School Security Systems

We’re School Security System Installers. We Pride Ourselves on Making Schools a Safe Learning Environment for Everyone.

School Security Systems

We’re School Security System Installers. We Pride Ourselves on Making Schools a Safe Learning Environment for Everyone.

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Concerns regarding school safety heighten daily as crime and violence within the schools persists. As school administrators, you see school security systems as a serious matter but may not understand the security technology or unique security challenges schools present. 

But we do. Safe and Sound Security is here to walk alongside you to install sophisticated school security cameras and advanced access control and alarm systems that provide students, faculty and staff with a secure environment in which to learn and work. We leverage over a decade of experience securing educational institutions to implement comprehensive security solutions that boost safety and save lives.

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School Security Systems

School security systems can be expensive, and we understand schools need a security partner who works for you to keep costs down. We work with school security systems companies that provide cutting-edge security technology at affordable price points. Our integrated security solutions for K-12 schools to colleges and universities include school video surveillance systems, school door security systems, and alarm systems for schools.

We understand trouble can walk right through the front door (backdoor or even a window) without a comprehensive security solution in place. Our experienced security system installers conduct security site assessments to determine exactly what technology is needed and where. We proactively assess your risk then implement a total school security system solution, on time and on budget.

School Security Cameras

A key part of every security solution for schools includes surveillance cameras. A properly installed system of school security cameras monitors common areas, offices, classrooms, cafeterias, hallways and stairwells inside, while also monitoring building perimeters, fences and gates, parking lots and storage facilities outside. 

With 24/7 monitoring, your CCTV cameras let you know who is on campus at key access points during the school day and helps deter crime and vandalism on campus after hours. We integrate school security cameras with other technologies, such as school access control systems and alarm systems, to optimize security and give you control over who enters and leaves.

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School Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems provide a line of defense against property crime, potential fatalities, severe injuries and crushing expenses. Installers of alarm systems for schools must know and abide by the law in their district or region. Safe and Sound Security’s team of trained and certified installers install UL-rated alarm systems and integrate them with school access control systems and CCTV to keep occupants safe while meeting local codes and regulations.

School Access Control

A school access control system prevents unauthorized persons from entering, while notifying system users of suspicious activity. Integrating school access control systems with a sophisticated IP surveillance camera system ensures every entry point to the school is recorded and the footage stored for later viewing. 

Should a crime occur, the footage is available for law enforcement or security officials to review. A school door security system also prevents unauthorized access because the doors automatically lock when closed. Finally, an advanced school door entry system allows you to issue smartcards to faculty and staff. This ensures only smartcard carrying officials can gain access without additional screening during the school day.

Whether you need security for a single K-12 school, a multi-campus college or a statewide university system, Safe and Sound Security is your partner in providing a secure learning environment. We leverage years of training and decades of experience to design, integrate and install comprehensive security solutions for educational facilities of all shapes and sizes. We protect the school so you can protect student education.

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