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San Antonio Commercial Security Systems

Have you ever wondered if your business is truly secure? As trusted business security system installers, we can help you answer that question for good. Safe and Sound Security offers modern security systems for businesses in San Antonio, Texas. We install dynamic security solutions for businesses that aren’t willing to risk the loss of expensive assets, property or valuable data. With over 14 years of experience in the security industry, our company specializes in commercial security camera installation, commercial access control installation, and burglar alarm installation. By incorporating CCTV video analytics and cloud based access control into our systems, we can identify and prevent any unauthorized visitors from entering your business’s property. Our systems include virtual tripwires, which create an invisible perimeter around your buildings, and send out customizable notifications when they’re breached. As low voltage contractors, we also provide low voltage cabling services, structured cabling installation and network installation for construction projects and existing buildings. As San Antonio’s security and cabling professionals, our unique solutions will protect your warehouse, apartment complex, office buildings and other locations from all security threats.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

When it comes to designing security systems for small businesses and enterprises, Safe and Sound Security has the team you can trust. For over 14 years, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes protect their employees, properties and merchandise.

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Commercial Security Company in San Antonio

As one of the busiest cities in the south, San Antonio, Texas is home to many warehouses, retail storage buildings, and office buildings. With a wide variety of industries including technology, cybersecurity and manufacturing, Safe and Sound Security protects San Antonio’s businesses with security cameras, access control systems and commercial grade burglar alarm systems. Our local business security experts know how to design, build and integrate security systems to protect your business, property and employees.

San Antonio also houses a large number of financial services institutions. Companies that manage such valuable data and records need a business security system installer in San Antonio that can stop authorized entry to their buildings and protect that data. For that reason, financial companies should also have a strong commercial security system around their perimeter to detect, monitor and record any unauthorized personnel on site.

With an extensive selection of security solutions and network cabling systems, Safe and Sound Security is San Antonio’s structured cabling company and local security expert. Having spent the last 14 years designing security systems to protect office buildings, retail locations, warehouses and apartment complexes, we know the security landscape like no one else. Our commercial burglar alarm systems, access control solutions and cloud based access control offer high-level protection for your business, employees, merchandise and assets.

Business Security Camera Installation
San Antonio

Want 24/7 video surveillance for your business? Safe and Sound Security has you covered. Our business security cameras keep an eye on your business to prevent theft, observe property damage and catch criminals. Our expert CCTV installers build your surveillance system by evaluating your property and finding its visual weak points. The placement of your cameras will eliminate blind spots and keep every inch of your business safe. As an extra benefit, we offer user-friendly mobile apps and security features. Our cloud based mobile options provide a 24/7 surveillance feed to your phone through a convenient app. The camera systems we use include AI facial recognition and license plate detection to keep criminals accountable and support legal measures if necessary.

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Access Control Installation San Antonio

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Stop security events before they can happen with our access control systems. Built to make your business safer, our access control systems prevent unauthorized visitors from entering your buildings. Unlike traditional locks and keys, our access control systems offer multiple levels of security. You can opt for the standard key card system or choose our popular biometric readers. Both of these access control systems offer 2-step verification to keep your building and employees safe. They also let you add or remove users easily. For visitor management, we offer smart software that logs everyone who enters and leaves your building. These systems are scalable, so if your business expands to another location, you can install and operate them without upgrading or changing the software. We also offer comprehensive access control solutions in Dallas tailored to meet the unique security needs of businesses in this bustling city.

Commercial Alarm Systems San Antonio

No business owner wants to face a burglary. But if it happens, you’ll want to be armed with a commercial alarm system. Our systems grab attention and stop would-be criminals in their tracks. Featuring video monitoring and access control, our custom security systems capture security events in progress and prevent criminals from entering your building. Depending on the size of your business, they can provide as little or as much protection as you need. Many clients enjoy having their security systems at their fingertips. That’s why we offer cloud based mobile access control, which monitors and lets you manage security notifications from your phone. These are not consumer grade systems. Our security solutions are commercial grade and built to withstand duress.

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Structured Cabling Installation San Antonio

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Need structured cabling for your building? Look no further! For the last 14 years, we’ve installed structured cabling for new construction projects and existing buildings in San Antonio. Our low voltage contractors can design and install an infrastructure to handle your communications and make your business operations lightning fast. We install fiber optics as well as voice and data cabling for office buildings, retail businesses and warehouses. To ensure your structured cabling is installed right the first time, our contractors will inspect your building to learn exactly what it needs. As structured cabling experts in San Antonio, we’re proud to be a strategic partner with many businesses in the Great State of Texas, including the vibrant cities of Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

Home Security Installation San Antonio

Keep your home safe day and night. We offer custom home security systems for families living in the San Antonio area. Featuring 24/7 alarm systems, these security solutions keep your family safe and provide the peace of mind you need to get a good night’s rest. Our security systems establish a perimeter around your home and detect all movement. As an extra layer of protection, we also install broken glass detectors and door sensors to alert you when anyone tries to enter your home. We also install high-def surveillance cameras that capture images in real time with 4K clarity. These include AI assistance and facial recognition algorithms to identify criminals and license plates. By combining these elements together, you get a comprehensive security system that will protect your home and everyone in it.

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Project Security System Installation in San Antonio, Texas Building

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Recently the owners of a shopping center in San Antonio contacted our team. Their parking lot had become the site of vehicle damage, theft and vandalism. To protect their customers and employees, they asked us to install a video surveillance system.

The most difficult part of this task was creating a system that could surveill the entire parking lot without digging into the asphalt to install the cabling. Once we evaluated the parking lot, we were able to design and install a wireless camera system. To make it work, we installed the cameras onto the shopping center’s light poles, saving the client the cost and hassle of tearing up their parking lot.

To make prosecuting criminal activity easier, our team installed AI software that can detect the differences between people and cars. As a result of the surveillance system, the owners have reported fewer security events and noticed a drop in the loitering and vandalism. Now, customers feel safe shopping in the mall, business is up, and employees are comfortable leaving their cars in the parking lot for longer shifts.


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