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Chicago Commercial Security Systems

Your business is your livelihood. Are you doing enough to protect it? We can help answer that question once and for all. Safe and Sound Security is a business security system installer in Chicago, Illinois. We design and build modern security systems for businesses that don’t want to risk losing expensive assets, property or time. Modern criminals won’t be stopped by consumer-grade security systems. That’s why we offer commercial security camera installation, commercial access control installation, and burglar alarm installation for businesses in Chicago. Our CCTV video analytics and cloud based access control prevent unauthorized visitors from entering your business. To detect intruders, we set up virtual trip wires to send alerts the moment someone breaks your perimeter. If this happens, law enforcement can be notified automatically and address the situation without you being there. As low voltage contractors, Safe and Sound Security also offers structured cabling installation, network installation, and low voltage cabling services. Professionals in security and cabling, we’re here to serve all of Chicago’s safety and installation needs.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

With over 14 years of experience, Safe and Sound Security knows the security landscape better than the competitors. Working with small and enterprise businesses alike, we’ve designed security solutions for companies of all sizes


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Commercial Security Company in Chicago

One of the biggest cities in the midwest, Chicago has earned its name as an American manufacturing hub. To keep the assets, properties and data safe for businesses that call Chicago home, Safe and Sound Security has installed commercial grade burglar alarm systems, biometric access control systems, modern security systems and more. Our Chicago security experts know how to design, install and integrate an all-around security system that will prevent the theft of your merchandise and other property.

More and more Chicago-based businesses are demanding modern security systems. With the ever increasing rates of crime in cities, many companies are prime targets for high-end theft from sophisticated criminals. That’s why we recommend technologically-advanced security systems that feature CCTV video analytics, cloud based access control, and commercial grade burglar alarm systems to deter theft.

For new construction in Chicago or existing businesses that need updates to their property, we offer structured cabling services. Our low voltage services, network installation, and network cabling serve businesses who need new cable and fiber optic installation. We’ve trained our low voltage cabling contractors to provide top-notch customer service to all businesses, regardless of their size. As security experts in Chicago, we work hard to protect your offices, apartment buildings and other properties from the city’s security threats. 


Business Security Camera Installation Chicago

Even in 2022, security cameras serve as an excellent deterrent against would-be criminals. Safe and Sound Security will work with you to design a lean, effective security camera system for your business. With over 14 years of experience, our expert CCTV installers know how to build and place camera systems for maximum protection. They can eliminate blind spots that will leave you vulnerable to theft and damages. Using the latest technology, our cameras go the extra mile. Our cloud based options let you view security footage 24/7. Not to be forgotten, our video analytics use AI to identify criminals with facial recognition and spot license plate numbers on vehicles. These aren’t your doorbell security cameras. They offer much more protection!

Chicago Commercial Building Security Camera Installation

Access Control Installation Chicago

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How do you stop unauthorized people from entering your building? Deny them access with high-grade access control systems. If you’re worried about former employees or other people finding their way back into your building – and possibly causing harm or stealing valuable data –  the best tool is an access control system. We offer HID keycard systems as well as more advanced biometric access control with 2-step verification. With these access control solutions, you can easily add or remove users, making it a breeze to add new or remove former employees. These systems also make for simple visitor management and keep a comprehensive log of who has entered and left your property in Chicago. They also can be scaled to cover multiple offices. 

Commercial Alarm Systems Chicago

No business can consider itself “safe” without a commercial alarm system. Comprehensive by design, we install commercial grade burglar alarm systems featuring video monitoring and access control in Chicago. Our alarm system installers are experts in their field and only adopt proven technologies into their systems. We offer mobile based alarms, notifications and access, which have become popular with many of our Chicago-based clients. Make no mistake: Chicago is a notoriously tough city. With economic conditions fueling crime and theft, it’s foolish to settle for anything less than a professional security system. Consumer-grade options won’t stop the city’s savvy criminals and will only leave you frustrated and broken hearted. That’s why Safe and Sound Security recommends our commercial alarm systems to all our customers. It’s never too late to prevent theft from hitting your business. 

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Structured Cabling Installation Chicago


No business new or old is complete without structured cabling. As low voltage cabling contractors in Chicago, Safe and Sound Security helps companies with all their network cabling needs. Need network installation? Our contractors will design and install an infrastructure powerful enough to handle your communications needs and more. From voice and data cabling to fiber optics, we outfit retail businesses, offices and other properties with new structured cabling. Proud of the team we call our family, our low voltage contractors are trained to deliver top-notch customer service and give you a result you’re happy with. We’re proud to say businesses of all sizes in Chicago have chosen us for their structured cabling solutions. 

Home Security Installation Chicago

Are you protected while you’re sleeping? If you don’t have a home security system, chances are you’re not. Safe and Sound Security helps families protect their most sacred space with comprehensive security systems. We establish perimeters that are linked to a central system and detect any movement or unauthorized visitors. Our broken glass detectors and alarm keypads activate the moment a security event occurs. To detect intruders in real time, we install HD security cameras with 4K clarity and AI facial recognition. These are not your typical phone security apps. Our experts design high-tech, effective security systems that scare off intruders and help keep your family safe. 

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Our latest client, a contemporary office building in Chicago, was struggling with an outdated analog security system. To protect their office from unauthorized entry, we installed a new digital security system. The offices are now safer for employees and management, and the building has a security system that matches its look and feel.

To protect the building’s perimeter, we installed new IP-based surveillance cameras outside. Next, we installed indoor cameras in the lobby, hallways and other areas. Now, the security team can keep track of the entire building from their security center.

To increase efficiency and cut back the energy bill, our team tapped into the building’s existing power lines. Using the new HD cameras we installed, the client now receives high-def images of anyone entering or exiting the building for identification.

Finally, we increased security by installing HID card access control. This will provide secure access to the building 24/7. Now, our client can see each individual who enters the building with access logs, which makes it easier to track individuals in the case of a security event.


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