Openpath Access Control

We integrate your new or existing security camera and alarm system with the Openpath access control technology stack.

Openpath Access Control

We integrate your new or existing security camera and alarm system with the Openpath access control technology stack.

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Openpath offers a sophisticated approach to access control.  Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or you’re looking to integrate a modern access control system into an existing infrastructure of current card readers and cabling, Openpath access control is a great option.  Openpath is built with multi layered security which means that it features AES 128 bit encryption which guards against cloning, sniffing, and key copying. 

Openpath is disrupting the access control industry with modern styling and intuitive design that offers users an alternative to clunky keycards and key fobs.  Along with it’s user friendly software interface and revolutionary approach to access control credentials, Openpath is one of our favorite picks for 2020.

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Openpath Cloud Based Access Control

Openpath offers cloud based access control allowing you remote access to lock and unlock doors from anywhere.  With Openpath security, your phone gets you in. You can gain access through your mobile phone, touching the reader, tablet, card, fob, or watch app.  It works with bluetooth and cellular so even if the internet is down, the system will still function. 

Using the emergency lock down feature, you can lock any door in an instant.  Reporting allows you to see the activity history of your system at a glance with an easy to use interface. Touch entry will allow the reader to recognize your phone, even if it’s in your pocket offering a hands free way to open your doors.

Openpath Property Management

Openpath allows Property Managers to incorporate legacy technology into a modern interface.  Using their patented triple-unlock technology, Openpath property management solutions provides the fastest mobile unlock solution, sending LTE, bluettooth, and wifi signals simultaneously.  

Whether you’re installing an access control system for your entrance, elevator, garage, or office doors, Openpath gives property managers the ability to seamlessly grant access to their tenants and guests.  Since Openpath offers multiple credential options, property managers can use legacy prox cards and prox fobs along with modern technology like smart cards and mobile credentials.

Openpath Video Management (VMS) Integration

Openpath integrates with Okta, G Suite, and Microsoft Active Directory creating a sync between your access control and identity services. Integration with visitor management systems such as Envoy allows you to automatically add envoy visitors to your Openpath activity logs. You can grant guest access links to visitors to unlock doors at specific times during their visit.

Openpath Video Management Integration connects enterprise Video Management Systems like Milestone to Openpath’s software allowing you to associate doors and entries with cameras. Milestone’s Exprotect Smart Client incorporates Openpath’s activity history natively. Other integrations for Openpath include slack, Microsoft Sheets, Hubspot, Camio, and Rhombus Systems.

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Openpath App

Openpath mobile access gives you the ability to open a door with an app on your phone. The Openpath app give users options to prioritize their most-used doors or opt into two factor authentication. Using the watch app allows you to “touch and go” leaving your phone in your purse or pocket and just touch your watch to open the door.

Granting temporary access is as simple as sending an email or text with an invitation to access the building for a predetermined period of time.  Temporary access users don’t even need to download an app since they just need to click on a web link to open the door.

Who Should Use Openpath Access Control?

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As a trusted Openpath installer, Safe and Sound Security provides, installs, and integrates Openpath access control for businesses of all sizes. Our installation experts know how to combine high-quality Openpath security software and systems to achieve the ideal solution for your business needs. We personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, ensuring your Openpath system works without a hitch.

Openpath Repair

Our dedication to your security doesn’t stop once installation is complete: We continue to offer Openpath repair and maintenance services for the rest of your access control system’s lifetime. Whether it’s a small setup or a sprawling enterprise security system, we have the expertise to keep your Openpath system running smoothly and securely.

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