Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems

We provide intercoms and telephone entry systems for apartment complexes, office buildings, and other commercial applications.

Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems

We provide intercoms and telephone entry systems for apartment complexes, office buildings, and other commercial applications.

Intercoms and Telephone Entry

Install commercial intercoms or a telephone entry system to boost business security, simplify door access control, and streamline visitor management for your facility.

An intercom system lets admins remotely see or speak with visitors at the door. Visitors simply press a button on the intercom panel to ring a buzzer, and wait for admins to answer the call. Admins can verify guests through video communication or voice-over messaging, and decide whether to unlock the door.

Gain control over guest access to your commercial building, storage unit, or hospitality facility with a door entry system that keeps out unauthorized intruders around the clock.

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Commercial Intercom System Installers

Safe and Sound commercial intercom system installers work with your to ensure only authorized guests can access your business facility.

Stay in charge of access to your facility with a commercial intercom system that supports two-way communication and verification. Intercoms for businesses improve safety, simplify employee access, and unite communication across office rooms or buildings.

Commercial intercoms are an ideal addition to concierge desks, reception areas, and guard stations. Facilities operating on a commercial intercom system can grant access to individuals waiting at gates, doors, or other entry points, all using remote access control.

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Telephone Entry Systems

Facilitate convenient and secure communication with a telephone entry system.

Telephone entry systems simplify access control by directing calls from visitors at the door to admins using a mobile or landline-based number. Admins can answer calls and talk with visitors through the intercom to verify their identity.

The newest telephone entry systems use cloud-based smartphone apps, enabling you to speak with guests and unlock doors from any location. 


Make any facility a safe haven with a reliable entry system from Aiphone.

Aiphone is a respected leader in intercom technology, manufacturing innovative telephone entry systems, video intercoms, and gate intercoms.

  • Aiphone telephone entry systems enhance business safety by letting admins remotely speak with visitors before unlocking the door.
  • For added video communication, Aiphone video door entry systems combine surveillance cameras and a smartphone app to provide secure video chatting with guests, even while off-site.
  • For gated facilities, installing an Aiphone gate intercom simplifies visitor access. Equipping your gate with access control and intercoms lets you screen visitors before they ever enter a property.
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Gate Security and Gate Control for Businesses

Control gate entry with automated gate access systems that integrate with access control. A gate automation system adds convenience and security to any location that receives vehicle traffic through a gate.

Using a gate control system with an intercom allows admins to remotely verify visitors before opening the gate. Admins may use intercom technology to see and speak to guests at the gate, or a secure device that reads visitor credentials.


Ready to take security seriously? Benefit from a secure Doorking telephone entry system.

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Doorking (DKS) offers a range of durable intercoms and access control products that conveniently unite all of a business’s security.

A Doorking intercom allows visitors to press a button to request access — this can be combined with a secure Doorking telephone entry system that contacts admins on their phone anytime an intercom is buzzed.

Doorking gate access control products are popular in gated commercial spaces and communities. With a Doorking gate opener, visitors can either flash credentials to a reader or speak with a security operator through an intercom to gain entry.


Overhaul your commercial security with an integrated ButterflyMX entry system.

ButterflyMX produces tech-focused smart intercom systems that pair with a cloud-based mobile app to provide remote video calling with visitors.

The built-in ButterflyMX door system allows users to remotely unlock doors from app, no matter where they are. Tenant stations are eliminated, providing an app-based experience to residents.

ButterflyMX seamless integration of intercoms and access control protects apartment complexes, office buildings, educational facilities, and more.

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Video Intercom System

Maximize your business’s safety with a commercial video intercom system that makes visitor entry transparent. 

Video intercom systems offer a higher level of security than audio-only systems. Simple voice-over intercoms leave it up to admins to verify the identity of guests based on their voice.

Unlike audio-only systems, video intercoms pair with surveillance cameras to let admins see guests on a monitor or app before letting them in. Cameras record time-stamped footage of all door events, letting property managers and business owners stay informed about visitor entry.

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Integrating Video Intercom Systems, Access Control and Security Cameras

Check out how we installed a video intercom system, along with access control and security cameras, to protect this brand new multi-tenant building in Burlingame, California:

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