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Commercial Security Systems Bakersfield

As a trusted provider of commercial security systems in Bakersfield, CA, we are committed to providing secure protection to the businesses that support local industry. We are the premier business security system installer for Bakersfield’s range of businesses, research and manufacturing facilities, retail establishments, and more.

Our technicians have over a decade of experience in local surveillance camera installation, access control system installation, and alarm system installation, and know how to target the unique security needs of Bakersfield business facilities. Our advanced CCTV cameras monitor and record business premises at all times, and can be paired with cutting-edge video analytics for useful business insights and advanced security features. These include facial scanning, license plate recognition, object identification and tracking, and other advanced features for top-security monitoring.

Safe and Sound visitor authentication includes smart and prox cards and readers, biometric entry systems, and intercom systems for safe and convenient business entry around the clock. We combine surveillance cameras, access control, and burglar alarms to instantly alert admins and authorities if security breaches ever happen. Safe and Sound’s customer-oriented commercial security services, high-quality customizable technology, and experience in the local area all make us the right security system installer for your Bakersfield business.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

When it comes to providing the best security system services for the enterprise sector, no one knows the landscape better than Safe and Sound Security. We’ve worked with national level enterprises to local businesses and everything in between.

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Commercial Security Company Bakersfield

As the largest city in Kern County, Bakersfield is a metropolitan hub of industry, with thriving activity in sectors including agriculture and energy production. Bakersfield’s commercial offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other facilities require the best business security systems available to protect property and assets. Nestled in the highly productive San Joaquin Valley, Bakersfield is a key industry player in California.

Safe and Sound Security experts have 10+ years of experience as a local commercial security in and around Bakersfield, and are deeply familiar with local businesses and their security needs. We work to provide the highest-quality security camera installation, access control system installation, and burglar alarm installation to protect your commercial property. We personally assess your Bakersfield business for security vulnerabilities, and solve these weaknesses by targeting them with a tailored blend of top-notch security systems.

Our experts know how to install and integrate the most cutting-edge security technology on the market. Whether your business needs a small security setup or a huge enterprise network, we have the tools to make it happen. We specialize in providing custom design plans, advanced technology, and professional installation for Bakersfield industrial facilities, warehouses, cannabis facilities, apartment and multi-tenant buildings, general contractors, office spaces and commercial buildings, retail establishments, technology firms, and more.

Business Security Camera Installation Bakersfield

Our business security cameras monitor Bakersfield business facilities around the clock, capturing full recordings of every event that happens in and around your property. Safe and Sound commercial security cameras work to deter crime and gather video evidence, making your business environment safer for employees, customers, and visitors. Security cameras make it easy to quickly respond to incidents, identify people committing crimes on your property, and provide recorded evidence of crime. Our expert CCTV installers combine security cameras with cutting-edge video analytics in CCTV software, providing business insights, advanced object recognition, license plate reading, and more. We provide careful installation to ensure your surveillance cameras operate at full efficiency and cover maximum area, and our technicians continue to maintain your camera system over its lifetime.

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Access Control Installation Bakersfield

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We provide professional access control installation to Bakersfield businesses of every size. Our experts work to support local industry by protecting properties from unauthorized intruders. Access control installation is crucial in protecting your business from crime. Our secure key card entry system technology, biometric readers, and intercom entry systems provide the highest level of cutting-edge intrusion detection and prevention, ensuring your business is safe. Safe and Sound technicians oversee each step of your business’s access control, designing, installing, and integrating advanced technology to make sure it functions optimally at every level. Our experts then continue to maintain your access control over its lifetime. Find out why Safe and Sound is a trusted leader among Bakersfield access control companies today.

Commercial Alarm Systems Bakersfield

Bakersfield business facilities, employees, merchandise, and data require the best in commercial alarm systems to protect against crime. An alarm system keeps intruders out and instantly alerts business operators if any security breaches occur. With Safe and Sound Security alarm systems for business facilities, you can program automatic alerts to be sent to local authorities the moment a crime happens. Business managers can even receive automated alerts on their smartphone, meaning you never have to miss an incident. As a leader among Bakersfield commercial alarm companies, we work with local establishments to design alarms that target each facility’s vulnerabilities. Our alarms can be outfitted to any business in the Bakersfield area, and when combined with video surveillance and access control, form a comprehensive security strategy.

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Check out our work

A warehouse in Bakersfield, CA required an entire security system equipped with security cameras, door access control and burglar alarm installation. The client was adding a new Bakersfield facility, which required comprehensive video monitoring and access control to keep out intruders and thieves.

We installed sophisticated IP cameras that monitor and record important areas 24/7, including entrances, office rooms, the control room, and all areas where goods are stored and handled. If any inventory goes missing, or if a customer complains that they didn’t get the right number of pallets, the company can check time-stamped, easily accessible security camera footage to see what happened. 

Our experts combined these cameras with innovative video analytics software, letting warehouse managers easily search footage for specific people and objects. We also provided cloud-based mobile apps to company management, allowing the head office to remotely view different branches.

With the app, they are able to get instant alerts in case of intrusions happening in their facility. The warehouse also has a vehicle gate and parking area, which we secured with cameras and Doorking gate access control. Thanks to the security system we installed, the client reduced the chance of theft in their warehouse to virtually zero.


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