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Security System Integration

We provide professional security system integration to businesses across the country. As security experts with 14+ years working in the field, we are deeply familiar with security equipment and how it fits together. Whether you need security cameras, access control, or alarms, our security integrators can create a tailored system that’s right for your needs.

Security system integration

What Security System Integration Means

Security system integration means simply combining different security equipment to work together, achieving greater efficiency and safety. Commercial security systems must contain various different components to be considered complete, such as burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, access control, and video storage devices. If these components are integrated to work together, they will communicate and share information with one another. This strengthens the entire system, rather than having each component operate independently, which would be inefficient. At Safe and Sound Security, we excel at creating smooth, efficient security systems that use strategic integration to provide maximum security to your business.


An example of integrated security systems is if a company already has one security component — say, a CCTV camera system — and wants to pair it with another component, like burglar alarms. They can choose which brand of alarms they want based on the individual needs of their business, then integrate them into the same system as the cameras. This lets the alarms respond to events captured by the security cameras. Both the cameras and the alarms, plus any other security systems the business decides to add, can be monitored and managed from a central database.


Integrated Security Systems: Why Use Them?

Integrated security systems are essential for your business if you want a system that truly complements your operations and provides efficiency for employees. Any security installer worth their salt should be well-versed in integrating security equipment, since this is crucial to creating a great system. Some security integration benefits include:

Creates Efficiency

Security integrators provide a higher level of efficiency for your business, thanks to the combined efforts of different security equipment working together to protect your business.

Strengthens Security

Integrated security systems protect your business from every angle. When intruders encounter multiple obstacles, they will be much less likely to get away with committing crimes in or near your facility.

Easier Security Management

Many modern security systems can be integrated with smartphone apps and programs for desktop computers. Even when you are away from the business, you can check your CCTV cameras, review access reports, or receive alerts about alarm concerns.

Saves Money

If you want to add to an existing security system, instead of having to buy a whole new all-in-one system, you can just buy the parts that you need and integrate them with your older equipment.

More Customizable System

With an integrated security system, you can choose which brands, types, and models you want for each component of your system, creating a solution that is tailored to your business needs.

Reduce Liability And Fraud

The ability to record everything that happens in your business, get alerts from burglar alarms, and view building access logs, all from the same place, means you can get a complete picture of everything that happens in your business. This makes it much harder for people to get away with fraud and false claims.

Professional Security Systems and Integration Services

We provide the best security integration services for businesses of all sizes. Some integrated systems we provide include security cameras, intercoms, and access control, which allow you to remotely verify visitors through the intercom before pressing a button to unlock the door for them. When security integrators combine security cameras, access control, and video authentication to work together, the result is a streamlined system that provides maximum security and convenience. 

Another common integration is a CCTV system paired with motion detectors, which trigger cameras to record when someone moves in the area during a certain time frame. This saves efficiency and strengthens business security, allowing you to receive alerts every time your system detects suspicious activity. We integrate sophisticated door entry systems, video surveillance, burglar alarms, and more, to make sure no crimes are allowed to happen in your business.

Security System with Smartphone Integration

A Safe and Sound security system with smartphone integration lets you view and manage video footage from a convenient mobile app. This puts commercial security in your pocket, 24/7, allowing you to tune in and make sure everything is safe at any time. Cloud-based smartphone apps let you monitor your business from any location, ensuring you never have to miss an incident. 

security intercom integration

When integrated with commercial intercoms, access control, and security cameras, mobile apps allow business operators to remotely see and speak with visitors at the door using their phone, and remotely unlock doors for authorized people. This is convenient for letting in delivery people, visitors, employees, and anyone else who needs access, while making sure intruders stay out. With mobile credentials, employees can access facilities using just their phones, eliminating the inconvenience and security risk of physical keys.

Integrated Security Systems Solutions:

Live Video Monitoring Services

Integrating live video monitoring services into your security system is a great way to make sure no crimes are missed, and everything that happens get handled correctly. With live video monitoring services, professional security agents monitor video feeds from your business around the clock. When they spot a crime taking place, they can talk down to the perpetrator through speakers, or instantly call law enforcement to get to the scene. Live security professionals know how to deal with any crimes that happen, as they are trained to stop crimes in progress and protect businesses.

GIF verification vs monitoring

Integrating Cameras with Video Analytics

With smart CCTV systems integrated with video analytics, crimes and intrusions that happen on your business property will be recognized by intelligent cameras that gather analytics to track everything on your property, and to accurately tell the difference between people, objects, and tree branches blowing in the wind. This minimizes false alarms that regular CCTV systems could trigger. Combining smart video analytics with monitoring services is a great way to prevent crime on your property, as agents will be alerted every time the cameras detect an intruder. This ensures no incidents are missed, and that agents can always handle the situation or instantly call local authorities to the scene.

Integrated Physical Security System

Access control installation
Access control installation

Integrating physical security such as access control into a CCTV camera and alarm system gives your business an extra layer of security. Door and gate access control ensures nobody can enter your facility except authorized individuals such as employees. With access control and video cameras integrated with VMS, you can see time-stamped access logs of everyone who entered the building, and easily view the event in your stored video footage. This eliminates the need to endlessly search through saved footage to see when someone entered your property.

Link Integrated Security Systems with Video Management

If you want strong commercial security, actionable business insights, and easy security footage management from one location, video management software (VMS) is right for you. Integrating VMS with your business CCTV system lets you easily store, view, and search security camera footage from a web browser or smartphone. We offer VMS systems from leading manufacturers, giving you complete control over your business security.

VMS integration

Integrated Security System vs. Live Guards


A high-quality security system combined with 24/7 live security guards will provide a high level of protection to your business — but the cost of hiring full-time guards can be too steep for many businesses to take on. This is where an integrated security system can help. CCTV cameras combined with intrusion alarms and video monitoring services provide effective commercial security from all angles. While on-site guards may miss incidents, as they can only patrol one area at once, integrated security cameras can provide simultaneous video feeds of all important areas in your business. Security guards also mat not be properly equipped to handle specific situations that may arise, and can be put in danger or incur liability for your company. In cases where this can happen, it’s best to call local authorities as quickly as possible to get law enforcement to the scene. With remote monitoring, smart analytics, and live agents, you can rest assured no crimes will go undetected, without the costs and risks of hiring on-site security guards.

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