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Houston Commercial Security System

To keep your property safe, you need a sure thing. Safe and Sound Security gives you power over the unknown. We’re more than just a blanket to relieve anxiety. We do more than just provide comfort. We offer real security solutions that work. As the world evolves, your security system should meet those changes head on. To combat dangers and security challenges, a security system installed by trained professionals is the only way to protect your bottom line. With us, you’ll achieve the highest level of security, so your commercial property runs smoothly. If you’ve been searching for a business security system installer in Houston, Texas, Safe and Sound Security does it best. Our trained specialists go beyond installing security systems. We actively point out security flaws. We address loopholes. We install video surveillance in blind spots. More importantly, we think of ways to expose your property so you can safeguard it completely. Better us than someone with bad intentions! Whether you need to monitor foot traffic, set up an intercom system, install surveillance, introduce key card entry systems, or add alarm systems that work, we offer customized systems designed for your property’s location and specific needs. We service businesses, warehouses, apartment complexes, and other commercial properties. We’re rated one of the fastest growing security system installation and low voltage cabling companies in Texas. Our company leverages low-voltage network cabling, CCTV video analytics, and other cutting-edge technology to protect your commercial property.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

Hundreds of people trust us for our quality and high-end solutions. We design and install security solutions that answer your noticeable and “hidden to the naked eye” security challenges. Benefit from the same enterprise-level protection without the expensive price tag.

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Commercial Security Company in Houston

It’s a necessity, not a luxury. A flawed security system that doesn’t adapt to evolving threats is a vulnerable one. Faulty alarm systems, low resolution surveillance cameras, and other security loopholes can be a pricey risk for you in the future.

Let’s keep your assets, employees, and commercial property safe. No matter what kind of commercial property you own, our company creates a virtual and visible forcefield to thwart the unpredictable.

Whether it’s commercial access control connection, commercial access control installation, commercial security camera installation, network installation, burglar alarm installation, or a complete overhaul of your security measures, we offer industry leading reliability and expertise.

We’ve served a collection of industries in various parts of Texas, specifically Houston. This includes commercial offices, retail stores, new construction, buildings, schools, warehouses, offices of all sizes, apartment complexes, factories, government properties, and even residential properties.

We can add a security camera system to thwart sneaky shoplifters. We can add a biometric access control system, so you control who enters your property. We can upgrade your network cabling to modernize your security system. We can add an alarm system that alerts law enforcement fast. At Safe and Sound Security, our security and structured cabling company can help you feel in control.

Business Security Camera Installation Houston

A well-positioned surveillance camera is just as important as its resolution quality. All commercial properties are different. The strategic placement of your cameras is necessary if you want to capture hidden blind spots and oversee everything that takes place in and outside of it. We make sure to point you to the best option. Our security camera installation company in Houston, Texas uses high-quality brands. All feature pixel capturing technology for better day and night adjustments. Additionally, you’ll be able to see faces more clearly, capture license plates at a distance, and monitor everything without missing any details. Our commercial security camera installation adds functioning CCTV systems in strategic vantage points. This includes inside and outside. Our cloud-based solutions archive accurate video footage. If you’re looking to upgrade, you’ll have the option to enable remote monitoring so you can monitor all events even when you’re not around.

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Access Control Installation Houston

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If you’re looking to control and monitor who enters and exits your commercial property, access control systems in Houston are ideal. Not only do you provide a safer work environment for visitors and employees, but you can also control access to all entry points. Plus, controlled key card entry systems can deter unwanted intrusions while also leaving a virtual trail of foot traffic. 

You can equip your security system with a cloud-based access control system. This on-demand feature collects movement logs, historical data, and allows you to revoke powers from anywhere. Get the added protection a lock and key don’t offer.

Commercial Alarm Systems Houston

A quality alarm system is a full-time guardian. Prevent loss, theft, and secure your valuables with a solid commercial alarm system in Houston. Our burglar alarm system detects the most subtle suspicious events while also limiting false alarms. Our full fledged system immediately notifies you when movement is detected, detects broken doors or windows, senses tampering, and covers large areas.

Alarms can effectively deter intruders while notifying you and local authorities of any potential threats. If an unwanted event does occur, reliability and speed can make a huge difference. Our commercial burglar alarm installers can integrate your security measures, so everything works together for complete protection. Benefit from the experience our commercial alarm company in Houston, Texas has to offer.

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Check out our work

We’ve designed, installed, and maintained a series of security systems for many properties. As we’ve referenced, our security alarm company has provided services to properties of all sizes, offices, factories, apartment complexes, retail, residential properties, and much more.

For one of our clients, we added a security system for their multi-tenant building. We placed an IP based series intercom which can directly mitigate unwanted visitors or trespassers.

You can review our other projects that involved installing a variety of security products. Whether it was our low voltage cabling contractors expanding a client’s cabling infrastructure or our trained security installers adding an FID commercial access control system, we’ve offered world-class services every step of the way.

We’ve used a range of brands like Axis, Hikvision, Genetec, Dahua, FLIR, VIVOTEK, Milestone, Rombus, LTS, and many other top-market companies. We recommend products that work and provide valuable expertise that keeps your property in Houston, Texas safe and sound.


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