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Optimize your Law Enforcement security system with video management software, video analytics and system integration.

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Optimize your law enforcement security system with secure and innovative technology. Choosing a reliable law enforcement security system is essential not only to protect employees and facilities, but to ensure the safety of the public. Comprehensive law enforcement security ensures government compliance while defending against break-ins, espionage, violence, and theft. We provide, configure, and install top-notch security systems for police departments, law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, and other law enforcement buildings. Our team offers the best in IP and CCTV surveillance, alarm systems, and access control, carefully designed to meet the unique challenges faced by law enforcement.

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Safe and Sound Law Enforcement Security Reviews

When it comes to providing the best security system services for the law enforcement sector, no one knows the landscape better than Safe and Sound Security. We’ve worked with national level enterprises to local businesses and everything in between.

Chandrika Prasad
Chandrika Prasad
19:34 26 Dec 22
Thank you Safe and Sound for employees like Scott Reid! Knowledge, kind, attentive and very understanding of our needs... with our security camera. He exceeded our expectations. He not only fixed the issues with the camera, but assisted with downloading the apps on our phones and making sure that each one was running smoothly. He adjusted all the settings to meet our needs and made sure all our questions were answered. We appreciate your services!!read more
Joe Zavala
Joe Zavala
18:08 03 May 21
I have worked with Patrick, Ami and Zach to install a new security camera system at a homeowners association.
Niranj Patel
Niranj Patel
15:50 03 May 21
Highly Recommended for those people that want clarity in there camera systems the have a great team that works closely... with you we use them for our company i have no negative things about them or there work i will keep using Safe and Sound they are very friendly and respond quickly, some may say they are a little expensive but if you want the quality and long lasting they are the ones that offer it very pleased with there work. I would recommend to anyone looking for security and cameras. very easy to use there systems any questions you may have if you call them they will walk you through it and if you are very computer friendly they can show you with like team viewer, zoom more
Erika Osueke
Erika Osueke
00:55 03 Dec 20
Safe and Sound Security gets the job done! Our company switched from a local provider after too many ongoing issues and... Get Safe and Sound came in and owned the project. They got us up and running in a few days and quickly solved any issues that popped up. They are very efficient, courteous and communicative. We look forward to the long lasting relationship and plan to use them at all our locations!read more
USAN 811
USAN 811
17:57 02 Dec 20
I felt the project went well and the response time was excellent. I don’t have any criticisms . We did have a few... hiccups after the initial install, but those issues were addressed very quickly.Thanks for the great job performed by everyone at Safe and Sound!read more
Board Of Directors
Board Of Directors
18:39 11 Jun 20
As the President of Westgate Park Homeowners Association, I am pleased to say that Safe and Sound put surveillance... cameras in our Association when we had been told for 30 years that it couldn't be done! The homeowners are very pleased and the price was economical; value excellent and overall an outstanding job!read more
Kelvin Jones
Kelvin Jones
20:14 13 Nov 17
Very Happy with all phases of this Company !!
Bill Wygal
Bill Wygal
18:47 13 Nov 17
Safe and Sound has done two systems for us. They have done everything they said they would do and have done it on time.... We appreciate their service and follow more
Ronnie Payne
Ronnie Payne
18:14 13 Nov 17
Safe and sound were very professional, system was setup and running in no time. I would recommend this group over ADT... in a heartbeat and the service has run smoothly since more
Best Roman
Best Roman
19:26 11 Nov 17
Love the response time
Jack Marks
Jack Marks
18:56 11 Nov 17
The work is excellent and the customer support is really good
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Law Enforcement Security Systems

Protect employees and citizens with law enforcement security systems. High-quality access control provides necessary protection for law enforcement personnel, infrastructure, and information, while maintaining public safety. A seamless security system supports and informs officers and employees, allowing them to direct their energy toward meeting the demands of law enforcement. Our security solutions ensure government compliance while maximizing law enforcement security and efficiency. Our team provides and installs cutting-edge, integrated law enforcement security systems, including IP and CCTV surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and access control. We also provide innovative AI technologies to assist with person and vehicle recognition and tracking.

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Law Enforcement Security Cameras

Monitor and record with top-of-the-line law enforcement security cameras and innovative AI software. Surveillance cameras allow law enforcement personnel to monitor areas around the clock, record interrogations and interviews, and attain hard evidence in criminal cases. Our experts offer state-of-the-art IP and CCTV camera systems for day-and-night surveillance. Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions for security and law enforcement transform video analytics and VMS software, offering enhanced object detection and tracking, video classification, user profiling, and person and vehicle searching technology. AI’s self-learning video analytics capability ensures accuracy is always improving, for fine-tuned law enforcement security.

Access Control for Law Enforcement

Restrict unauthorized access with secure and innovative access control for law enforcement. Secure access control restricts entry to confidential areas such as evidence rooms, as well as safeguarding sensitive networks and information. Our team provides carefully designed access control to ensure robust compliance and reliable performance in high-stakes situations. We offer efficient and easy-to-use smart cards and readers, intercoms, multi-factor authentication, and more. Our innovative and accurate biometric readers, such as fingerprint readers and palm scanners, ensure maximum security. In addition, our cloud-based and mobile solutions provide secure and easy access control and monitoring for optimized law enforcement performance.

door access control credentials and readers
modern security alarm keypad with person arming the system concept for crime prevention

Alarm Systems for Law Enforcement

Fortify your law enforcement facility with high-quality integrated alarm systems. Alarm systems maintain a safe and controlled environment by deterring and preventing intrusion, violence, and theft. Alarms instantly alert law enforcement personnel to security breaches, equipping them with the necessary ability to respond quickly in high-stakes situations. Our fine-tuned alarm systems for law enforcement facilities are carefully designed to minimize false alarms and consistently detect violations. Our flexible alarms can be configured to fit every entry point, as well as integrated with surveillance and access control to optimally enforce facility and personnel safety.

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