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As the owner of a commercial building, you know your products, information and employees are prime targets for criminal activity. With personal safety and profitability at stake, commercial building managers must regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their overall security system and update it as needed. 

Safe and Sound Security can craft a comprehensive indoor and outdoor building security system that includes commercial security cameras, alarm systems and access control systems.

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Commercial Security Cameras

As experts in installing all types of commercial security camera systems—from a small CCTV network to a state-of-the-art, cloud-connected, low-light security camera powerhouse, we understand commercial-grade security camera systems are a key part of every commercial building’s security solution. 

We realize every business is unique, requiring a customized commercial camera system for the job. Our professional installers leverage more than a decade of experience to flag potential security vulnerabilities, select the right mix of commercial surveillance camera technologies, then install and position the CCTV cameras in vulnerable areas to reduce risk. 

We integrate commercial grade security cameras with other technologies, such as commercial access control and alarm systems, to give you complete control over who enters and leaves. Our commitment to your commercial property doesn’t stop once the commercial video surveillance system goes in, our installers regularly maintain your commercial security camera installation to prevent downtime and are always on call to handle any concerns.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Safe and Sound Security understands that a commercial surveillance system is only one part of a total commercial security solution. A commercial alarm system with 24/7 alarm monitoring capabilities also adds a layer of protection to your commercial building. 

We specialize in installing commercial security alarm systems that place sensors in strategic areas within the building. If someone attempts unauthorized entry, these sensors dispatch an automatic alarm to security officers and local police about the potential break-in. 

When integrated with wireless commercial security cameras, the attempted break-in also triggers recording of the entire event. This protects your commercial property from intruders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Commercial Access Control Systems

We deliver sophisticated RFID commercial access control systems and commercial gate access control systems designed to prevent unauthorized access. A commercial building key fob door entry system replaces keys with programmable, easy-to-use and affordable RFID smartcards or key fobs. A commercial RFID lock system provides commercial property owners with an extensive record of who enters and leaves.

Commercial intercom systems are essential to commercial building security. Installing a wireless intercom system in your commercial building lets occupants securely communicate with visitors, manage deliveries and control access. 

Commercial intercom systems allow visitors to speak with tenants inside and integrate with commercial grade video surveillance cameras to improve communication and security. Smart intercom systems also integrate with iPhone and Android mobile devices enabling commercial property managers to remotely control building access.

Safe and Sound Security acts as a trusted partner in your overall commercial security system. We leverage years of training and decades of experience to design, integrate and install comprehensive security solutions for commercial buildings. We are here to protect your commercial business so you can protect your products, property, people—and your profits.

Check out how we installed a comprehensive security system in this new multi-tenant building in Burlingame, California, here:

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