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Protect your business with Safe and Sound office security systems. Our installers know how to provide the perfect combination of technologies for safe and streamlined office security.

Experience 24/7 peace of mind with Safe and Sound office security systems. Every office needs strong security, whether it’s a small building or a sprawling enterprise with multiple locations. Without a comprehensive office security system, employees, property, customers, and business assets are vulnerable to crime. We provide complete office security, tailored to your unique space.

Office Security Cameras

Monitor and record everything that happens in your office with our top-notch office security cameras. To protect your office from intrusion, theft, and assault, Safe and Sound Security experts create a complete business security solution. We outfit your space with an office security camera system, burglar alarms, and door access control to protect your business day and night.

With over a decade of experience as an office security camera system installer, Safe and Sound is familiar with the security needs of offices across the country. Our experts work to equip you with a surveillance system that targets the specific vulnerabilities of your unique office space. We design indoor and outdoor camera systems to provide complete protection to any business environment.

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As experts in installing all types of commercial cameras — from a small CCTV camera network to a state-of-the-art low-light security camera powerhouse — we understand an office security camera system is a key element in your in business safety. Our office video security systems monitor and record your building premises, while intrusion alarms and access control guarantee only authorized people can access the building.

What You Can Do with Office Security Cameras:

  • Keep an eye on building entrances at all times
  • Deter crime with visible cameras
  • Quickly respond to any break-ins or other events
  • Pair with an intercom system to remotely verify visitors
  • Monitor employees and ensure protocols are in place
  • Gather valuable business analytics for actionable insights
  • Supplement office receptionists
  • Gain recorded proof of every crime that happens
  • Pair with a mobile app for 24/7 remote surveillance
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Cameras and access control provide strong security when integrated together, letting you gain complete control over who enters your business. Our office access control and surveillance systems offer a wide range of features, including 24/7 audit trails that show you a log of all door entry events, complete with time stamps and footage taken by security cameras. Safe and Sound installers provide high-quality cameras and video management software for all your security needs.

We leverage the latest security technology, including cloud-based mobile video monitoring that lets users view live and recorded security footage from a smartphone or web browser. With cloud-based security cameras, you can access office security camera footage from any location, even while off-site. This lets you rest assured your business is always safe. When paired with access control, cloud-based security cameras even allow users to remotely let visitors into the building with a simple swipe on a phone app, after verifying their identity through cameras.

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Office Alarm System

Catch intruders in the act with an office alarm system. Installing an alarm system in your office building helps you keep burglars out, reduce employee theft, stop unauthorized access, trim insurance costs, and prevent shoplifting. No matter the size and layout of your office building, we can provide a wired or wireless panic alarm system for office buildings that is tailored to your unique security needs.

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Safe and Sound experts carefully install and integrate intrusion alarms for optimized functioning. Our sensitive alarms accurately detect intruders, making sure no break-ins or burglaries can occur. With convenient mobile alerts, users can receive automatic phone notifications every time a security breach happens. Users also have the option to send automated alerts to local authorities, so the police can arrive on the scene before the intruder gets away.

We specialize in strategically installing alarm sensors in your building to create a virtual force field. When paired with video cameras, burglar alarms trigger a recording of the entire event every time a break-in is detected. A commercial alarm system with 24/7 alarm monitoring capabilities also adds a layer of protection to your office building, letting you see everything that happens and making sure you never miss an incident. Get in touch with our security alarm experts, and find out why we have a reputation for installing the best office alarm systems on the market.

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What You Can Do with an Office Alarm System:

  • Deter and prevent break-ins
  • Get automatic alerts any time an intrusion is attempted
  • Send instant alerts to local authorities when a crime occurs
  • Add door sensors, glass break detectors, or an alarm keypad
  • Integrate with security cameras and access control
  • Partner with for convenient mobile surveillance

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