Kisi Installer

Experience the highest rated enterprise-grade door access control with Kisi. We’re a trusted Kisi installer who provides, installs, and integrates Kisi products for businesses of all sizes.

Kisi Installer

Experience the highest rated enterprise-grade door access control with Kisi. We’re a trusted Kisi installer who provides, installs, and integrates Kisi products for businesses of all sizes.

Kisi Authorized Dealer

Find out what Kisi door access control has to offer by choosing us as your Kisi authorized dealer. Safe and Sound experts provide comprehensive, enterprise-grade Kisi systems to safeguard every entrance to your business facility. Kisi access control combines seamless user experience with strong security and mobile viewing capabilities, giving property managers peace of mind that their facility is protected from intruders. With a mobile app, users can view live or recorded security footage from

Kisi controllers, card readers, and cloud management software establish a superior-quality access control system to simplify guest entry around the clock. Our secure Kisi systems come with a wide range of features for maximum functionality and flexibility. For example, Kisi remote management lets you easily manage visitor and employee access, as well as temporarily authorizing specific co-workers to take on admin responsibilities if needed. Kisi continuously releases new updates and features, meaning your security capabilities are always expanding.

Seamless Building Entry

Kisi offers a sleek and responsive system that helps you boost business safety, without slowing down operations.

Wide Integrations

Kisi's Open API platform allows a wide range of integrations with third-party security hardware and software.

Remote Door Unlocking

Users can remotely unlock doors for guests from their phone or web browser, so tenants, employees, and operators never have to miss a visitor or delivery.

24/7 Audit Trails

Property managers can view audit trails of all door access events, complete with time stamps and snapshots.

Convenient Mobile App

The Kisi app eliminates old-fashioned keys and costly hardware by letting users gain secure access with credentials on their phone.

Kisi Repair

Safe and Sound engineers provide professional Kisi repair and maintenance services for any business with Kisi access control. With over 14 years of experience in security system installation and maintenance, our experts have what it takes to target any of your access control system’s vulnerabilities. We carefully assess each component of your Kisi system, then we work to solve any challenges with comprehensive repairs that ensure your technology functions properly and protects your business. After we install a Kisi security system for a client, our technicians work to maintain the system for the rest of its lifetime.

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Get a Free Kisi Demo

A Kisi demo is a great way to find out more about Kisi access control and learn whether it is the right system for your business. Our experts will walk you through the Kisi system and everything you need to know about its features, functionalities, and requirements, all for free. We also personally assess your commercial property to determine the perfect security system to target its specific vulnerabilities. Safe and Sound is experienced in providing custom security plans, sophisticated installation, and thorough demos that help you gain control over your business security. Find out more with a free Kisi demo today.

Kisi Reseller​

We’re the preferred Kisi reseller for businesses across the country. We help select the right combination of Kisi security technologies, then we install systems for optimized functioning. Kisi has a wide range of integrations, meaning we can pair Kisi access control with many existing legacy security systems, or with new security, to provide a complete solution for your business.

We help businesses protect their assets and property as a trusted Kisi reseller. Safe and Sound experts provide customer-focused installation and consultation, as well as professionally executed structured cabling services for businesses. We know how to tailor Kisi access control systems to your unique business facility, providing a system that complements your operations and addresses unique security challenges.

Buy Kisi

We help property owners and managers select and buy Kisi access control for their space. Buying Kisi gives you complete control over building access from one secure location. With the Kisi app, your building security is in your pocket at all times. 

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Kisi Features:

Kisi lets users automatically provision access rights by connecting Kisi groups to a CRM or an active directory, making it easy to control who can enter your space.

Kisi users can put their system into temporary lockdown mode, so nobody can unlock your door and enter your business.

Admins can easily distribute mobile keys to employee and resident smartphones, providing a smooth and seamless setup process.

Kisi lets users send temporary keys to visitors, allowing them to enter a facility within a set time window.

Kisi makes management of multiple locations, users, and administrator roles easy with access groups and a convenient mobile dashboard.

Users with authorized mobile credentials can simply tap their phone against the Kisi reader to gain access to a building.

Kisi users can remotely unlock doors from a phone or web browser to easily grant access to visitors, even while away from the building.

Kisi provides complete real-time audit trails of all door access events as exportable CSV files, letting managers see exactly who entered their facility, and when.

Who Should Use Kisi

Kisi Reviews

Kisi reviews mark out Kisi as one of the most highly-rated access control systems on the market. Users offer high praise for Kisi systems’ flexibility, ease of use, and cutting-edge technology. Kisi offers a range of options and features, allowing users to customize their access control system exactly the way they want it. Kisi is also highly rated for its mobile credentials, instant notifications, simplified guest access management, and fully encrypted cloud-based storage.

Kisi’s wide integration with third-party security systems and software offers an attractive angle to users, who can further customize their security system to suit their exact needs. Our Kisi installers help you set up your Kisi system and get the most out of its array of features and functionalities.

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Products that Integrate with Kisi

Security Cameras

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Kisi Pricing

Kisi pricing eliminates the costs of onsite servers and other expensive hardware by offering a minimal, modernized system. For the exterior wall-mounted panel, users can either install the Kisi Reader Pro, which costs $599, or the Kisi Reader Pro Outdoor for $699. For the control panel, users can buy the Kisi Controller Pro for $899, or a larger control panel through a third-party provider. Kisi door license plans cost $20 per door. Kisi also provides keycards for just $5 each.

Safe and Sound provides and installs Kisi systems, offering the best equipment and installation possible, with no exorbitant prices. Find out more by contacting our experts, and get a free quote!

Get in Touch with a Security Professional

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Kisi Installer

As a trusted Kisi installer, we offer Kisi products for businesses of all sizes. Our experts personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, carefully ensuring your system is set up for optimal functioning. With Safe and Sound Kisi installation, your access control system will work without a hitch. 

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Kisi Repair

Our dedication to your security doesn’t stop once installation is complete: We continue to offer Kisi repair and maintenance services for the rest of your access control system’s lifetime. Whether you have a small business or a huge enterprise, we have the expertise to keep your Kisi system running smoothly and securely.

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openpath vs kisi

Kisi vs. Openpath

Kisi and Openpath are both popular access control providers. Openpath offers high functionality with a sleek and streamlined system, making it a popular choice in modern office buildings. Unlike Openpath, Kisi provides real-time over-the-air alerts for users. Both Kisi and Openpath offer mobile apps, but Kisi’s app has higher ratings than Openpath’s. Kisi and Openpath both offer a smart platform with wide integration. Get in touch with our commercial security experts today to learn more about which access control system is right for you.

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