Safe and Sound has been California’s most trusted local security company for almost ten years.
With over 10,000 customers, and more signing on every day, we deliver the premiere local service that California has come to depend on.

For us, it’s personal.

Some security companies come off as a little impersonal. Operating on a mega-corporate, national level, they don’t always have the time to make a personal connection with the people they’re protecting. At Safe and Sound, we do things a little differently, and we make it our top priority to always be helpful, available, supportive, and kind in our customer service so that we can keep your household feeling assured, as well as protected.

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With Safe and Sound, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that in case of an emergency, your home, your assets, your family, and even your life will be protected by industry-leading systems, advanced home security camera technology, and a highly trained, constantly vigilant staff. With backups and fail-safes and security systems that are wirelessly networked, you’ll never have to worry.

Meet a Security Expert

Home Security Camera Systems

A home security camera system is the first order of business for any home security configuration. As well as keeping a record of any incident that might happen on your property, you can view real-time live feeds, from anywhere, so you can keep tabs on your home even when you’re away. With some simple software and a smartphone, you can check up on your property on a lunch break or a business trip, so there’ll be no surprises.

Burglar Alarms

Home alarm systems guard against intruders, fire, damage (like broken glass) and more. With constantly monitored systems, and a two-way voice connection straight to our operators from the intercom panel, we can have the appropriate services on their way to your house much more quickly than a standard 911 call in case of an emergency.

Intercoms & Video Surveillance

A wireless doorbell camera and intercom system gives you a safe and secure point of contact for anyone trying to access your property. Don’t open the door blindly! Protect your home entryway with video surveillance from Safe and Sound.

Smart Home

Home automation systems are the next big thing in home security technology. Turn up the air conditioner while you’re still on the bus coming home. Have the doors lock automatically when you leave the driveway. Receive an alert on your phone when your kids get home from school. All this, and more, is easily done with a good home automation system.


At Safe and Sound, we never fail to deliver the absolute best in customer service without ever compromising our quality and our integrity. Work with Safe and Sound today, to configure your home security camera system and video surveillance today.