Neighborhood Security Cameras and Entry Systems

We use neighborhood security cameras, gate access control, and more to create a top-notch HOA security system that protects residents 24/7.

Neighborhood Security Cameras and Entry Systems

We use neighborhood security cameras, gate access control, and more to create a top-notch HOA security system that protects residents 24/7.

Safe and Sound installers provide high-quality neighborhood security cameras, door and gate entry systems, and intrusion alarms for HOA neighborhoods across the country. Our neighborhood cameras establish high-resolution monitoring around the clock, to deter criminals and record all events that happen on your HOA property. Find out how we can protect your property and residents today.

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Neighborhood Security

As an HOA property manager, you know neighborhood security is crucial. HOA security means residents should feel safe from crime when at home. As a leader among HOA security companies, Safe and Sound helps you keep your property and residents safe with an integrated neighborhood security system. We combine HOA security cameras, access control, intercom systems, and alarms to make sure your neighborhood is protected from intrusion, burglary, vandalism, and violent crime.

Not only does a Safe and Sound neighborhood security system give you peace of mind, it will increase the satisfaction of your residents and minimize any liability that falls on you in case of a third-party crime. We design and install HOA security camera systems and access control  for streamlined user experience, to enhance both security and livability in your HOA community.

Our security experts know how to design a complete system of neighborhood security camera systems, alarms, and door entry systems, guaranteeing compliance with privacy laws in your state and maximum security for your property and residents. We offer a range of equipment to suit the unique needs and aesthetic of your neighborhood. Find out why we’re a go-to California HOA security camera company today.

HOA Pool Security

hoa pool security

Vandalism, theft, and fights are real threats that could jeopardize the safety of your HOA pool area. An HOA pool security system is crucial for protecting the residents of communities with pools, especially those without lifeguards. Pool areas can benefit from access control, to make sure only authorized people can enter, and to prevent unsupervised children and pets from accessing the pool.

Wired or wireless neighborhood security cameras also help to keep watch over pool entrances, enabling a quick response from security guards in case of drownings or other emergencies. We work to protect your HOA pool area with the best neighborhood security systems available.

Neighborhood Security App

A cloud-based neighborhood security app is a great way to remotely monitor and control access to your HOA neighborhood. We combine cutting-edge neighborhood watch security camera systems with cloud technology, to enable remote access to security footage on a smartphone or web browser, no matter where you are located.

As mobile security sweeps the nation, we’re keeping ahead of the curve by helping businesses add modern convenience to their operations, while cutting hardware maintenance costs. Our security experts are experienced in providing and setting up cloud-based security apps and systems. Our technicians also personally assess your property and offer neighborhood security tips and tricks to boost the safety and convenience of your community.

Neighborhood Surveillance Cameras

Commercial Wireless Security Camera System

Neighborhood surveillance cameras are an essential part of any complete HOA security system. As well as capturing every crime that happens in their field of view, neighborhood watch surveillance cameras have been shown to effectively deter many criminals from attempting a crime in the first place. If people can see high-quality cameras surveilling your property, they will likely think twice before doing something illegal in your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Surveillance Cameras Benefits:

  • Neighborhood watch video surveillance captures high-definition footage of important public areas in your HOA neighborhood. 
  • Real-time video enables property managers and security guards to respond quickly to incidents and stop them in their tracks.
  • Instant security alerts notify local authorities the moment a crime is detected. 
  • Neighborhood video surveillance systems enable operators to view stored camera footage, making it easy to identify criminals and pursue justice in the case of crime. 
  • Our neighborhood surveillance camera systems enable HOA property managers to monitor footage from all cameras on one database, meaning multiple locations in a neighborhood can be surveilled from one place.

Neighborhood License Plate Camera


License plate reader (LPR) cameras let HOA property managers identify every vehicle that enters their property. A neighborhood license plate camera uses high-resolution sensors to accurately scan the license plates of every vehicle that enters or exits your property. LPR systems are often integrated with alarms and gate access control, to keep out unauthorized vehicles and sound alarms if they try to enter.

Safe and Sound installers provide, install, and integrate secure LPR systems, including cutting-edge Flock neighborhood security license plate readers for HOAs. Contact us to learn how we can boost your HOA neighborhood’s safety with LPR cameras.

What You Can Do With a Neighborhood License Plate Camera:

  • Increase neighborhood security and optimization
  • Streamline visitor management 
  • Search video footage
  • Trace events back to specific vehicles
  • White-list and watch-list certain license plates
  • Control which vehicles have access to your neighborhood

Gated Community Access Control

With secure gated community access control, you can rest assured that intruders are locked out of your gated neighborhood around the clock. We provide a wide range of smart and prox card readers, advanced biometric scanners, gate intercoms, and gate openers and closers, for any HOA community’s gate security needs. Our gate access control systems ensure a hassle-free flow of authorized people into and out of your neighborhood.

Safe and Sound gate access control systems allow visitors to either flash credentials to a reader, or speak with a security operator through an intercom before gaining entry. We provide a range of high-quality gate openers and closers that are aesthetically pleasing, quiet, and built to resist contamination and rusting.

Residential Gate Access Control Systems

Liftmaster Slide Detector Gate Opener

Residential gate access control systems keep your HOA neighborhood safe and secure against unauthorized intruders. With a lack of proper residential gate access control, wrongdoers will be tempted to commit crimes on your property, as they know they can get away with it. Don’t let your community be an easy target.

We outfit neighborhood security gates with comprehensive security systems, including neighborhood entrance security cameras, gate access control, and intercom systems. By integrating a gate intercom with surveillance cameras and a cloud-based app, HOA managers and residents can see who is at the gate and remotely control access on their smartphone or a web browser, even while off-site. Anytime a gate intercom is buzzed, residents get a call on their smartphone or on an interior tenant station.

Safe and Sound Security experts have 10+ years of experience installing top-notch security systems in residential facilities and neighborhoods of all sizes. Find out why we’re the go-to for HOA neighborhood security today.

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