Retail Security Systems

We’re Retail Security System Installers. We’ll Design & Install the Right Security System for Your Specific Project.

Retail Security Systems

We’re Retail Security System Installers. We’ll Design & Install the Right Security System for Your Specific Project.

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As the owner of a retail store, you know any products not protected by retail security systems are prime targets for theft. You may not realize, however, just how large the problem is. reports there are 550,000 incidents per day and $13 billion in goods stolen per year, but just one in 48 shoplifters is ever caught and brought to justice. 

Safety is also an issue; with 111,000 violent crimes happening every year in retail parking lots and garages. With personal safety and store profitability at stake, store owners must regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their store security system and update it as needed. 

Retail security systems are essential for safeguarding your goods, employees, facilities, and cash against crime. Safe and Sound Security is here to help you craft a comprehensive indoor and outdoor store security strategy that includes a retail surveillance system and retail store alarm system.

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Retail Security Camera Systems

As experts in installing all types of retail surveillance camera systems—from a small CCTV network to a state-of-the-art, cloud-connected, low-light security camera powerhouse, we understand store security camera systems are a key part of every retail store security solution. 

We also know that every business is unique, requiring a custom retail store security system. Our professional installers leverage more than a decade of experience to flag potential security vulnerabilities, select the right mix of wireless retail camera system technologies, then install and position the CCTV cameras in high risk areas to reduce risk. 

We integrate store security camera systems with other technologies, such as access control and retail alarm systems, to optimize your security by giving you complete control over who enters and leaves. Our commitment to your retail business doesn’t stop once the retail CCTV system goes in, our installers regularly maintain your store security system to prevent downtime and are always on call to handle any concerns.

Safe and Sound security has solved physical security challenges for all types of retailers, from local specialty retailers to sprawling retail shopping centers and massive retail malls. We understand that a retail surveillance system is only one part of a total security solution. The other key element is a retail alarm system that protects your retail store and its goods from unwanted intruders.

Retail Alarm Systems

We specialize in installing retail store alarm systems with strategically placed sensors that trigger when someone attempts unauthorized entry, and then dispatch an automatic alarm to security officers and local police about the potential break-in. When integrated with a wireless retail security camera system, the attempted break-in also triggers recording of the entire event. These efficient retail security systems protect your business from intruders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether you need security for a large retail shopping mall or a smaller retail business, Safe and Sound Security is here as a trusted partner in your overall retail security system. We leverage years of training and decades of experience to design, integrate and install comprehensive security solutions for retailers. We are here to protect your retail business so you can protect your products—and your profits.

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