Lenel Security Partner

As a Lenel security partner we provide, design install and integrate Lenel access control security solutions.

Lenel Security Partner

As a Lenel security partner we provide, design install and integrate Lenel access control security solutions.

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Benefit from personalized and scalable security with integrated Lenel security solutions.

Lenels innovative security systems leverage cutting-edge technology to provide maximum security, flexibility, and scalability. The Lenel OnGuard open security platform integrates with many security products to provide a comprehensive security system that is tailored to individual business needs. Lenels sophisticated security software and hardware delivers the best in access control, surveillance, integration, and more.

As a trusted Lenel partner, we provide, install, and integrate Lenel security systems. Our experts help to navigate Lenels array of modules and integrations, choosing and implementing the ones best suited to your facilities.

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Lenel Access Control

Safeguard your facilities by installing a Lenel access system.

Lenel offers flexible access control for a range of application sizes, including software and system controllers, intelligent readers, modules, electronic locking systems, and various accessories. Lenel’s comprehensive OnGuard application includes an alarm monitoring module and built-in support for card, biometric, and wireless access control technologies. OnGuard also comes with cloud and mobile access.

Our experts provide and install Lenel access control, ensuring a user-friendly setup that maximizes business protection. We integrate various security technologies, such as video, access, and intrusion products, for a safe and comprehensive security package.

Lenel Software

Customize your security management with sophisticated Lenel software.

Lenel software boasts flexible integration capabilities and high scalability to adapt to business growth. The OnGuard security system is easily integrated with third-party products, providing comprehensive and customized security system management, with the convenience of cloud and mobile capabilities. Lenel software strengthens business security and growth by providing streamlined solutions for access control, visitor management, video analytics, video management, and more. 

Our expert technicians provide, install, and integrate Lenel software. Leveraging Lenels flexible open integration, we implement carefully selected modules to create a complete security system that is tailored to your businesss needs.

Lenel Integration

Build a scalable security solution with Lenel integration.

Lenel offers open-platform security solutions that are easily paired with products from numerous certified Lenel integration partners. The Lenel OnGuard security system features an open architecture design that allows seamless integration of a full suite of security management technologies. OnGuard pairs with a comprehensive range of products and modules, featuring easy migration and mobile capabilities for maximum convenience and adaptability.

Integrating businesss security technology maximizes efficiency and savings. As a trusted Lenel partner, we will personally oversee your Lenel integration, ensuring your business benefits from a tailored, scalable, and cost-effective security solution.

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Products that pair well with Lenel

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lenel card reader

Lenel Card Reader

Manage and track visitors with advanced Lenel card readers.

Lenel offers various multi-technology, proximity, biometric, and smart card readers that work with new and existing infrastructure to provide secure access control. Lenels range of card readers includes durable magnetic card access readers with keypads, intelligent readers that include tamper-proof and dual verification capabilities for high security, and convenient mobile readers.

Lenel readers can be used with OnGuard visitor management software for web-enabled visitor management across multiple facilities. Our experts install and integrate Lenel visitor management systems and credential readers to ensure a welcoming and efficient check-in experience, with the convenience of web and mobile-based tools.

Who Should Use Lenel Security?

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Lenel Installer

As a trusted Lenel installer, Safe and Sound Security provides, installs, and integrates Lenel security systems for businesses of all sizes. Our installation experts know how to combine high-quality Lenel access control and software to achieve the ideal system for your security needs. We personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, ensuring your Lenel system works without a hitch.

Lenel Repair

Our dedication to your security doesn’t stop once installation is complete: We continue to offer Lenel repair and maintenance services for the rest of your access control system’s lifetime. Whether it’s a small setup or a sprawling enterprise security system, we have the expertise to keep your Lenel solution running smoothly and securely.

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