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Reno Commercial Security Systems

Searching for a business security system installer in Reno? Look no further. We design, build and integrate custom security systems for businesses in Reno that want to protect their employees, property and merchandise. From commercial security camera installation and commercial access control installation to burglar alarm installation, we serve businesses that can’t risk expensive losses or damages. If you’re protecting your business, don’t rely on consumer grade security systems. We install cloud based access control and CCTV video analytics that let you keep an eye on your property at all times from your phone or tablet. As network installation specialists, we also offer low voltage cabling services and structured cabling installation for construction projects and buildings in Reno, Nevada. Our low voltage contractors can solve your communication needs by installing the proper infrastructure for your fiber optics and data. Whether you want to keep your warehouses, employees, and apartment complexes safe from security risks, we’ll design the right system for you.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

Safe and Sound Security knows the anti-theft landscape better than the competitors. Top-rated in Reno, we install high-tech security systems for businesses in Reno and keep them safe.

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Commercial Security Company in Reno

As the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno, Nevada is home to many gaming institutions as well as technology companies. With such an expansive range of high-profit industries, Safe and Sound Security protects businesses’ property and employees with advanced surveillance cameras and access control systems. Our experts in Reno can design, build and install security systems to protect your business, no matter what space it operates within.

Like most major cities, Reno faces its share of crime. High-value businesses need security systems that can stop unauthorized entry and protect the assets and people working on their property. While gaming and tech industries both face different security issues, there is also overlap in the valuable data they’re responsible for.
Offering a range of security systems and network cabling, Safe and Sound Security also provides structured cabling for Reno’s businesses. We’ve spent the last 14 years perfecting our systems to secure properties such as warehouses and office buildings. From surveillance cameras to access control systems and commercial grade burglar alarms, we possess the equipment and know-how to secure any property type. Security threats are no longer the exception. Instead, they are the norm. That’s why we’re here to protect your employees and the property that your business depends on.

Business Security Camera Installation Reno

Want to see what’s happening on your property? Our business security cameras can help. By installing high-def surveillance cameras, you can prevent theft and prosecute criminals who cross the line. Our expert CCTV installers will inspect your property and design your surveillance system based on its layout. Your system will eliminate blind spots and protect every foot of your property, so there’s no chance of criminals getting “lucky.” We use the latest tech to keep your building secure and offer easy-to-use mobile apps. Our cloud based mobile options offer surveillance from your phone, and our video analytics with AI facial recognition and license plate detection help catch criminals, if they’re bold enough to commit a crime.

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Access Control Installation Reno

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Employees only! Keep unwanted visitors off your property with our access control systems. Built to keep your property secure, our systems offer options for every type of business. From standard key card systems and biometric readers, we provide 2-step verification to decrease the risk of security events and keep employee access strict. In addition, we offer smart software for easy visitor management, which keeps an up-to-date log of who has entered and left your buildings. Because all of our systems are scalable, you can install them on one property and use the same software to add them to another location as your business grows.

Commercial Alarm Systems Reno

With comprehensive features including video monitoring and access control, we stop property threats as they occur. Our professional security systems installers build a custom system for your business. You can get as much or as little protection as you need. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 employees or 200. Many of our clients prefer our cloud based mobile access that lets you monitor and manage alarms from your phone. Built from commercial grade equipment, you won’t find our systems on your neighbor’s front porch. These are reserved for high-value businesses that can’t afford to be left vulnerable.

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Structured Cabling Installation Reno

Structured Cabling system

As professional structured cabling installers, we help fortify the communication needs of businesses in Reno. For the last 14 years, we’ve helped companies in Reno upgrade the network installation in their buildings. Want an infrastructure to handle your communications? Want it to work in 10 years? Then call our low voltage contractors. As some of the best in the city, they install voice and data cabling as well as fiber optics for offices, warehouses, new construction projects and more. Don’t slow down your business with faulty network cabling. Keep work flowing smoothly by hiring contractors who will learn the ins and outs of your business and buildings.

Home Security Installation Reno

Intrusions happen within seconds, but the effects can last the rest of your life. Keep your home safe with our home security system design and installation. We design 24/7 home alarms that protect your family with multiple levels of protection. Our systems build a perimeter around your home and detect movement from potential intruders. On top of that, we install broken glass detectors and door sensors that alert you when outsiders are trying to get into your home. Our central monitoring system is also linked to your alarm keypads, triggering an automatic alert in the case of a disturbance. Perhaps most importantly of all, our security cameras capture high-def images in real time with 4K clarity and use AI assistance and facial recognition to identify criminals.

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Due to lack of storage space, a commercial warehouse in Reno needed to relocate to a larger facility. That meant expanding the security system of the new location to protect operations. The warehouse was outfitted with old, legacy cameras, which didn’t provide the clarity or monitoring capabilities they needed. The technology was outdated and the video resolution was grainy, at best. Because industrial spaces are highly vulnerable and the warehouse held expensive merchandise, it needed a monitoring system that could capture every moment in the event a crime occurred.

We installed high definition security cameras at the entrances, office spaces and hallways. In addition, we placed wide-angle cameras in the warehouse to record everything that happened on the floor. To guarantee no area was left uncovered, we installed cameras that let security officers “look” around the warehouse and view the entire site. To save the company money, our team integrated the warehouse’s old cameras and alarms with our technology. As a result, the client has reported less inventory shrinkage, saving profit margins and reducing administrative stress.


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