm Systems

California law requires you to secure your cannabis facilities with intrusion (burglar) alarms at entrances, exits, and around the perimeter. The law also mandates that you install door and window contacts, glass-break detectors, and motion detectors.  Once installed, the law requires a plan for how you will keep your alarm system operating reliably over time. 

Hiring a reputable alarm system installer is key to installing an alarm system that meets all requirements. As an ACO-licensed installer, Safe and Sound Security is a certified operator that knows the law and will work with you to ensure your alarm system meets state requirements and performs well over its lifetime.

Cannabis Access Control

Access control is a critical component of a complete cannabis security plan. The California Code of Regulations for cannabis requires walls separating limited access areas from common/exterior areas, commercial-grade locking doors, and access control policies and technology to limit access. 

An access control system manages who can access sensitive areas. Access control protects the safety and compliance of the cannabis product, intellectual property and confidential business information, and business assets from bad employees. 

Access control keeps intruders out while maintaining an audit trail of who enters and leaves. Our installers recommend and install state-of-the-art access control technology that meets California regulations and lets authorized users in while keeping unauthorized individuals.

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