LTS Security Authorized Dealer

As a LTS Security Authorized Dealer we provide, install and integrate your LTS cameras to your new or existing security system.

LTS Security Authorized Dealer

As a LTS Security Authorized Dealer we provide, install and integrate your LTS cameras to your new or existing security system.

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Monitor and record your facilities with LTS security cameras.

LTS security systems keep businesses covered with constant surveillance and video footage. With LTS cameras, admins and security staff can remotely monitor buildings, rooms, and outdoor spaces at all times, without having to be onsite. Surveillance systems aid employee regulation and allow admins and staff to detect and respond to incidents. They also reduce liability by providing recorded proof of incidents.

We install LTSs range of top-notch video surveillance and recording devices. Our expert technicians provide LTS camera installation, ensuring optimal configuration and positioning to guarantee the best-quality coverage.

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Authorized LTS Dealer

Guard your valuable property and information with LTSs durable video surveillance systems.

LTSs high-quality video surveillance equipment is carefully designed to consistently meet your businesss security needs. LTS cameras record and store footage of sites at all times, enabling incident detection, discouraging crime, and providing recorded proof in case of disputes or fraudulent lawsuits.

As an authorized LTS dealer, we offer LTSs range of top-notch surveillance cameras, network video recorders, and video surveillance kits, including PTZ cameras and license plate cameras. Our experts will personally select, configure, install, and maintain your LTS security cameras, ensuring your system is optimized to meet the needs of your facility.

LTS Cameras

Supervise your facilities and employees with LTS security cameras.

LTS video surveillance cameras strengthen businesssecurity by deterring crime, preventing employee harassment, and helping admins enforce safety protocols at all times. The ability to monitor locations remotely without traveling to the site can also save admins considerable time and funds.

LTS security cameras are high-quality, weather-proof, and versatile, and many include infrared night vision. LTSs outdoor and indoor camera options include a range of IP and HD-TVI cameras, as well as PTZ and license plate cameras. Our experts will install your LTS cameras to ensure your security system never misses an incident.

LTS PTZ Camera

Direct your video surveillance footage by installing an LTS PTZ camera.

LTS offers a range of high-speed PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras. Admins can control the cameras movements remotely from a network video recorder or PTZ keyboard, adjusting the pan, tilt, and zoom to focus on specific parts of surveillance footage.

This allows admins and staff to respond quickly and efficiently to incidents to maximize the safety of businesses and facilities. Available with or without night vision, LTS PTZ cameras are ideal for monitoring parking lots, schools, security guard kiosks, construction sites, large business centers, and more.

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LTS License Plate Cameras​

Capture clear and accurate license plate images with LTS license plate cameras.

LTS license plate cameras enforce safety by enabling admins to identify who comes and goes on their premises. In case of incidents, admins can easily identify and track down perpetrators if their license plate number is captured on video.

Due to the specialized nature of license plate capturing, admins need specific license plate cameras to consistently get legible footage. Luckily, LTS license plate cameras allow admins to identify vehicles entering and exiting their premises with ease and accuracy. They are ideal for parking lots and structures, entrance and exit points, apartments, and enclosed communities.

Who Should Use LTS Security Cameras?

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LTS Installer

As a trusted LTS installer, Safe and Sound Security provides, installs, and integrates LTS security camera systems for businesses of all sizes. Our installation experts know how to combine high-quality LTS cameras with video surveillance technology to achieve the ideal system for your security needs. We personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, ensuring your LTS system works without a hitch.

LTS Repair

Our dedication to your security doesn’t stop once installation is complete: We continue to offer LTS repair and maintenance services for the rest of your video monitoring system’s lifetime. Whether it’s a small camera setup or a sprawling enterprise network, we have the expertise to keep your LTS system running smoothly and securely.

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