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New York City Commercial Security Systems

Do you ever worry criminals will target your business? We can help. Trusted in New York City, Safe and Sound Security is the business security system installer chosen by companies that aren’t willing to compromise security. We specialize in security systems for businesses in the Big Apple that can’t afford the cost of lost merchandise, data or time. As experts in commercial security camera installation, commercial access control installation, and burglar alarm installation, we don’t sell cookie cutter security. Each system is designed to meet our customer’s specific needs. To stop unauthorized entry and keep your property safe, we use CCTV video analytics and cloud based access control that allows you to see what’s happening in real time. Supported by our team of low voltage contractors, we can also support your structured cabling and network installation needs. Our low voltage cabling services are routinely chosen by contractors and construction firms working on new projects. In New York City, we’re the go-to security company, whether you’re protecting property, warehouses, employees or apartment complexes.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

Working with companies both large and small, Safe and Sound Security has the knowledge to design the ideal security system for your business. As experts in security cameras, access control and burglar alarms, we know the anti-theft landscape better than anyone else.


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Commercial Security Company in New York City

New York City has always been a hub of life, arts and entertainment. Unfortunately, it’s also been known for predictable patterns of crime. Safe and Sound Security helps businesses in NYC protect their properties, employees, data and merchandise. From modern security cameras and access control systems to commercial grade burglar alarms, we design security systems to help your business run smoothly and keep criminals out. Using perimeters to detect unauthorized entry and biometric access control to limit access to valuables and data, our experts in New York City can keep your business safe.

For many of our clients, 20th century security methods are not an option. Criminals have become more sophisticated. They no longer wield crowbars and wear black masks. Instead they use technology to beat inferior security systems and leave business owners frustrated. That’s why Safe and Sound Security advocates for modern security technology. Our CCTV video analytics capture license plates and use facial recognition to identify thieves. For many clients, we provide cloud based access control that makes breaking and entering difficult for even the saviest criminals.

In addition to our comprehensive security systems, we also offer structured cabling installation for businesses in New York City. Our low voltage cabling contractors provide network installation and low voltage services for buildings and new construction projects. As expert security installers in New York City, we aim to protect your offices, industrial buildings and properties from the increasing threat of theft.

Business Security Camera Installation
New York City

Designed to protect your buildings from theft, Safe and Sound Security cameras are one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized entry. Working with you, we’ll develop an ironclad network of security cameras that cover every inch of your business. Our CCTV installers are experts with over 14 years of experience installing cameras in New York City. They know how to place cameras to eliminate weak security points that could be exploited by career criminals. As advocates of technology, we use the latest security developments to secure your business. Our cloud based mobile options provide 24/7 camera access with AI to identify license plates and perform facial recognition of intruders.

Security Camera Laws in New York: Frequently Asked Questions

Access Control Installation New York City

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Businesses in New York City come to us when they need access control installation. Built to protect your merchandise, assets and employees, our access control solutions are designed to work with your company’s operations. You can pick from standard key card access systems or biometric readers with 2-step authentication. Our systems are scalable, which means they can easily be installed in new locations without interrupting or changing hardware. Using our smart software, you can add or remove employees and manage visitors with ease. When managing access to your property, monitored access control is the best way to protect your assets and reduce liability. That’s why we provide access control solutions to businesses in New York City, where people come and go every day.

Commercial Alarm Systems New York City

Our commercial alarm systems are customized for each client and protect your physical and intellectual property. Featuring video monitoring and access control to prevent unauthorized visitors, our burglar alarms are a comprehensive security solution. Using the latest technology, tested and re-tested for reliability, our expert alarm system installers build your system to provide the best security on the market. You can monitor and manage alarms from your phone, as well as use cloud based access control for building entry. In the event of an intrusion, you can set up automatic notifications to the authorities, who will investigate and deal with the matter independently. A favorite in New York City, Safe and Sound Security can install a modern commercial alarm system for your business.

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Structured Cabling Installation New York City


Safe and Sound Security installs structured cabling for businesses in New York City. Whether you have a new construction project or need network cabling for an existing building, our low voltage cabling contractors are available to do the job. We can design the infrastructure needed to handle all your communication needs. Voice and data cabling and fiber optics installation are also available for your offices, retail business and other properties. Our contractors will inspect every inch of your building in order to speed up the installation and keep costs down. That’s one of the reasons why so many companies choose Safe and Sound Security for structured cabling solutions in New York City.

Home Security Installation New York City

You should always feel safe in your home. No exceptions. That’s why we offer home security installation to families in New York City. To protect your home or apartment, we install 24/7 home alarm systems. These create an invisible perimeter around your home and detect movement and unauthorized visitors. But we don’t stop there. Door sensors, broken glass detectors and alarm keypads are all options we offer to keep your home safe. Now a favorite among our customers, security cameras have become must-haves. Our cameras use AI assistance to detect intruders in real time with 4K clarity. When we install your home security system, you’ll feel safe. Day and night. That’s why so many families in New York City call us the home security experts.

Home Security Tips
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Check out our work

A modern office building in New York City was plagued with an ineffective, outdated analog security system. To keep the building secure, we built and installed a digital security system. Our experts designed it to match the building’s look and feel while also protecting the employees and management.

The next step was securing the building’s perimeter. To do this, we installed new IP-based surveillance cameras. Then we placed indoor security cameras in the hallways and lobby to capture activity. As a result, the security team can now monitor the entire building from one central location.

We always try to save our clients money if we can. That’s why we tapped into the building’s existing power lines to install high-def cameras. Now our client can receive HD videos and identify anyone without much effort.

To keep out unauthorized visitors, we installed HID card access control. This allowed for secure access to the building, day or night. Our client monitors everyone who enters with access logs, which makes it easier to keep track of activity in case of a security breach.


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