Build your smart home from the ground up with the latest products & services from Safe & Sound Security.

California is no stranger to tech innovations, so why not reap some of the benefits for your own home? The smart home, with a fully equipped home automation system, really is the way of the future, so here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor.

Smart Service

With so many home automation companies vying for their place in the smart home market, it can be hard to choose whom to trust. We get that, but at Safe and Sound, we’re confident that we can deliver the products and services that you need, the way you want them, consistently and reliably.

What Exactly Is a Smart Home?

Basically, a “smart home” is actually a number of different systems and devices all networked together to automate or to give you control over various domestic functions. Lights, automated door locks, and thermostats that can be controlled from your smartphone are good examples, but there’s more to it than simple switches.

The Best Smart Home System

A good smart home can be programmed just like a computer, with certain functions triggered at certain times or by certain actions. You might rig your home automation system to lock the doors and arm the security system if you move more than a hundred feet from the front door, or you could set lights to turn on and off around the house every few hours while you’re away on business, to give an observer the impression that the house hasn’t been left empty.

Think a home automation system might be the answer you’re looking for? Check out some of our Security Software Apps for more details!