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Safe and Sound Security is the top-rated Verkada Partner, Installer & Dealer

When it comes to providing the best Verkada access control services for the enterprise sector, no one knows the landscape better than Safe and Sound Security. We’ve worked with national level enterprises to local businesses and everything in between.

Erika Osueke
Erika Osueke
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Safe and Sound Security gets the job done! Our company switched from a local provider after too many ongoing issues and Get Safe and Sound came in and owned the project. They got us up and running with our Verkada system in a few days and quickly solved any issues that popped up. They are very efficient, courteous and communicative. We look forward to the long lasting relationship and plan to use them at all our locations!
Niranj Patel
Niranj Patel
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Safe and Sound Security are very friendly and respond quickly, some may say they are a little expensive but if you want the quality and long lasting they are the ones that offer it very pleased with there work. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a Verkada system. It's very easy to use their systems any questions you may have if you call them they will walk you through it and if you are very computer friendly they can show you with tools like team viewer, zoom etc.
Ronnie Payne
Ronnie Payne
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Thank you Safe and Sound for employees like Scott Reid! Knowledge, kind, attentive and very understanding of our needs with our Verkada system. He exceeded our expectations. He not only fixed the issues with our access control, but assisted with downloading the apps on our phones and making sure that each one was running smoothly. He adjusted all the settings to meet our needs and made sure all our questions were answered. We appreciate your services!!

Authorized Verkada Reseller

As a licensed Verkada reseller, Safe and Sound Security offers end-to-end Verkada security systems to protect your property, assets, and data around the clock. We install and integrate easy-to-use access control and monitoring systems that let you secure multiple business areas from one convenient location. Safe and Sound Security installers help you select and buy Verkada security systems, then we install and integrate it in a way that is tailored to your unique facility.

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Buy Verkada

Buy Verkada cloud-based security cameras and access control systems to enjoy real-time visibility across your entire security system. Users can see security incidents from all cameras and locations on one secure device. This lets you keep tabs on your commercial security at all times, quickly respond to any events that happen, and lets you rest assured your business is always in sight. With a Verkada access control system from Safe and Sound, managing business security has never been easier. Once installation is complete, our experts provide thorough training, and continue to maintain and repair your security system over the rest of its lifetime.

Verkada Pricing

A Verkada cloud-based security camera costs between $599 and $1,399, depending on the resolution and zoom capabilities. Cloud licenses are available per camera, with a range of duration options from one year to 10 years. As for access control, a Verkada AC41 door controller costs $1,599, and can connect to up to four doors at once. Door licenses are also available in a range of durations, from annual to every 10 years.

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Verkada Repair

Safe and Sound technicians offer thorough Verkada repair and maintenance services for new and existing systems, to keep your security functioning at the highest level. With over 14 years of experience as a security installation and repair provider, we are deeply familiar with the processes required to optimize your Verkada system. Our expert technicians work with you to identify security challenges, and take targeted action to safeguard your business at all times. We continue to provide Verkada repair and maintenance for the rest of your system’s lifetime once installation is complete.

Verkada vs Hikvision

While Hikvision is an established player in the security camera industry, Verkada is a newer company, founded in 2015. Verkada has not had as much time to establish themselves, but they are continuously expanding and offering new features and functionalities. Verkada offers strong mobile capabilities and cloud features, and higher camera resolution and field of view than Hikvision. However, Hikvision offers more camera configuration options, and wider integrations with third-party equipment. Though Verkada lacks PTZ controls, it comes with a VMS platform, giving it an edge over Hikvision. Get in touch with our security experts today to learn more about which system is right for you.

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Verkada Features:

Live Access Feeds

Verkada’s live access feeds let users monitor activity via a live feed of door access events, see a rolling feed of live security footage taken across facilities, and identify all users entering and exiting business locations.

Motion Plotting

Innovative motion plotting capabilities let users track movement across all sites and view motion across floor plans in real time. Verkada uses heat maps to accurately detect people in your building. Live event previews, video feeds, and historical footage are easily accessible.

Person and Vehicle Analytics

Verkada video analytics recognize every person and vehicle that enters your property, letting you search for people and vehicles using various attributes, such as appearance and car model.

Time Lapse

With Verkada, users can use the time lapse feature to view 24 hours of footage in under 30 seconds. Hourly and daily time lapses are available, along with bounding boxes and threaded thumbnails.

Live Links

Verkada lets users easily share access to building sites and camera footage with other authorized users via a link or SMS. Users can choose the duration of time access is granted, and can easily add, edit, and revoke access rights.

Add Thousands of Devices

Connect thousands of devices to one Verkada platform, creating unified and modern enterprise security. Users can see footage and alerts from all devices in mulitple locations - all from one pane of glass.

Who Should Use Verkada

Government Icon

Monitor the activities of government employees and contractors with video monitoring and access control from Verkada. Prevent unauthorized persons from entering secure facilities, and identify problematic operations.

loss prevention at retail stores

Reduce the amount of loss at retail stores and shopping centers by capturing live footage of visitors and employees. A Verkada system can help identify shoplifters and monitor employees at point-of-sale terminals.


Ensure that construction employees build facilities to standard and code by monitoring their actions with Verkada. Prevent equipment loss and collect video evidence in the case of lawsuits.

Property Managers Icon

Augment the safety of apartment complexes and large office buildings by monitoring the public spaces that tenants and visitors frequent. Verkada video analytics and access control help to prevent unwanted visitors and break-ins.

warehouse security

Survey the daily activities of warehouse operations with Verkada. Prevent potentially harmful situations, identify lost goods, and discover unproductive procedures to improve.

Manufacturing Icon

Analyze the daily operations of manufacturing facilities with video footage collected by Verkada security. Daily monitoring can help identify inefficiencies and detect equipment malfunctions that hinder operational workflow.


Monitor crime hotspots with cameras and devices connected to Verkada VMS software. Dangerous criminals can all be apprehended the very moment they engage in unlawful activity.

Schools Icon

Ensure that educational professionals and school children stay safe with Verkada. Surveillance can identify unlawful behaviors from staff members and recognize potentially life-threatening situations.

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Verkada Demo

Experience Verkada’s range of features and functionalities with a free Verkada demo. Our experts provide comprehensive information about Verkada security systems, helping you discover which system best suits your business needs. We answer your questions and provide security tips and tricks to business owners and managers.



Cloud Based Security Cameras

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Verkada Installer

As a trusted Verkada installer, we offer Verkada products for businesses of all sizes. Our experts personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, carefully ensuring your security system is set up for optimal functioning. With Safe and Sound Verkada installation, your system will work without a hitch.

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