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Denver Commercial Security Systems

Do you stay up nights wondering if your business is safe? We can put your mind at ease. A trusted business security system installer, we provide modern security solutions to businesses in Denver, Colorado. From property to merchandise and data, we install security systems for businesses that can’t afford expensive losses of assets or time. Don’t rely on DIY security cameras or spotty consumer-grade software to protect your livelihood. Our company has made its name from commercial security camera installation, commercial access control installation, and burglar alarm installation. Using CCTV video analytics and cloud based access control, we prevent unauthorized entry of your business. Our virtual tripwires send notifications the moment someone breaks your perimeter. If you choose, the authorities will be alerted and sent out to handle the situation. You never have to jeopardize your safety. As low voltage contractors, we also provide low voltage cabling services, network installation, and structured cabling installation for new construction projects or buildings needing upgrades. As security and cabling professionals, our custom systems will help you sleep better and bring peace of mind to your customers, employees and investors.


Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

From national enterprises to small businesses and everyone in between, Safe and Sound Security has helped companies of all sizes. As experts in security, we know the anti-theft landscape better than the competitors.

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Commercial Security Company in Denver

Booming with the rush of tech companies like Google, Denver, Colorado has become one of the new growth capitals of the west. To protect the assets, properties and data of companies that call Denver home, Safe and Sound Security has installed commercial grade burglar alarm systems, modern security camera systems, and biometric access control systems. These include designs to protect facility perimeters and keep employees from entering unauthorized, dangerous areas. Our experts in Denver know how to design, build and install these systems to protect your assets.

For many companies, especially those in the fruitful cannabis and tech trades, 20th century security systems are not enough. These businesses require commercial security systems to prevent the theft of their high value products and technology. In addition to our comprehensive access control systems, we also install commercial burglar alarms and video surveillance with CCTV video analytics and cloud based access control.

When new construction begins or companies need to update their current properties, we serve as the go-to structured cabling provider in Denver. From low voltage services to network installation, our low voltage cabling contractors provide custom-tailored service to businesses in need of network cabling. As expert security installers in Denver, Colorado, we strive to protect your warehouses, offices, industrial buildings and properties from the ever-growing threat of theft and crime.

Business Security Camera Installation Denver

Safe and Sound Security cameras are the first step in protecting businesses in Denver. To stop theft and unauthorized entry, we work with you to develop an effective security camera system for your business. Our expert CCTV installers have over 14 years of experience installing surveillance cameras in Denver. They know how to place and angle cameras to eliminate weaknesses and protect your property from all sides. Unlike our competitors, we constantly improve and innovate our systems by adopting new technologies. Our cloud based mobile options give you 24/7 access to your security footage, and our video analytics help identify criminals using license plate detection and facial recognition.

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Access Control Installation Denver

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When businesses in Denver need access control installation, they come to us. Designed to protect your property, data and merchandise, our access control solutions are custom built for your business. You can choose from standard key card access systems, as well as biometric readers with 2-step verification. Because our systems are scalable, they can easily expand to cover new properties as your business grows. You can add or remove employees with our smart software, which also allows for simple visitor management. When managing your property, there’s no better way to protect your assets and reduce liability than with monitored access control. For businesses in Denver, we provide access control solutions, no matter how big or small.

Commercial Alarm Systems Denver

Designed to protect physical and intellectual property, our commercial alarm systems are fully customized for each business we serve. Comprehensive by nature, our burglar alarm systems feature video monitoring and access control to prevent unauthorized entry. Our expert alarm systems installers will build your system with the most up-to-date technology and provide levels of security unheard of even ten years ago. With the ability to monitor and manage alarms from your phone, our cloud based mobile access has become the preferred choice of many clients in Denver. When it comes to commercial burglar alarm systems, choosing lower-tier service can cost your company in the long run. One security breach can potentially bring down your company. That’s why businesses in Denver choose Safe and Sound Security for their security alarm company.

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Structured Cabling Installation Denver


As structured cabling experts, Safe and Sound Security provides installation to businesses across Denver. Our low voltage cabling contractors are available to help, no matter the size of your project. If you need network installation, our contractors can design a comprehensive infrastructure that handles all your communications. We install voice and data cabling and fiber optics for retail business, offices and other properties. To ensure top performance, our contractors have been trained to learn the ins and outs of your business and building’s structure. We are proud to say Denver businesses of all sizes have relied upon Safe and Sound Security to provide comprehensive structured cabling solutions.

Home Security Installation Denver

Nothing is more sacred than your home. That’s why Safe and Sound Security offers home security installation to families in Denver. To keep your home safe day and night, we offer 24/7 home alarm systems. These establish perimeters around your property and detect any movement or unauthorized visitors. But our systems go even further. We install door sensors, broken glass detectors and alarm keypads linked to your own central monitoring system. Security cameras detect intruders in real time with 4K clarity and AI assistance. With our advanced home security systems, you’ll always feel safe in your home, day and night. That’s why so many families in Denver choose Safe and Sound Security as their home security experts.

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Suffering from an outdated analog security system, a modern office building in Denver badly needed an upgrade. To get them up-to-speed, we designed and installed a digitally-compatible security system. Not only did it provide more protection for employees and management, but it also matched the building’s look and feel.

To secure the building’s perimeter, we installed new IP-based surveillance cameras. Next, we installed indoor security cameras to keep the lobby, hallways and other areas monitored. Now, the client’s security team can monitor every foot of the building from one security center.

To save the client extra money, our team created a more efficient system by tapping into the building’s existing power lines. With the new high-def cameras we installed, the client can now receive HD images and easily identify anyone seen on video.

The last phase in securing the building required installing HID card access control. This provided secure, easy access to the building 24/7. Our client can see everyone who enters the building through access logs, making it easier to keep track of business operations and security events.


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