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Security System Consultant Services

Our security consultants expertly conduct assessments to make effective recommendations for all your security challenges. We deliver actionable reports to help every business implement data-driven security solutions.

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Safe and Sound’s Certified Physical Security Experts can identify security gaps and build cost-effective improvement roadmaps for implementing and executing security projects. As industry leaders, our AAA security consulting approach includes Assessments, Audits, and Awareness tools to mitigate physical threats and risk exposure that could seriously impact your organization.


Do you have physical security concerns? We can help. We're able to deliver actionable security assessments onsite or in virtual reality. Our proven methodology identifies risks in your operations to provide you with data-driven insights outlining a robust and cost-effective security action plan.


Do you have a security project coming up? We can help. Our security audits help you determine the compliance status of your systems, identify gaps and vulnerabilities, and outline the best recommendations for current and future improvements.


Do you want to strengthen your organization's security posture? We can help. Safe and Sound can provide virtual or in-person security guidance and training that can be easily tailored to your organization.

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Safe and Sound Security is a top-rated Security Systems Expert

Today, all facilities face a certain level of risk, whether it’s theft of documents, tailgating, or workplace violence. You are responsible for keeping your business safe, but it’s difficult to know where to begin to limit or manage risks. Our effective security consulting services from Safe and Sound are your solution.

We offer specialized security consultation services for retail, education, healthcare, hospitality, and more. Our tailored solutions address industry-specific challenges, from theft prevention in retail to campus safety in education. Contact us today and get a free quotation and expert guidance in safeguarding your business and ensuring peace of mind.

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Protect Your Assets

Physical security consultants help clients identify and implement measures that protect buildings, personnel, and operations from harm. These harms can come from external parties, potential threats, and even accidental damage. The most effective physical security consultants offer clients peace of mind and incorporate information security and technology to create a safe workplace environment.

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Virtual Security Audit

Virtual Audits

Virtual assessments adhere to the same process that onsite assessments follow but with the convenience and efficiency of a digital platform. Virtual assessments are 80% faster and provide data-driven insights outlining a robust, cost-effective security action plan.

Physical Awareness & Training

Virtual or in-person workplace security training for employees can be easily tailored to your organization. Keep your organization secure with robust physical security by complying with operational requirements and industry and local physical security standards.

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Proven Framework

We can help you create a robust security environment with services that include threat assessments, security audits, and due diligence.

Our 5-step proven security consulting framework allows us to:


Initial meeting to connect with our team and identify security challenges. Our security consultant will provide a complimentary PDF meeting summary with a clear action plan.


We use a proprietary method to assess your situation and determine a clear course of action based on industry standards.


Our digital tools enable us to gather, analyze, and collaboratively share information systems so you’re always in the loop.


Our delivery methodology consists of three phases of security: design, development, and deliver. Throughout all phases of the project, we provide regular updates and identify risks and issues.


As a top-rated security integrator, we can provide additional physical security support, from access control systems to security camera installation.

Our Consultant Responsibilities


What is a security consultant?

A security consultant specializes in assessing security needs, designing tailored security management, and providing expert guidance on implementing security measures for homes, businesses, or organizations.

Unlock the power of comprehensive security management tailored to your industry needs! Whether you’re in retail, education, or any other sector, we can be your trusted security consultant, providing expert guidance and cutting-edge technology to safeguard your assets and protect your business.

Request a free quote today and take the first step towards a more secure future!

Why should I hire a security system consultant?

Hiring a security consultant ensures that your company’s security needs are accurately assessed and addressed with new methods and effective security management. 

A master’s degree in computer science, technical and information security certification or job experience, or engineering are the best degrees to look for when hiring consultants.

Cybersecurity consultants have expertise in identifying vulnerabilities, selecting appropriate security technologies, and optimizing security protocols to mitigate security risks effectively.

What is the cost of hiring a security system consultant?

The cost of hiring a security consultant varies depending on factors such as the project’s scope, the complexity of security requirements, and the consultant’s level of expertise. For clear and transparent pricing, you can contact us and request a consultation and quotation.

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Questions To Ask

In most cases, a security consultant can help you evaluate, strengthen, and optimize your organization’s physical security program. But often, when people think of a ‘security consultant,’ they forget that security consultants specialize in many areas, including Information Technology, environmental design, systems integration, security strategies, security risk management, etc.

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