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Las Vegas Commercial Security Systems

Do you stay up at night worrying because your security system isn’t strong? As a trusted business security system installer, we provide security solutions that protect businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team installs security systems for businesses that can’t compromise the safety of their employees, assets or data. Don’t settle for consumer-grade security systems that leave your business vulnerable. Safe and Sound Security specializes in commercial security camera installation, commercial access control installation, and burglar alarm installation. Keep unauthorized visitors out of your business using CCTV video analytics and cloud based access control. Our virtual tripwires notify you the instant someone enters your property and alerts the authorities, if you choose. If you’re overseeing a new construction project or building upgrade, we also offer low voltage cabling services, network installation, and structured cabling installation. As security and cabling professionals in Las Vegas, we help you sleep through the night and know your business is safe with first-class security systems.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

Safe and Sound Security has helped protect companies of all sizes, from large corporations to small businesses. As a comprehensive security company, no one knows the landscape better than us.

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Commercial Security Company in Las Vegas

The home of gaming and entertainment in the United States, Las Vegas has always been a major destination. To protect the businesses, people and assets of businesses in Nevada, Safe and Sound Security has installed commercial grade burglar alarm systems, modern security camera systems, and biometric access control systems. Our designs protect facility perimeters and keep an eye out for unauthorized entry, from employees and others. Supported by a team of experts, we know how to design, build and install security systems to protect your assets.

Unfortunately, for many businesses, especially those in gaming and gambling trades, old security systems are not adequate. Businesses in Las Vegas need commercial grade security to protect their property, even if they’re not gaming establishments. Actually, these are even more vulnerable because they’re seen as low hanging fruit for criminals. That’s why we offer a combination of commercial burglar alarms, video surveillance and cloud based access control.

For new construction projects or companies upgrading older properties, we provide structured cabling in Las Vegas. From network installation to low voltage services, our low voltage cabling contractors deliver customized solutions to businesses that need network cabling. As expert security installers, we keep your warehouses, industrial buildings and offices safe from criminal elements with high-quality alarm systems.

Business Security Camera Installation Las Vegas

Get top-notch security cameras that protect your business. As strategic camera installers, our team develops a custom camera network for your property. Our expert CCTV installers have over 14 years of experience installing surveillance cameras in Las Vegas and know how to arrange cameras to protect every corner of your business. Unlike some competitors, we continuously update our systems with the latest technology. Many business owners choose us because our cloud based mobile options give you 24/7 access to your security footage and use video analytics to identify criminals through license plate detection and facial recognition.

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Access Control Installation Las Vegas

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Need access control installation? Come to us. Our access control solutions are custom built for your business and protect your merchandise, property, and data. You can choose from biometric readers with 2-step verification or standard key card entry systems. All of our systems are scalable, so you can easily add them to new locations as your business expands. Smart software lets you add or remove employees and also provides simple visitor management. In an era of increasing threats, there’s no better way to reduce liability and protect your employees than with access control systems. We offer access control solutions for all businesses in Las Vegas, no matter the size.

Commercial Alarm Systems Las Vegas

Secure your business with a fully-customized commercial alarm system. Comprehensive by design, our burglar alarm systems are built around two main features: video monitoring and access control. Installed by experts, our alarm systems provide wide-reaching security that won’t leave your business vulnerable. No one ever wants to get called by the police in the middle of the night, but those with strong security systems are much happier because it usually means the bad guys got scared off. With our 24/7 mobile monitoring, you’ll always have an eye on your property, and cloud based mobile access prevents intruders from accessing it, day or night. Don’t let a security breach jeopardize your business’s future. Choose Safe and Sound Security as your security alarm company.

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Structured Cabling Installation Las Vegas

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Keep your networks up to speed with our structured cabling installation. Our contractors design infrastructures to handle communications and fiber optics through professional network installation. As structured cabling experts, we provide installation to businesses all across Las vegas. Even if your project is small, our team of low voltage contractors can help. From voice and data cabling to fiber optics for retail business, offices and other properties, we handle all jobs. To make sure your project is completed on time and within budget, we’ve trained our contractors to accurately assess the ins and outs of your business and building’s structure. We’re happy that businesses in Las Vegas have relied upon Safe and Sound Security to provide comprehensive structured cabling solutions.

Home Security Installation Las Vegas

Before you secure your business, secure your home. We offer home security installation that keeps your family safe. Our 24/7 home alarm systems create perimeters around your property and detect any movement or unauthorized visitors. They also include door sensors to sense prying hands and broken glass detectors that ward off intruders from windows. Each home is armed with a central monitoring system linked to doors, windows, and garages. We also offer security cameras that detect intruders in real time with 4K clarity and AI assistance. Our advanced home security systems keep you feeling safe in your home, night or day, asleep or awake.

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The owners of a shopping center on the Las Vegas strip recently called our team. Their parking lot had seen an increase in vehicle theft, vandalism and even assault. To stop the crime and prosecute offenders, they hired us to install a video surveillance system.

The big problem was creating a system that monitored the parking lot without digging up the asphalt to install the cabling. After evaluating the situation, we opted to install wireless cameras on the shopping centers’ existing light poles. This way, the owners didn’t have to excavate the lot.

To make catching criminals easier, we installed AI software with the cameras. This software detects faces and license plates, and lets the victims prosecute assailants and thieves more easily. Since we installed the system, the owners have happily reported that crime has dwindled and customers are starting to shop in the center again. More importantly, no one is getting hurt and employees are comfortable leaving their cars in the parking lot for longer shifts.


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