Security Software Apps

State-of-the-art security software apps allow you to access your home security system or your commercial security system in a variety of ways. Designed for both homes and businesses, security software apps combine video monitoring with physical access control and wireless options. Browse our products below to find the security software app that is the right fit for you.


Gain instant access to video surveillance with the NVMS mobile client software.

NVMS Surveillance App

The NVMS mobile client lets you keep an eye on your home from anywhere. It aggregates your various video surveillance feeds so that you can keep tabs on your home, your assets, or your business, right from your smartphone.

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Live View

Your camera feeds, in real time, right into the palm of your hand. The NVMS software gives you instantaneous access to your video surveillance so you can survey your property as it is at that precise instant, no matter how far away you are. At the office, on a business trip, waiting for a plane in Thailand, or just walking the dog to the park, you can see everything exactly as it is, no exceptions.

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The NVMS mobile client also gives you access to video recordings, uploaded to the cloud. You’ll be able to view the recorded data from a particular day, hour, or moment, whenever you have need of it. You’ll never have to worry about being out of the loop again.

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Doorbell Cam Apps

With Safe and Sound’s doorbell cam apps, you can wirelessly tie in the feed from your front door camera directly to your smartphone.

Doorbell Cam App

Your house needs a wireless doorbell with a surveillance camera and video recording. So long as you’re installing a doorbell, you might as well put it to work for you. And so long as you’re installing a wireless video doorbell, maybe one with intercom functionality, you might as well interface the feed with your smartphone.

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A wireless video doorbell with intercom options lets you see, speak to, and hear your visitors in real time, from anywhere. With comprehensive monitoring services and 24/7 customer service, Safe and Sound can set up your wireless video doorbell the way you need it, and provide the ongoing support you need.

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Safe and Sound works with Holovision and Doorbird for gate entry systems. With our full guarantee, and all of our expertise in installation and ongoing support services, you can trust Safe and Sound to keep your home or business secure and protected.

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