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Phoenix Commercial Security System

Safe and Sound Security is the most trusted business security system installer in the Phoenix metropolitan area. We craft security systems for businesses based on their personalized needs, and dedicate ourselves to the protection of your people, data, and merchandise, specializing in commercial security camera installation, commercial access control installation, and burglar alarm installation. Our security systems are state-of-the-art, bolstered by cutting edge technology such as CCTV video analytics, and we give you cloud based access control, which lets you monitor your premises and adjust access privileges in real time. Our perimeter defender creates an invisible defensive barrier around your business utilizing video camera surveillance and AI, and you can set it so would-be trespassers who trigger the virtual trip-wire prompt alerts which are routed to local authorities. As experienced low voltage contractors, we also provide structured cabling installation, network installation, and other low voltage cabling services to contractors or managers of new construction projects. Our seasoned staff will find the best security solution for businesses of any shape or size.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

You won’t find a more experienced, advanced, and dependable security system service provider in the enterprise sector than Safe and Sound Security. Our broad base of satisfied clients is a testament to our versatility and care for businesses large and small.

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Commercial Security Company in Phoenix

Long heralded as one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, Phoenix, Arizona is now the fifth-largest in the country by population, and a leading power in the finance, insurance, manufacturing, and retail sectors. As a city grows, so too does its potential for crime and social upheaval; it has arguably never been more important to have a robust security system in place to protect your home or place of business, especially in areas of high population density. Safe and Sound Security is here to protect your property, employees, and material goods. Our security systems are designed around your business’s infrastructure while taking utmost precautions to keep out intruders.

Modern problems require modern solutions. To even the odds against increasingly sophisticated criminal activities, Safe and Sound Security utilizes the most up-to-date security technology available. Our CCTV video analytics uses facial recognition and license plate capture software (the same kind used in unmanned toll booths you see on the interstate) to identify trespassers. We replace old fashioned key locks with keycard and biometric access systems to safeguard against simple lockpicking. We also offer cloud-based access control, making it convenient to quickly and easily modify access privileges from the comfort of your mobile devices at home. 

Finally, we provide Phoenix with top shelf structured cabling installation services. Whether you’re constructing a new building from the bottom up or looking to replace old low voltage cabling systems, our contractors will work with you to find the best solution.

Business Security Camera Installation Phoenix

A strong security camera system is one of the most critical buffers between trespassers and your business. For ventures of all sizes, we work with you to put your workplace under a watchful eye, utilizing the latest and greatest in security camera technology and fourteen years’ of accumulated CCTV surveillance camera installation experience. We put the power of surveillance in the palm of your hand with cloud-based mobile options, which allow you to view security camera footage at all times from a secure device. Our CCTV software also comes packaged with video analytics tools and protective features that can elevate your level of security to the heights of science fiction with license plate reading, facial recognition, and more.

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Access Control Installation Phoenix

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We are Phoenix’s go-to provider of access control installations. The first line of defense against unwanted entry, our access control solutions protect your people and your property. We offer the choice of standard key card access systems or biometric readers with two-step authentication; whichever works best for your work environment. Best of all, our systems are scalable, and our smart software allows for fast and easy access management across multiple locations. You can add and remove employees and manage visitors without handing out keys or requesting them back. The best way to protect your assets and reduce liability is monitored access control, a service we’re proud to say Phoenix trusts us to provide.

Commercial Alarm Systems Phoenix

We bring the latest in commercial alarm system technology to the Phoenix metropolitan area with two goals in mind: giving you peace of mind when you close up shop at the end of the day, and designing the alarm system that will best meet your business needs. Our world-class alarm system installers work with you to provide you with the highest quality security coverage no matter the size of your operation. Our systems come with the ability to manage alarms remotely and monitor video from a secure device, and cloud-based access control customization possibilities. You can even set notifications to trigger in the event of a break-in, alerting the authorities automatically. Our commercial alarm systems are a comprehensive security solution.

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Structured Cabling Installation Phoenix

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Safe and Sound Security is a trusted provider of structured cabling for Phoenix-based businesses. Having a reliable telecommunications infrastructure is an absolute necessity in the modern world, especially now that many companies choose to work flexibly between home and the office. Our low voltage cabling contractors will work with you whether you have a new construction project or want to redo an existing building’s network cabling. We strive to save you money while delivering the best solution for your communication needs. We can also install voice and data cabling and fiber optics for your properties in any stage of construction. 

Home Security Installation Phoenix

We take home security installation very seriously in Phoenix, because to us, it’s personal. Our alarm system creates a motion-sensing perimeter around your home when activated, and we also offer door sensors, broken glass detectors, and security cameras. Our home security cameras are made with the same high standard as our business security cameras, and harness the power of AI to detect intruders in real time. As always, our alarm technicians work closely with you to identify your home’s particular security needs, giving you the feeling of comfort and well-being that all of our customers deserve. It’s our top priority to keep you feeling Safe and Sound.

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The Arizona Republic Building, Phoenix - Arizona

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A recent client, this sprawling shopping center in Phoenix, had constant problems with loitering, vehicle theft, vandalism and vagrancy in its parking lot. To combat these liabilities, the owners called Safe and Sound Security to protect its customers and their property with an extensive video surveillance system. 

The major challenge was to create a system that could monitor the entire parking lot without digging up the ground to install cabling. But we found a way. In under a month, our team designed and installed a wireless camera system mounted on the shopping center’s existing light poles. 

Not only did our team set the cameras up without wires, they were also able to install AI software that can differentiate between people, cars and other objects. As a result, fewer incidents have been reported and loitering is down. Now, customers feel safer and encouraged to do more in-store shopping, and employees have noted the mall’s reputation has changed for the better. 


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