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Seattle Commercial Security Systems

Keep your business safe. If you’re looking for a business security system installer, Safe and Sound Security is here to help. Our teams build and integrate custom security systems for businesses in Seattle that need to protect their employees and merchandise. Offering everything from commercial security camera installation, commercial access control installation and burglar alarm installation, we help businesses minimize security risks. Our systems go beyond consumer grade security and provide superior protection. For business owners who want 24/7 monitoring, we install cloud based access control and CCTV video analytics. As low voltage contractors, we also offer network installation, low voltage cabling services and structured cabling installation for construction projects. Our team can outfit your building with the right infrastructure to handle all of your fiber optics and data. If you need to keep your employees, warehouses, and retail buildings safe, we’ll build a custom security system for you.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial Security System Installation Company.

Top-Rated in Seattle, Safe and Sound Security knows the anti-theft landscape better than anyone else. With over 14 years of experience, we’re equipped to protect businesses of all sizes.

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Commercial Security Company in Seattle

As one of the major cities on the West Coast, Seattle, Washington is home to many tech and global health companies. With so many businesses operating in valuable, data-rich industries, security systems cannot be left to chance. Safe and Sound Security protects property, employees and data with advanced surveillance cameras and access control systems. Our experts in Seattle will build or integrate a security system to protect your business’s assets, no matter what space the industry.

Like many cities, Seattle has been plagued by rising crime rates in recent years. Of course, businesses dealing in data face security risks of a different nature. That’s why we install security systems that can stop unauthorized entry and protect the assets and people working on your property. But we also install burglar alarm systems and video surveillance for many of these businesses as well.

As low voltage contractors, Safe and Sound Security also offers structured cabling for businesses in Seattle. For over 14 years, we’ve been fine tuning our security systems to protect commercial properties like warehouses and office buildings. Not only do we offer surveillance cameras, access control systems and commercial grade burglar alarms, but we also have the security prowess and experience to protect any property. If you want to stop security threats from damaging or destroying the business you built, call Safe and Sound Security.

Business Security Camera Installation Seattle

See what’s happening at your property. Our high-def security cameras let you keep an eye on your business at all times. An excellent deterrent, our surveillance cameras also let you capture the identities of criminals who are foolish enough to try breaking in. Designed by our expert CCTV installers, these systems are built to accommodate your property’s unique layout. Your custom-built surveillance system will eliminate blindspots and protect every square inch of your building. We offer easy-to-use mobile apps for phone surveillance options. Get live streams in the palm of your hand and watch your property in real time. With video analytics, AI facial recognition and license plate detection, you can identify any criminal who crosses the line.

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Access Control Installation Seattle

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Unauthorized visitors are a threat. Keep them out with our access control systems. Designed as an extra layer of protection, our systems make sure authorized employees are the only people who can enter your building. We offer traditional key card systems as well as biometric readers with 2-step verification. These decrease the risk of security breaches and keep entry limited to authorized personnel. Our access control systems also include easy visitor management that keeps a detailed record of every person who has entered or exited your property. Best of all, these systems are scalable, meaning you can easily add them to new locations as your business grows.

Commercial Alarm Systems Seattle

Catch them in the act. Our commercial alarm systems send burglars and other would-be criminals running. With features like video monitoring, access control and burglar alarm systems, our alarm systems keep you fully protected. Our security system installers can design the perfect system for your business. If you have 5 employees or 500, we can help protect you from security threats. Our cloud based mobile access lets you monitor and manage alarms from your phone. Constructed from commercial grade equipment, our systems are superior to consumer grade systems and won’t break down when you need them most. For businesses that need to protect their assets, our commercial alarm systems are a must have.

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Structured Cabling Installation Seattle

Structured Cabling system

Need new infrastructure for communications? We can help. As professional structured cabling installers, we help businesses in Seattle, Washington upgrade their network installation. For over 14 years, we’ve outfitted old buildings and new construction projects with network cabling and network installation. Our low voltage contractors know how to install voice and data cabling for properties like offices, retail buildings, warehouses and more. We also offer a number of other low voltage cabling services. Faulty network cabling can slow down your communications and your business. Don’t let your company get dragged down by poor communication speeds. Stay in touch with your clients using our top-notch network cabling installation.

Home Security Installation Seattle

Keep your family safe. Our home security systems are built with various levels of protection. Offering 24/7 security, our systems capture movement outside your home and detect potential intruders. Broken glass detectors and door sensors trigger alarms when someone outside breaks a window or tries to open your door. The central monitoring system is linked to an alarm keypad, which also alerts you when someone is trying to enter your home. We also offer 4K clarity video surveillance. These cameras are built with AI facial recognition and license plate detection, so you can identify criminals who’ve tried to break into your home. Nothing is more important than family. Keep yours safe with our home security systems.

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Check out our work

This 3-story multi-tenant building in Seattle needed a new security system. The goal was to protect the parking garage, lobby, and the businesses operating on the top 3 floors. To keep the building secure, it needed video surveillance and an access control system to restrict access to tenants and employees.

After our initial inspection of the building, our team installed cloud-based security cameras, wireless alarms and intercoms that let tenants talk to visitors before letting them inside.

To keep people out of unauthorized spaces, we limited access to tenant’s apartments, storefronts, the elevator and parking garage with keycard entry systems. Now, thanks to our design team, the building’s owner has a secure property that grants access to the different groups of people living and working there.

In the end, everyone was happy. The employees and tenants got a safe building and easy access while the management has a property they know is protected from unauthorized entry and provides 24/7 live stream surveillance.


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