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Dallas Commercial Security Systems

Do you ever wonder if your business is “truly” safe? If so, we can help. Safe and Sound Security is a trusted business security system installer that provides security solutions for businesses in Dallas, Texas. To protect property, merchandise and data, we build and install security systems for businesses that want to prevent theft and safeguard employees. Don’t depend on DIY security systems to keep your business safe. We’ve made our name in Dallas with commercial security camera installation, commercial access control installation and burglar alarm installation. Using CCTV video analytics and cloud based access control, we detect and record unauthorized entry of your business. Our tripwire perimeters trigger notifications sent directly to your phone. If you choose, these can be sent to the authorities directly, and you never have to deal with hostile intruders. As low voltage contractors, we also provide low voltage cabling services, network installation, and structured cabling installation for construction projects in the Dallas area. As security professionals and cabling experts, we’re here to protect all of your warehouses, offices, apartment complexes and commercial properties from the ever-increasing threat of theft.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

When it comes to protecting your business and employees, no one knows the landscape better than Safe and Sound Security. With over 14 years experience, we’ve worked with everyone from enterprises to local businesses. 


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Commercial Security Company in Dallas

Like many major cities in the country, Dallas has welcomed tech and other industries into its workforce. With financial services and defense companies calling the city home, Safe and Sound Security has worked hard to protect the merchandise, assets, and employees of these businesses with modern security cameras, access control systems and commercial grade burglar alarms. Our experts in Dallas know how to build and integrate a dynamic security system that will protect your property and business.

For many businesses, old security systems simply won’t cut it. Like many other areas, Dallas has battled rising crime, often at the cost to businesses small and large alike. To prevent unauthorized entry, businesses need a trusted security system installer in Dallas. Larger defense companies would benefit from commercial security system installers who know how to prevent employees or others from accessing unauthorized, dangerous areas on the property.

With extensive business security systems and network cabling systems, we are the go-to local security and structured cabling company protecting businesses in Dallas. For over 14 years, we’ve customized our systems to protect office buildings, warehouses, and apartment complexes in the city for one reason: to better protect the businesses of Dallas and those who work with them. Safe and Sound Security is honored to serve companies operating in the great state of Texas, including Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.


Business Security Camera Installation Dallas

The first step in protecting your business, security cameras stop would-be intruders simply with their looming presence. For 14 years, Safe and Sound Security has been installing security camera systems for businesses in Dallas. Our expert CCTV installers have worked on countless projects and understand how to place and angle cameras to protect your business from all sides. Unlike competitors, we’re constantly updating our technology, which now includes HD facial recognition and license plate identification. We also offer 24/7 mobile monitoring that gives you access to your security footage directly from your phone. Don’t let intruders slip by. With our security cameras, you’ll catch intruders on video and will have evidence of everything you could possibly need. 

Dallas City Commercial Building Security Camera Installation

Access Control Installation Dallas

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The best way to keep unauthorized people off your property? Access control systems. With the singular goal of managing your property and who is allowed on it, our access control solutions in Dallas are custom-tailored for your business. Not only do they protect your data and merchandise, but they also provide safety for employees and reduce the risk of liability in the event of injury from unauthorized access. We recommend HID key card access systems or biometric access control. Both allow for 2-step verification and make it easy to add or remove new and old employees. If you have frequent visitors, these systems also make it easy to see who is coming and going with 24/7 visitor management. 

Commercial Alarm Systems Dallas

Who’s watching over your property when you’re not there? Designed to protect your merchandise, employees and data, we build commercial alarm systems specifically for your business. Comprehensive in nature, our burglar alarm systems use video monitoring and prevent unauthorized entry with access control systems. Experts in the field, our security alarm systems installers will build your system using cloud based mobile access and mobile-based monitoring and alarm management. These new technologies are preferred by many of our clients who like being able to watch over their properties while they’re away. Unfortunately, many companies use consumer-grade tech for their commercial properties and are baffled when they become victims of theft. That’s why prudent business owners in Dallas choose Safe and Sound Security for their commercial alarm systems. 

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Structured Cabling Installation Dallas


Safe and Sound Security provides structured cabling installation to businesses across Dallas. As experts in low voltage cabling, our contractors are ready to help with projects of all sizes, new or old. If you need network installation for communications, we can build and install an infrastructure to handle it. For many of our clients, we install voice and data cabling as well as fiber optics in offices, retail businesses and other properties. To deliver peak performance, our low voltage cabling contractors inspect every corner of your building’s structure before installing your network cabling. We’re happy to be known as one of Dallas’s most reliable structured cabling installation companies. 

Home Security Installation Dallas

You should always feel safe in your home. That’s why Safe and Sound Security offers home security systems for families living in Dallas. To protect your home during the night and day, we build 24/7 alarm systems. These create perimeter protection and detect movement or unwelcome visitors. But we don’t stop there. Our systems include door sensors and  broken glass detection near windows, as well as keypads linked to central monitoring systems. Our HD security cameras spot intruders in real time with 4K definition and use AI assistance to perform facial recognition. With our comprehensive home security systems, you’ll always feel safe in your home, whether it’s day or night. 

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Dallas City Building

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A contemporary office building in Dallas needed to update its obsolete analog security system to a new, digital security solution that matched the look of the building while providing better protection for the employees and property.

Using new IP-based surveillance cameras, we provided advanced perimeter security around the entire building. With a system of indoor and outdoor security cameras, the security team is now able to watch the entire building from one dedicated security center.

To be more efficient, our team was able to tap into the facility’s pre-existing power lines and cut costs for the client. The HD cameras they installed capture crystal-clear images, which provide easy identification of anyone on video.

For the final step, we equipped the building with HID card access control. This streamlined security and provided for secure entry 24/7. With access logs, the client can now see who enters the building and when, whether they’re employees, visitors or otherwise. 



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