An extra set of eyes is helpful for a lot of things, and especially when it comes to monitoring the alarm system of your home or business.

Alarm Monitoring Companies

A home alarm monitoring system connects your burglar alarm system to the police, paramedics, and fire department.  With the best alarm monitoring companies, if an alarm is triggered, or if there’s any kind of emergency situation, the authorities will be alerted almost instantly, shaving minutes off the standard emergency response time. You can rest easy, knowing that help is at the ready.

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Video System Health Monitoring

Our VMS video surveillance health monitoring system keeps track of your surveillance system and sends us an alert if a camera feed goes dead, or if a hard drive fails. By building redundancies into the system, and constantly maintaining the system, a video surveillance and  alarm monitoring company like us can ensure that your security systems won’t ever let you down.

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With the alarm.com app, you’ll take control of a powerful tool to control every aspect of your home security system.

Alarm.com Interactive Service

A comprehensive interface for the networked security systems of your smart home, the alarm.com app is a dedicated, functional, and robust piece of software — you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Turn on a light. Lock your front door. Turn up the AC, or open the garage door, right from your smartphone. With Safe and Sound’s alarm.com app, you’ll be able to do all this, and more. Imagine it – you’re walking the dog, and you suddenly panic. In your haste, you’ve left the front door unlocked and the security system unarmed. Rather than cut the walk short, a resolution is as easy as taking out your smartphone and setting everything right with a few quick taps and swipes.

Painless, dependable, and all but invisible.

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Our alarm.com app does more than just enact instructions. A proactive system, it can be configured to push notifications for anything your sensors can track. Want to know when your kids are home from school, or whether the thermostat’s been changed? Want to experience the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be notified, straight to your smartphone, if your alarm systems are triggered? Our alarm.com has got your back.

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