Hotel Security Systems

We’re Hotel Security System Installers. Keep Your Guests Safe From Theft & other Crimes with a Comprehensive Security System.

Hotel Security Systems

We’re Hotel Security System Installers. Keep Your Guests Safe From Theft & other Crimes with a Comprehensive Security System.

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When guests come to stay, you want to make sure they leave with fond memories not the unintended consequences of crime. Every hospitality facility requires a hotel security system that allows staff to respond to security risks and threats and recover quickly. 

Proactive and preventative hotel security is available through a comprehensive, customized and integrated security solution designed with advance detection and prevention in mind.

Safe and Sound Security acts as your hospitality security partner. We specialize in assessing the security needs of your hotel to develop sophisticated security strategies that fit your facility’s unique needs. 

We safeguard your hotel through an integrated solution that includes a hotel door access control system, hotel security camera system, hotel alarm systems, and managed services that include remote video surveillance monitoring.

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Hotel Lock Systems

We deliver sophisticated RFID hotel lock systems and hotel card reader door locks designed to enhance guest convenience and improve operational efficiency. The hotel card access system uses programmable, easy-to-use and affordable RFID smartcards. Sophisticated hotel access control systems safeguard guest safety by eliminating the fumbling-for-keys situation criminals look for in their targets.

Hotel door entry systems leverage cutting-edge technology to offer seamless entry via a code or smartcard instead of keys, which when lost or stolen require re-keying of locks. When a guest loses a key, employees utilize the hotel lock management system to verify identity and issue a new smartcard embedded with a unique entry code.

Hotel door entry systems also provide property owners with an extensive record of who enters and leaves. Leveraging access via an RFID hotel card access system also helps facilitate and quicken access to guest rooms while aiding hotel staff in managing rooms and room occupancy.

Hotel Surveillance Systems

Hotel surveillance camera systems combined with advanced video analytics secure the premises and keep your guests safe from theft and other crimes by tracking visitors and preventing break-ins. 

Incorporating video analytics into your hotel surveillance systems aids in detecting predefined threats and allows you to search both present and past video footage for security concerns. Our trained and experienced installation team installs cutting-edge hotel security camera systems to provide comprehensive surveillance coverage when and where you need it. 

We understand you may not always be available to scan security systems on site. And, because we understand that you may not always be on-site to scan security systems, we incorporate technology into your hotel camera system that enables you to remotely monitor hotel security cameras from a smartphone, PC or tablet computer.

Hotel Alarm Systems

No security system is complete without alarm systems providing a line of defense against property crime, potential fatalities, severe injuries and crushing expenses. Installers of hotel alarm systems must know and abide by the laws in their area. 

Safe and Sound Security’s installation team installs UL-rated alarm systems that integrate with access control systems and CCTV to keep hotel guests safe while complying with local codes and regulations.

Whether you need security for a large, multi-floor hotel, smaller roadside motel, or a home-based bed and breakfast, Safe and Sound Security is here to help secure your hospitality facility. 

We leverage years of training and decades of experience to design, integrate and install comprehensive security solutions for hotels. We secure your hotel so you can safeguard the guest experience.

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