Construction Site Security Systems

Our construction site security system installers provide the best security for 24/7 job site protection. Prevent equipment and material theft before it happens.

Construction Site Security Systems

It is essential to have a comprehensive security system at every construction job site. Theft of materials and equipment at construction job sites accounts for $1 billion in losses for construction companies every year. 

Why Use Construction Site Security Systems?

What You Don't Want

Firms lose money as they replace stolen materials and equipment, downtime delays projects, and insurance premiums also rise after claims are made. As the manager of a construction company you're aware that job sites are easy targets but you may not know what security systems you need.

We're Here To Help

Safe and Sound Security is here to help you craft a comprehensive construction site security system that includes construction site video surveillance, access control and burglar alarm systems.

Construction Job Site Security Partner

Safe and Sound Security acts as your construction job site security partner. We specialize in assessing the security needs of your job site to develop sophisticated new construction security systems and building site security systems.

Integrated Solution

We safeguard your construction job site through an integrated solution that includes construction security camera systems, construction alarm systems, construction access control and managed services that include remote construction site camera monitoring.

Use The Right Tools For The Job

Remote construction site video surveillance presents problems that our experienced installers know their way around. Issues include a lack of power or Wi-Fi at the job site and harsh environmental conditions.

Construction Security Cameras

We install construction security cameras specifically designed for construction job sites. These construction site surveillance camera systems can operate without power or Internet access and are waterproof, heat resistant and portable.

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Construction Camera for Job Sites

Our construction site CCTV surveillance systems offer superior video quality day or night. We are sure to find the perfect surveillance solution for your unique construction site.

Night Vision




Construction Site Security Cameras Features

We offer a wide range of features that can be useful for a construction site security camera system. Our experts know how to combine innovative security equipment, including time-lapse cameras, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, thermal cameras, license plate readers, and more.

Construction Site Security Systems


With PTZ cameras, construction managers and operators can remotely move and zoom security cameras using software, letting them review different areas of a site with only one camera.

construction site timelapse


Time-lapse cameras are great for quickly reviewing projects and showing clients any work that has been done so far.

gas emission thermal camera


With heat-detecting thermal cameras, you can detect anyone that enters your construction site, as well as scanning for fires, overheated equipment, gas leaks, and more.

wireless job site security cameras

Wireless Job Site Security Cameras

New constructions often lack the infrastructure for running wires through walls, which is why our experts work to keep your site monitored without unnecessary cabling.

Jobsite Security Cameras with Cloud-Based Apps

For job sites that have power and internet connection, Safe and Sound experts provide high-quality cloud-based job site security cameras.

Cloud-based job site security cameras pair with a mobile app, letting construction managers view camera footage and manage site security from their smartphone. App users can stream live footage from cameras in the job site and view recorded footage on their smartphone or a web browser.

With instant security alerts, administrators are immediately notified every time an incident happens, ensuring they are able to get authorities to the scene and stop the crime.

Our cloud-based construction site surveillance systems let you remotely monitor progress, make sure safety protocols are met, and track deliveries, without having to leave the office.

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Construction Site Security Motion Detection

Construction site security cameras with motion detection provide an extra layer of security to your site by automatically detecting anyone who attempts unauthorized entry.

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Instant Alerts

Any intruders who try to commit theft or vandalism in your site will be sensed, alerts will be sent to relevant authorities, and the crime can be stopped in its tracks.

Smart Motion Detection

We offer sophisticated line crossing detection cameras that monitor specific areas of your site, as well as PIR (Passive Infrared) cameras, which intelligently recognize people and objects using infrared radiation.

Qualified Installers

Our installers provide different types of motion detection depending on the needs of your business.

Construction Site Security Monitoring Benefits

Video monitoring is the best way to eliminate false alarms, catch every crime that happens in your site, and make sure professionals handle every incident the proper way.


When an alert comes from live security professionals rather than automated alarms, authorities will take the incident more seriously, and will be sure to arrive at the scene on time to stop the intruder.

Minimize Liability

We minimize financial liability for your construction business by working with law enforcement to handle every crime in an effective and compliant way.

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Remote Video Monitoring for Construction Sites

We provide professional remote video monitoring services, ensuring no thieves can ever get away with your equipment and materials.

With remote construction site monitoring, live agents are hired to watch your security camera footage around the clock.

When an intrusion is detected by cameras, agents can verify whether it is a false alarm or a crime is happening.

If intruders are present, agents can take action to sound alarms, call law enforcement to the scene, and talk down to the intruder through speakers in the job site.

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Construction Site Alarm System

Our installers enhance a carefully planned system of construction site surveillance cameras with a construction alarm system.

A construction site alarm system monitors the job site and triggers an alarm when it detects an intruder.

The construction site alarm system automatically notifies you about unwanted incidents and access to your job site so you can respond.

When integrated with a wireless construction site surveillance system, the construction alarm system triggers recording when it detects an event.

This protects your business from intruders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

construction site acces control 1

Construction Site Access Control Systems

While construction site surveillance cameras and alarm systems monitor the site and alert you when things occur, construction access control systems prevent them.

Intruders look for entry points at job site perimeters or parking areas but construction site access control bars them from entering.

Safe and Sound Security assesses your job site to select the right construction site access control solution for your construction company so you can control who gets in and when, can see your crew and contractors from wherever you are, and reduce on-site equipment theft.

Whether you need a new construction security system or a building site security system, Safe and Sound Security is here to help you with your construction site surveillance and security needs.

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