Milestone Software Solutions

Provide unparalleled site safety and transparency to customers, employees, and partners with a package from Milestone Software Solutions. 

Milestone Software Solutions

Provide unparalleled site safety and transparency to customers, employees, and partners with a package from Milestone Software Solutions. 

Milestone Software Solutions

Milestone Systems offer cutting edge security solutions through access control, video monitoring, and cloud-based security systems. With such a system in place, both administrators and verified individuals can monitor locations, regulate system rules, and enter a facility with incredible ease. Crafted with precision engineering and relentless research, there’s little to no competition that can match the unrivaled safety, performance, and reliability of Milestone Security Systems.

Milestone Expert

Guarantee unparalleled safety and security for mid to large scale operations with a Milestone video software system. Milestone Expert is an ideal solution for warehouses, event centers, and stadiums searching for a video management system that seamlessly partners with access control and security alarms. The moderate-sized structure is customizable, scalable, and friendly enough for even the most basic of tech users to manage.

Milestone Expert Benefits

  • Secure and protect the integrity of mid to large scale organizations with Milestone Expert’s user-friendly and reliable VMS software that guarantees footage capture with both traditional and failover servers. The very moment a traditional server experiences issues, the system defaults to a failover server that continues to capture live events and activity.
  • Expand Milestone Expert with an infinite number of security cameras, sensors, and servers to ensure maximum transparency in a secure area. Every device connected to the video management software automatically transfers live footage and metadata to the local server to be viewed in real-time or at a later moment.
  • Safeguard the security of Milestone Expert with advanced role management options that grant permissions to verified individuals. A dual authentication login process ensures that verified individuals may access the VMS system, while unverified and potentially harmful persons are kept out.
  • Provide security personnel with a software that is remarkably easy to navigate and control. Whether browsing through multi-layer maps to switch cameras, hunting for data with a customizable search function, or creating system rules, security professionals can rely on a user-friendly interface that is quick and responsive.
Avigilon Camera cluster

Milestone XProtect Smart Client

Analyze critical system information and captured footage with the seamless integration of Milestone XProtect Smart Client into any Milestone XProtect or Milestone Husky Series. XProtect Smart Client offers countless tools, functions, and operational capabilities to ensure that security professionals can more efficiently monitor and regulate a secure facility.

Milestone XProtect Smart Client Benefits

  • Identify and detect high-risk areas with the use of interactive smart maps that illustrate the camera coverage of a facility. Analyze areas with the help of online maps through Google and Bing, or through customized offline maps with OpenStreetMap.
  • React to incidents faster than ever before with an alarm manager that provides detailed information about current events and incidents. Security professionals can independently playback footage from specified units while continuing to capture footage with other live cameras connected to Milestone XProtect Smart Client.
  • Render high-quality video footage with an accelerated decoding process that operates from the GPU rather than the CPU. The transition from the CPU to GPU allows for quicker image processing and identification, while simultaneously removing the workload for the CPU.
  • Identify the root of security concerns with Smart Client’s Storyboard feature that connects the footage from multiple different streams all into one consistent flow. The advanced playback feature allows security professionals to detect and pinpoint critical events that can be key to legal proceedings.

Milestone XProtect Professional

Augment the security of retail stores, production plants, schools, and libraries with Milestone XProtect Professional. XProtect Professional offers impressive scalability, reliability, and customizability through video management software that can be operated by both tech novices and professionals. Any firm looking to buy Milestone XProtect Professional can count on multi-layer maps, unlimited device connections, and encrypted video recordings to buff their security protocols to a whole new level.

Milestone XProtect Professional Benefits

  • Connect video surveillance footage to metadata to utilize facial recognition, heat maps, GPS location, and more. Metadata connected to video footage can be used to resolve incidents, report crimes, or identify suspicious individuals.
  • Utilize Milestone XProtect Professional’s high-efficiency H.265 compression technology to store video footage more effectively and decrease the cost of storage. The high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) process compresses data into smaller packets that take up less space on physical or cloud-based storage systems.
  • Monitor and control video cameras, security devices, and servers from multiple locations all from one centralized hub. A centralized location can greatly reduce the cost of security personnel, while simultaneously providing more transparency and quicker response times from designated specialists.
  • Safeguard video files and other critical data pieces with optional password protection to prevent video footage from being misused. Milestone XProtect Professional can further be designed to require dual authentication standards, where an active user must be verified by another active user.
cctv heat map for retail

Milestone XProtect Corporate

Protect visitors, customers, and citizens passing through airports, train terminals, and cities with Milestone XProtect CorporateXProtect Corporate offers the most robust and extreme performance of any Milestone VMS product, ensuring that critical data and footage is always captured without any chance of failure. Failover servers, optional smart walls, and connected metadata make XProtect Corporate the perfect solution to dense population monitoring.

Milestone XProtect Corporate Benefits

  • Supplement Milestone XProtect Corporate with a wide variety of add-on products that increase the effectiveness and security of a Milestone Installation. Link additional programs to recognize license plate data, synchronize transactions with video footage, and anonymously record the activity of point-of-sale terminals or Windows PCs.
  • Monitor the safety of wide-scale public areas with the implementation of an XProtect Smart Wall. Milestone XProtect Corporate utilizes the smart canvas to display multiple different video streams onto a connected wall of monitors. With a Smart Wall in place, security professionals can collaboratively analyze incidents and footage to identify more effective solutions.
  • Manage the security protocols for multiple sites and locations by utilizing Milestone Interconnect for XProtect Corporate. Control an unlimited number of servers, cameras, access control devices, and more from a central location that issues commands and regulations that immediately take effect. As more devices are added to the system, hierarchies can be implemented to better organize and control the flow of data from connected cameras and servers.
  • Complement video footage with audio files that provide more transparency to collected files. Audio and video files can be accessed from the Milestone Smart Client, Mobile Client, and Web Client to provide instant access to recorded footage.
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Authorized Milestone Dealers

Any Milestone surveillance system requires installation from a professional reseller or dealer that is trained to implement the software. While there are many competitive dealers that offer training, few offer the level of expertise that Safe and Sound does.

Who Should Use Milestone Systems

How to Implement Milestone VMS

Any Milestone surveillance system requires installation from a professional reseller or dealer that is trained to implement the software. While there are many competitive dealers that offer training, few offer the level of expertise that Safe and Sound does.

Safe and Sound thoroughly trains new clients on how to operate Milestone VMS features and Milestone video analytics to provide greater transparency, security, and reliability to a designated system. Customer success and understanding throughout the process stand as the main goals that Safe and Sound strives for, making it one of the most competitive dealers currently on the market.

Smart Maps

Smart Maps provide 3D diagrams of areas protected by security cameras and devices.

Integration with Access Control

VMS Integration with Access Control allows two-step video verified credentials.

Smart Wall Video Surveillance

Displays multiple surveillance streams onto conjoined monitors to analyze large-scale areas.

License Plate Analytics

Utilize license plate analytics to provide access for verified vehicles while keeping out anonymous vehicles.

Multi Site

Control security cameras and servers from a central location with a Multi Site surveillance system.

Exacqvision vms

Buying and Installing Milestone VMS

Dozens of Milestone dealers promise quality performance, but few provide the quality of experience that Safe and Sound does.

Safe and Sound is a Milestone reseller that ensures white-glove service from the very instant a security engineer arrives at a site, to the moment they finish an installation. Unlike many other Milestone dealers, Safe and Sound guides security professionals through the setup of all security systems, while simultaneously providing training on how to use XProtect software programs and their countless features. Specialized employees can even set up the Milestone XProtect VMS products 2018 r2 system installer, to reduce any confusion that a firm may have when installing a security system.

Milestone Systems Partners

Milestone Systems partners with dozens of other access control and artificial intelligence programs, giving firms the chance to employ new security measures that provide true peace of mind.

Products that Integrate with Milestone

Security Cameras

Access Control





Verkada installer

Milestone Installer

As a trusted Milestone installer, Safe and Sound Security provides, installs, and integrates Milestone VMS software for businesses of all sizes. Our installation experts know how to combine Milestone with compatible high-quality video cameras and other technology to achieve the ideal system for your security needs. We personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, ensuring your Milestone system works without a hitch.

Milestone Repair

Our dedication to your security doesn’t stop once installation is complete: We continue to offer Milestone repair and maintenance services for the rest of your video monitoring system’s lifetime. Whether it’s a small camera setup or a sprawling enterprise network, we have the expertise to keep your Milestone system running smoothly and securely.

Cloudvue repair

Northern California

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milestone software solutions

How to Make the Most of Milestone XProtect

Discover the differences between Milestone XProtect Essential, Express, Professional, Expert & Corporate and find out which version of the Video Management Software is the best for you.

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