Security Camera Installers

Safe and Sound Security offers world-class security camera systems installed by professional security camera system installers.

Professional Security Camera Installation

Professional security camera system installers carefully select, place and integrate every security system component to ensure smooth operation and compatibility. This assures the security camera system operates as intended to reduce security risks. We have years of experience in planning, customizing and installing comprehensive CCTV systems. We offer IP video surveillance systems, indoor and outdoor camera systems and cutting-edge video analytics. We specialize in designing and installing business security camera systems. Designing a surveillance camera system for a new property can be overwhelming. Our security professionals understand this and take the time to assess your property and learn about your business to address your CCTV installation needs. We design and install a business security camera solution that meets those objectives, and we tweak the system design as your business grows and security needs change.


Our engineering team leverages years of experience to identify security vulnerabilities and design a security camera system that proactively and reactively mitigates these vulnerabilities. We select, install and configure technology to optimize the functionality of the entire security camera system.

White Glove Service

We understand a security camera system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy and we treat it as such. We act as a trusted partner and extension of your business as we design, install, service and monitor your security camera solution.

Large and Localized

As California’s premier commercial and home security company, Safe and Sound Security protects more than 10,000 facilities. Serving our customer extends beyond installing a security camera system. We pride ourselves in being your local security partner, while delivering world-class security solutions.

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Some of Our Customers


Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Commercial CCTV Installation Company.

When it comes to providing the best security camera system services for the enterprise sector, no one knows the landscape better than Safe and Sound Security. We’ve worked with national level enterprises to local businesses and everything in between.

Chandrika Prasad
Chandrika Prasad
19:34 26 Dec 22
Thank you Safe and Sound for employees like Scott Reid! Knowledge, kind, attentive and very understanding of our needs... with our security camera. He exceeded our expectations. He not only fixed the issues with the camera, but assisted with downloading the apps on our phones and making sure that each one was running smoothly. He adjusted all the settings to meet our needs and made sure all our questions were answered. We appreciate your services!!read more
Joe Zavala
Joe Zavala
18:08 03 May 21
I have worked with Patrick, Ami and Zach to install a new security camera system at a homeowners association.
Niranj Patel
Niranj Patel
15:50 03 May 21
Highly Recommended for those people that want clarity in there camera systems the have a great team that works closely... with you we use them for our company i have no negative things about them or there work i will keep using Safe and Sound they are very friendly and respond quickly, some may say they are a little expensive but if you want the quality and long lasting they are the ones that offer it very pleased with there work. I would recommend to anyone looking for security and cameras. very easy to use there systems any questions you may have if you call them they will walk you through it and if you are very computer friendly they can show you with like team viewer, zoom more
Erika Osueke
Erika Osueke
00:55 03 Dec 20
Safe and Sound Security gets the job done! Our company switched from a local provider after too many ongoing issues and... Get Safe and Sound came in and owned the project. They got us up and running in a few days and quickly solved any issues that popped up. They are very efficient, courteous and communicative. We look forward to the long lasting relationship and plan to use them at all our locations!read more
USAN 811
USAN 811
17:57 02 Dec 20
I felt the project went well and the response time was excellent. I don’t have any criticisms . We did have a few... hiccups after the initial install, but those issues were addressed very quickly.Thanks for the great job performed by everyone at Safe and Sound!read more
Board Of Directors
Board Of Directors
18:39 11 Jun 20
As the President of Westgate Park Homeowners Association, I am pleased to say that Safe and Sound put surveillance... cameras in our Association when we had been told for 30 years that it couldn't be done! The homeowners are very pleased and the price was economical; value excellent and overall an outstanding job!read more
Kelvin Jones
Kelvin Jones
20:14 13 Nov 17
Very Happy with all phases of this Company !!
Bill Wygal
Bill Wygal
18:47 13 Nov 17
Safe and Sound has done two systems for us. They have done everything they said they would do and have done it on time.... We appreciate their service and follow more
Ronnie Payne
Ronnie Payne
18:14 13 Nov 17
Safe and sound were very professional, system was setup and running in no time. I would recommend this group over ADT... in a heartbeat and the service has run smoothly since more
Best Roman
Best Roman
19:26 11 Nov 17
Love the response time
Jack Marks
Jack Marks
18:56 11 Nov 17
The work is excellent and the customer support is really good
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Business Security Camera System Solutions

Our CCTV installers assess your unique business needs to determine an optimal design for your business security camera system. Once installed, our professional security camera system installers keep working for you, ensuring your surveillance system always functions properly to deliver maximum security benefits for your business.

  • Continuous monitoring and tracking of every movement. Professionally installed security camera systems keep an eye on activity and eliminate downtime due to improper installation.
  • Extensive video archives for accurate recordings. We offer both on-premise and cloud-based solutions to archive CCTV video footage.
  • New technology integration to provide remote access if desired. Our surveillance camera installers integrate technologies into a business security camera system to enable remote monitoring.
Verkada installer
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Commercial Security Cameras for Your Business

Our security camera system installation experts can provide a wide range of commercial security cameras, depending on the unique needs of your business. We offer the most cutting-edge cameras on the market, as well as VMS and video analytics software to expand the reach of your surveillance system. Whether your goal is loss prevention, performance tracking, or to get rid of violent crime, Safe and Sound security camera installation service providers can help you get it done.

  • Detect and stop crimes: Surveillance cameras keep an eye on your business around the clock, sending alerts any time a crime is detected.
  • Increase the scope of security guards: Combining surveillance camera installation with guards lets each guard view many areas of your business at once.
  • Reduce business liability: Our camera installation service providers ensure you have clear and easily accessible recordings to disprove any false claims.
  • Monitor work progress: Security cameras let you remotely keep an eye on work progress, ensure safety protocols are met, and enforce quality control at all times.

Cloud-Based CCTV Installers

Safe and Sound CCTV installers provide a wide range of high-quality cloud security cameras, combined with innovative cloud-based software. Cloud-based surveillance system installation lets business admins and operators remotely check in on facilities any time, and from any location, using a smartphone app or web browser. Instant alerts also guarantee you never miss a crime.

  • Mobile Credentials: Let employees and visitors enter the building using credentials on their smartphone, eliminating physical keys.
  • Quick Access Sharing: Authorize admins to distribute mobile keys and temporary passes to employees and visitors.
  • Centralized Management: Unify your security system in an easy-to-use platform, accessible from your mobile device.
cloud CCTV installers
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Security Camera System Installation Experts

As a leader among video surveillance companies, we know how to integrate innovative cloud technology into new and existing security systems, ensuring your business is safeguarded against intrusion and theft around the clock. Find out why we’re the go-to company who installs security cameras by getting in touch with our experts today!

CCTV Camera Installation and Integration

Streamline your security system with high-quality security integration from our CCTV camera installation experts. Whether you’re building out a new system or adding to an existing one, our surveillance installers can improve your system with the latest security equipment and software. We offer both wired and wireless security camera installation and integration services. We’re a top choice of security camera system companies, combining surveillance camera installation with intercom systems, smart cards, mobile credentials, burglar alarms, security software, and more. Thanks to our wide range of security systems, including many with open architecture platforms, we are guaranteed to find the ideal solution for your business.

  • Streamline business communication
  • Save money by improving old security systems
  • Protect your business from multiple angles
  • Customize your security system to work for you
  • Simplify security management with VMS and smartphone apps
Security camera installers
smart commercial security camera

Smart CCTV Camera Installers

Experience intelligent business security with our security camera suppliers. Safe and Sound smart security camera systems use cutting-edge video analytics to give your cameras a wide range of extra features. Our CCTV installation services include sophisticated video analytics software that enables cameras to recognize people, objects, vehicles, and license plates. Find out why we’re the right camera system company for your project today.

  • Get Business Insights: Cloud cameras collect valuable information about business trends and customer traffic to aid business decisions.
  • Identify Objects: Advanced object recognition capabilities let cameras tell the difference between people, vehicles, and objects, minimizing false alarms.
  • Recognize Individuals: Cameras with facial recognition catalogue the faces of everyone who enters your business, letting you blacklist individuals who have committed crimes.
  • Create Virtual Boundaries: With line-crossing detection, you can keep out intruders and limit employee access to certain areas by creating restricted zones.

IP Camera Installation

Safe and Sound IP camera installation guarantees crystal clear, high-resolution recording, flexible scalability with your business, and consistent monitoring 24/7. We can integrate a range of features, including remote surveillance from a smartphone app, video verification, and useful business analytics, depending on your requirements. This ensures your IP security camera system safeguards your business with powerful and customized security. Our experts can run IP cameras on your existing network, or if needed, set it up on its own network.

Honeywell IP camera

Problems We Solve For Our Customers

Our goal is to keep your property protected, not to sell you security camera equipment you don’t really need. Safe and Sound Security’s expert security integrators assess your existing surveillance camera system, keep the components that work well and upgrade those that don’t. This keeps your security camera installation costs in check, while safeguarding your security.

Our team of CCTV installation professionals review your floor plan and identify security challenges to configure a system that resolves them. We select the right mix of technology to meet the unique needs of your business. Our experts install, position, focus, and fine-tune the resulting professional security camera installation to ensure optimal protection of your assets well into the future.

Safe and Sound Security’s team of experienced technicians will service or repair your existing security camera system. This security camera service is available immediately 24 hours a day. Local technicians respond quickly to address your security maintenance issues and minimize downtime. Our technicians can install a new IP camera system should yours be beyond repair to eliminate interruptions in service.

Our licensed and experienced IP camera installers will assess your facility to optimize your surveillance camera installation. We will then install, focus, fine-tune, and configure the CCTV cameras correctly to optimize their operation. Our experts will install Ethernet, video or power cabling for the system as necessary. And, should additional technology be needed, we will integrate this technology into the system you purchased.

Access control systems do more than lock and unlock doors. They put real-time information and actionable intelligence at your fingertips. When these entry point systems are paired with a CCTV installation, the integrated solution automatically sends an alert when unauthorized access occurs. Having access to this real-time intelligence data moves a business security system from reactive to proactive.

State, local and federal regulations can impact your business security camera installation. But knowing what these standards are presents an ongoing challenge. Further complicating matters, those mandates differ depending on the business you are in. Our licensed security camera system installers train regularly to stay on top of new and ever-changing regulations to ensure your system always remains in compliance.

When individuals or groups hang around outside your business, it can turn would-be customers away. Employing loitering detection within your video analytics system can keep unwanted elements away. IP camera installations with video analytics scan the scene and send alerts when loitering behavior is detected. This allows you to dispatch security or call police to make loiters move on.

Many businesses need to train a constant eye on cars entering and exiting the premises. Integrating a license plate reader within your security camera system monitors vehicles as they come and go. When the security camera installation detects a blacklisted vehicle, it dispatches an automatic alert, enabling you to call police or security to send the vehicle away.

Face recognition security cameras capture a face image as an individual walks by and checks it against an existing one in a database. Adding face recognition capabilities to your surveillance system enables you to create black list alarms (such as for terrorists, shoplifters and other known offenders), identify authorized personnel, and can provide footage for forensic analysis should an event occur.


Business owners must concern themselves with burglary or break-ins; an empty business represents an open invitation for thieves. A surveillance system installation on your premises keeps criminals at bay by acting as a crime deterrent. Sixty percent of convicted burglars report they look for surveillance cameras when selecting a target to hit. Don’t let your business be one of them.


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