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Stealing from warehouses is seen as a low-risk and high-reward activity. In fact, cargo theft is estimated to cost US businesses $15 to $30 billion a year. Burglars target warehouses and storage facilities because they are stocked with valuable items, and many lack the proper security to protect their inventory.

Surveilling a warehouse comes with a unique set of challenges. They are typically large spaces with bustling activity and multiple entry points, which can let intruders and burglars go undetected. At Safe and Sound Security, we craft comprehensive indoor and outdoor warehouse security systems to prevent inventory shrinkage and improve safety in your storage facility. We provide top-of-the-line warehouse CCTV systems, security alarm systems, and access control systems.

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Best Warehouse Security System

Due to the high volume of theft from warehouses, installing the best warehouse security system for your facility can deliver a solid ROI to your business. The average cost of a warehouse security system is $5,000-25,000 — this pays off massively in loss reduction, saving some businesses thousands of dollars per month. A high-quality security system can prevent stock theft, keep out unauthorized intruders, enforce workplace safety, and streamline warehouse communication.

Safe and Sound experts deal and install top-notch security for every size of industrial facility. Whether you’re storing merchandise, manufacturing, or shipping and receiving, we work with you to tailor the best warehouse security system for your needs. Our experts design comprehensive security systems that include access control, cameras, and alarm systems optimized for your facility.

Warehouse Security Camera System

Warehouse security camera systems are essential for securing your industrial space. We are experts in designing and installing warehouse cameras that are tailored to individual facilities — from small CCTV camera networks to state-of-the-art, cloud-connected, low-light security camera powerhouses. Our professional installers have 10+ years of experience in detecting warehouse security vulnerabilities, and mitigating them with the perfect mix of camera technologies.

We integrate warehouse surveillance systems with other security technologies, such as warehouse access control and alarm systems, to give you complete control over who enters and leaves. Our commitment to your facility doesn’t stop once your warehouse security camera installation is complete. Safe and Sound Security installers maintain your warehouse camera system over its lifetime, and are always on call to handle your concerns.

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Best Security Camera System for Warehouses

We install and implement the best security camera systems for warehouses on the market, to help your industrial facility stay crime-free. Installing a warehouse surveillance system deters criminals and provides valuable evidence in cases of burglary. Strategically placed cameras will capture any crime that occurs, whether by intruders or employees in the building.

Security camera systems boost warehouse safety by letting warehouse managers remotely monitor employees while they work. This ensures safety protocols are always in place, and lets staff quickly respond in case of accidents or injuries. 

Safe and Sound’s warehouse surveillance products include a range of IP and CCTV cameras, as well as thermal and people-counting cameras to gather useful data. Many of our cameras can pair with cloud-based apps, letting admins see warehouse security footage, receive instant notifications, and respond to emergencies even while offsite.

How to Design a Security Camera System for a Warehouse

For video monitoring in warehouses, the goal is to cover enough area in the facility to capture all important events. Warehouses may combine several camera types to eliminate blind spots, including wide-angle cameras for large spaces, PTZ cameras for tracking individuals or scanning an area, and bullet cameras for a sturdy outdoor solution.

For reliable image capturing and threat identification, warehouse cameras should be at least 4MP (megapixels) in quality. They must be accurately installed and positioned for consistent coverage.

With 10+ years of experience, Safe and Sound engineers know how to design security camera systems for warehouses. We can design an integrated system that combines cameras, intercoms, and Video Management Software for a complete warehouse surveillance solution.

Warehouse Security Alarm Systems

Warehouse security camera systems are essential, but they are only one part of a total security solution. Safe and Sound installs alarms with 24/7 monitoring capabilities, carefully placing sensors in strategic areas around your facility. If someone attempts unauthorized entry, these sensors dispatch an automatic alarm to security officers and local police about the potential break-in.

Integrating surveillance cameras with your warehouse security alarm system adds a layer of protection to your warehouse by automatically recording all break-ins. This lets you receive an alert of the break-in, identify intruders, and gain invaluable recorded legal evidence. Warehouse alarms can also pair with a cloud-based smartphone app, so you can receive automatic remote alerts no matter where you are.

Warehouse Access Control Systems

We deliver sophisticated RFID warehouse access control systems and commercial gate access control systems designed to bar unauthorized entries. A warehouse key fob door entry system replaces keys with programmable, easy-to-use, and affordable RFID smart cards or key fobs. 

A warehouse RFID lock system provides warehouse managers with an extensive record of who enters and leaves. This makes it easy to monitor traffic in and around your facility, improve safety by keeping employees in the proper areas, and prevent burglary by limiting access to expensive items.

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Warehouse Intercom Systems

Installing a wired or wireless intercom system in your warehouse lets managers remotely communicate with visitors and employees, manage deliveries, dispatch shipments, and unlock doors with the press of a button. We deal and install high-quality audio and video warehouse intercom systems, including systems with cloud-based apps that let users see guests and employees and unlock doors — all while offsite.

Warehouse intercom systems are ideal for communicating across vast and noisy warehouse spaces, as well as making broadcasts and paging employees. They can be mounted at multiple locations in and around a building, providing a secure way to talk without causing unnecessary travel through dangerous, high-traffic areas.

With Safe and Sound video intercoms that integrate with warehouse video surveillance cameras, warehouse managers can direct physical work, enforce safety protocol, and quickly respond to emergencies. Our experts design and install intercom systems to optimize communication and security in your building.

Safe and Sound Security is a trusted partner in your warehouse security. We leverage years of training and decades of experience to design, integrate, and install comprehensive security solutions for warehouses. Our systems are carefully tailored to distribution centers, dispatch warehouses, industrial storage spaces, loading docks, storehouses, depots, factories, manufacturing plants, airplane hangars, and more. We protect your property, inventory, and employees, so you can focus on your business.

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