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Oregon Cannabis Security

Safe and Sound Security offers world-class cannabis security systems and cannabis security consulting in Oregon. With over a decade of experience in planning, customizing and installing security systems, we know how to create cannabis compliant security for dispensaries, grow facilities, and cannabis manufacturers.


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Oregon Cannabis Security Services

On January 1, 2017, recreational cannabis businesses became legal in most Oregon cities, leading to an explosion in the state’s marijuana industry. But before Oregon cannabis businesses can apply for a license, they need an approved security plan. We take care of this by providing world-class Oregon cannabis security services, making sure your security system fully complies with all state and federal security regulations.

Safe and Sound experts are committed to protecting the Beaver State’s cannabis businesses with the best local security plan design and installation. To meet all legal requirements and protect your business, we install high-quality security cameras, door lock systems, and burglar alarm systems. Our installers know how to integrate security equipment to get the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your Oregon business.

Oregon Cannabis Security Plan

We design a complete Oregon cannabis security plan for your unique facility. Thanks to our deep familiarity with state and federal cannabis laws, our security plans are designed to comply with local regulations. Safe and Sound technicians carefully assess your property, then craft the right solution based on the specific challenges of your space. With Safe and Sound seed-to-sale security systems, you can rest assured that your business is safe and compliant, 24/7.

Oregon Cannabis Security Systems

Our Oregon cannabis security systems are designed to give you the highest level of convenience and safety. We help you track your product throughout every stage, from growing to transport to sale. We combine video surveillance, access control, and burglar alarms to keep your facility, products, cash, and employees safe from crime. With a Safe and Sound cannabis security system, you get the most cutting-edge equipment on the market, along with fast and friendly installation. Give us a call today!

Oregon Cannabis Security Compliance

Oregon cannabis laws hold businesses to a strict set of requirements. All Oregon facilities must have commercial-grade door locks on every entrance and window, a complete alarm system, and a video surveillance system with failure notifications and proper video storage methods. We go above and beyond these requirements to give your facility the strong and compliant security it needs. Get in touch today, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about cannabis security compliance in Oregon.

Oregon Cannabis Security Consulting

Get all your questions answered with Safe and Sound Oregon cannabis security consulting. We have over a decade of experience designing and installing end-to-end security systems, so we’re familiar with security laws and practices. Whether you have a dispensary, manufacturing facility, or grow area, we have the expertise to help you get safe and compliant. Our friendly, customer-focused cannabis consulting services make us the go-to for your business.

Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Security Consultant for Cannabis Businesses in Oregon.

When it comes to providing the best security system services for cannabis businesses, no one knows the landscape better than Safe and Sound Security. We’ve worked with venture backed vertically integrated businesses to local dispensaries and everything in between.

mark unterbach

Mark Unterbach

Founder and CEO at Procan Labs

“We used Patrick and his crew for a new multi million dollar facility in Concord. Great service! These guys know what they are doing and understand the industry. The PD was very impressed by their plan and work. I highly recommend them.”

nate hobbs

Nate Hobbs

Compliance Manager at Harborside Inc.

“Safe & Sound Security did a great job of setting up an advanced security system for a 25,000 sq ft cannabis manufacturing facility. Awesome company!”

iggy kogan air20 hvac

Iggy Kogan

Cannabis Cultivation Climate Control Engineer at Air20

“High professionalism from the design to the execution phase. We had a comprehensive security plan executed in our dispensary in an efficient and skilful manner. The proposal was also very reasonably priced.”

thomas ritchie

Thomas Ritchie

Vice President of Development at Manifest 7

“The team at Safe and Sound Security made me feel like they had my back. I can call in anytime with any question – even in an emergency they’ll drop things. The support is second to none.”

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Oregon Cannabis Security Cameras

We install complete systems of Oregon cannabis security cameras that monitor every important area in your business 24/7. In Oregon, cannabis security cameras must capture all areas within 15 feet of entrances and exits, limited access areas, marijuana waste areas, and any other risky locations. We keep your business protected around the clock with high-resolution video cameras, monitoring software, and storage devices. Experience our wide range of security cameras with a free quote and demo!

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cannabis security guard replacement

The Right Equipment For the Job At Hand

Safe and Sound offers a wide range of marijuana security camera solutions, which include tailored CCTV systems, thermal cameras, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, and more. Thanks to our cutting-edge security systems and 10+ years of experience, we can equip any Oregon cannabis facility with the security system it needs.

Where is your Cannabis Facility Located?


Portland Branch

Portland has an impressive array of cannabis businesses, and is gaining more all the time. We protect Portland’s marijuana facilities with the best local security systems. With 24/7 video monitoring, door access control, alerts, and a range of high-tech software, we protect you from theft and help your business succeed. Safeguard your Portland business today with our professional installation and consultation services.


Eugene Branch

When it comes to theft prevention and legal compliance for businesses in Eugene, Oregon, nobody does it better than Safe and Sound. We know local businesses and their unique security needs, and can create a system that will get you licensed and protect your products. Our Eugene experts protect local cannabis facilities of all sizes. Find our why we’re the go-to cannabis security provider for your business!


Medford Branch

The seat of Jackson County, Medford has local cannabis businesses that require the best security systems on the market. We provide all Medford businesses with marijuana security systems that prevent theft, keep out intruders, and record everything that happens in your facility. Our security plans and systems are designed to get your Medford business licensed and secure. Get in touch with our experts to learn more!


Salem Branch

In the heart of Willamette Valley, Salem offers a thriving culture and a range of recreational cannabis facilities. If you have a Salem marijuana business that needs professional security, contact us today. We know how to tailor our systems to the specific challenges local cannabis businesses face. Get in touch with our experts to get maximum security, efficiency, and insight into your Salem business with Safe and Sound.


Bend Branch

We protect all cannabis businesses in Bend and the rest of Deschutes County with high-quality security services. Our Central Oregon installers are familiar with laws on a local, state, and federal level, which is how your Safe and Sound security plan aims to get approved the first time. We work to safeguard every step of your cannabis processes, making sure no product goes missing at any stage.


Beaverton Branch

Located just west of Portland, Beaverton has a range of outdoor attractions, as well as recreational cannabis dispensaries. Our experts protect all Beaverton cannabis businesses. Whether you have a dispensary, grow facility, or manufacturing and distribution center, we can provide compliant security to safeguard your operations. Whether you have a new or existing business, we have the tools to protect your operations and boost your profits.

Customize a Security Solution for Your Cannabis Business

When it comes to providing security consulting and security system installation for cannabis businesses in Oregon, we’ve got you covered at every step. After working with over 100 marijuana businesses across the country, we’re familiar with state and federal cannabis laws, as well as the unique challenges and regulatory compliance issues that Oregon operators face. We protect your business along the entire supply chain, from seed to sale.  

Dispensary Security​

Dispensary security in Oregon is key to protecting local cannabis businesses. Security cameras, burglar alarms, access control to important areas such as dispensary vaults, and point-of-sale security systems all help to prevent crime and inventory shrinkage in your business. We know how to design dispensary security systems and floor plans that comply with Oregon cannabis regulations, enhance customer experience, and harmonize with the aesthetic of your building. Our cannabis consultants have the expertise to outfit any Oregon cannabis dispensary with customized marijuana security.

Cannabis Distributor Security

Oregon cannabis distributors must follow a complex set of requirements. Since distributors store and move cannabis more than anyone else in the supply chain, a fully integrated security solution that incorporates inventory control tracking, point-of-sale integration, and a commitment to synergy with logistics and operations is imperative. We use the latest security technology to protect Oregon cannabis distributors, including RFID integration, video clips tethered to all product activity, and hardened NVRs for transportation security systems to follow product from seed to sale.

Cannabis Manufacturer Security​

Cannabis manufacturers in Oregon have a lot on their plate: they must adhere to state cannabis regulations, plan for the challenges of industrial installation, and navigate the complexity of factories and logistics centers. We collaborate with local experts to develop and execute an Oregon construction security plan that safeguards your product from cultivation to transport. Our technicians are familiar with best practices for cannabis manufacturing security in Oregon, and work to keep your business running without a hitch.

Grow Facility Security​

Oregon grow rooms and outdoor grow areas need top-notch cannabis security systems to protect cultivation at every step. As a favored cannabis security company for Oregon businesses, we understand the challenges faced by cannabis grow areas, including the effects of certain IR lights on plants, and the important link between changing plant heights and camera locations. Whether you have an indoor grow or an outdoor cannabis farm, we have the grow facility security expertise to keep your business protected. Learn what makes us the go-to cannabis security company for grow facilities in Oregon today.

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