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Portland Commercial Security Systems

Ready to upgrade your business’s security system? We’re here to help. The premiere business security system installer, we protect businesses in Portland, Oregon, with top-level security for their merchandise, data, and people. We install security systems for businesses that don’t want to risk the expensive loss of their property, intellectual or otherwise. Our company specializes in commercial security camera installation, commercial access control installation, and burglar alarm installation. As low voltage contractors, we also offer structured cabling installation, network installation, and other low voltage cabling services to contractors and construction firms. Our technology leaves no room for security breaches. Using CCTV video analytics and cloud based access control, we stop unauthorized entry before it has a chance to happen. By creating virtual tripwires, you’ll receive a notification as soon as anyone crosses the perimeter, but you won’t have to handle them because the local authorities will be notified as well. Whether you’re protecting your apartment complex, a warehouse with valuable goods, or office buildings filled with expensive equipment, our systems will provide you peace of mind. 

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

Providing the best security system services for the enterprise sector, Safe and Sound Security knows the landscape better than anyone else. From national level enterprises to local businesses, we’ve helped protect companies of all sizes. 

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Commercial Security Company in Portland

From tech and manufacturing to wholesale trade, Portland, Oregon, has become one of the west coast’s leading cities of industry. To protect the properties and data of the many companies that call the city home, Safe and Sound Security has installed modern security camera technology, access control systems and commercial grade burglar alarms for its clients. Our Portland security system experts can design, build and install an all-inclusive security system to protect your properties and merchandise. With the influx of tech companies over the last decade, security has become an increasing concern for data-rich businesses in Portland. Although many executives fear cybertheft as the  primary threat to intellectual property, many data breaches often come from within. To prevent employees or other people from gaining access to unauthorized offices, Safe and Sound Security installs comprehensive access control systems. These range from standard key card systems to more advanced biometric access control. Our company also installs commercial grade security systems in Portland to protect each business’s perimeter and stop employees from entering unauthorized or dangerous areas. Specializing in comprehensive business security systems and network cabling systems, Safe and Sound is the first choice for local security and structured cabling needs in Portland, Oregon. Protecting commercial properties for over the last decade, we’ve refined our systems to address the problems warehouses, industrial buildings, office spaces, and multi-tenant complexes face from increasingly common security threats. 


Business Security Camera Installation Portland

Safe and Sound Security cameras are designed to protect Portland business facilities from theft and unauthorized entry. We work alongside you to develop the best security camera system for your business, whether it’s a small company or larger enterprise. With over 14 years of experience installing surveillance cameras in Portland, our expert CCTV installers have the knowledge and skill set needed to protect your business. As a technology-forward company, we leverage the newest security camera innovations to protect your company. We offer cloud-based mobile options so you can view your security footage anytime, anywhere using just your mobile device. Our video analytics provide advanced perimeter protection like license plate reading, facial recognition, and more

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Access Control Installation Portland

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We’re trusted across Portland for our access control installation for businesses. Our access control installation experts tailor our systems to fit your business’s needs, custom-built to protect your merchandise, data, people and property. We offer multiple levels of access control systems, including secure entry key card access systems and biometric readers and smart cards. Our systems are scalable and designed to grow as your business expands. Easily customizable, our options allow you to add or remove users, and streamlined software provides simplified visitor management and an intuitive customer experience. As a trusted leader in the Portland access control community, we offer unique access control installation to local properties of all sizes.

Commercial Alarm Systems Portland

The premiere commercial alarm company in Portland, our fully customized commercial alarm systems are designed to prevent theft on every level. Using state-of-the-art technology, our expert alarm system installers design burglar alarm systems with video monitoring and access control to protect commercial facilities. Incorporating technology that provides a seamless user experience and leverages cloud-based mobile capabilities, users can manage alarms and notifications from their phones. Users can set up automatic alerts to authorities in the event of an intrusion. Safe and Sound Security is proud to be one of the top commercial alarm system installers in the Portland area.

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A modern office building in Portland was suffering from an outdated analog security system. To help them update, we installed a digitally-integrated security system that matched the building’s look and feel as well as provided maximum protection for its employees, property, and visitors. We installed new IP-based surveillance cameras to protect the building’s perimeter. With the exterior secured, we then installed indoor security cameras to monitor the hallways and other areas. Now, our client’s security team can monitor the entire building from one location. To cut down on installation costs, our team tapped into the existing power lines and created the most efficient system possible. Our high-def cameras gave the client HD images that allowed for easy identification of anyone captured on video. The final step to securing the building was installing HID card access control. This provided streamlined and secure access 24/7. With door access logs, our client can see whenever an employee enters the building, which helps keep track of business operations and security events. 


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