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The heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose is a beautiful city. The third most populated city in California, it’s a bustling cultural powerhouse, and it’s one of the very wealthiest cities in the world.

With a median home price floating over the million-dollar range, you can’t afford not to protect such a valuable asset. Safe and Sound offers the kind of home and business security San Jose needs. With options for both home and business security systems, Safe and Sound has the technology and services that will keep your assets protected.

Safe and Sound offers only the best in business and home security technologies. With everything from intercoms and doorbell cameras and sound and motion sensors, all the way to networked video surveillance systems, commercial CCTV cameras, and home automation infrastructure, all of it under constant guard from our highly skilled monitoring teams, Safe and Sound is the best local security company in San Jose.

We are fully trained and certified to install your new security infrastructure, and we’ll be there in case of any emergency, from a break-in to a house fire. Always vigilant, we’ll maintain or repair the system in case of any faults, so you’ll never have to worry.

Protect your home today, with the best home security company in San Jose, Santa Clara county, and San Mateo county.