VIVOTEK Installer

Enforce smart surveillance to capture everything that happens in your business, with VIVOTEK. As a licensed VIVOTEK installer, we have 14+ years of experience providing businesses with the best security and surveillance solutions on the market.

VIVOTEK Installer

Enforce smart surveillance to capture everything that happens in your business, with VIVOTEK. As a licensed VIVOTEK installer, we have 14+ years of experience providing businesses with the best security and surveillance solutions on the market.

VIVOTEK Authorized Dealer

As a business owner or manager, you have properties, merchandise, employees, and customers you need to protect from burglary and other crimes. We’re a VIVOTEK authorized dealer that equips businesses of all sizes with smart surveillance systems and video analytics to eliminate crime. Our experts assess your property, then install cutting-edge VIVOTEK camera systems in strategic areas, such as building entrances, checkout areas, parking lots, management offices, storage rooms, and more.

VIVOTEK uses advanced smart technology to help you monitor your business, cutting down on crime and enhancing the effectiveness of your business operations. VIVOTEK analytics software uses data to provide actionable insights, improving operational insights and management. VIVOTEK’s intuitive solutions provide visual counting reports on your business footage, including tables and charts.

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Authorized VIVOTEK Reseller

Safe and Sound VIVOTEK reseller experts provide VIVOTEK network cameras, video servers and receivers, license plate reader cameras, thermal cameras, software, accessories, and more. VIVOTEK’s cloud-based solutions let you access your business security footage from a smartphone or web browser, no matter where you are. We provide cloud-based VIVOTEK cameras that pair with apps to keep you remotely tuned into your security 24/7.

We also provide VIVOTEK video management software to unify your security surveillance. VIVOTEK uses VAST VMS software to manage all its IP surveillance products.

VAST Software Benefits:

VIVOTEK supports hundreds of cameras and stations in a hierarchical system. VIVOTEK monitoring features include dual monitors, 16-channel synchronous playback, and instant replay & playback on live client.

VIVOTEK enables effortless management of monitoring, recording, playback, and event triggers through an intuitive E-map feature.

The VIVOTEK smart engine accurately recognizes people and objects in and around your property. This eliminates false alarms from swaying trees and vehicles, ensuring only intruders trigger events.

VIVOTEK’s VAST Matrix is a video wall solution enabling live-view monitoring of hundreds of cameras.

VIVOTEK’s VCA metadata integration enables the system to accurately employ line crossing detection, loitering detection, field detection, people counting reports, and more.

Additional VIVOTEK features include panoramic PTZ for 360° seamless surveillance, a seamless recording and VCA counting solution, Windows Active Directory integration, logical tree management, web access via Internet Explorer, failover solution, and more.

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We help businesses buy VIVOTEK systems that work smoothly with their operations. Thanks to VIVOTEK’s wide range of security camera options, we can create an end-to-end VIVOTEK surveillance solution for any business, or integrate VIVOTEK systems with third-party equipment, such as a legacy system. To create a comprehensive business security system that establishes a virtual force field around your facility, we combine video surveillance with access control and intrusion alarms. Safe and Sound experts know how to create a streamlined, unified security solution for your business.

Who Should Use VIVOTEK


VIVOTEK reviews highlight the system’s broad range of low-priced security cameras, which are especially well-suited to small-to-medium sized businesses. Thanks to VIVOTEK’s advanced codec technology, users can view and manage all networked cameras via a web browser, and can access VIVOTEK VMS software from any networked computer. VIVOTEK’s state-of-the-art, scalable camera solutions make it a customer favorite.


VIVOTEK pricing varies based on the camera types, number of cameras, size of the system installed, and any added features. Safe and Sound works to provide the best quality of installation and consultation at reasonable prices. Get in touch with our security experts today — we’ll give you a free VIVOTEK quote for your business security, and we’ll help you find out how to create the best security system for your unique needs.

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Experience VIVOTEK’s range of features and functionalities with a free VIVOTEK demo. Our experts provide comprehensive information about VIVOTEK security systems, helping you discover which system best suits your business needs. We answer your questions and provide security tips and tricks to business owners and managers. 

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VIVOTEK Installer

As a trusted VIVOTEK installer, we offer VIVOTEK products for businesses of all sizes. Our experts personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, carefully ensuring your security system is set up for optimal functioning. With Safe and Sound VIVOTEK installation, your system will work without a hitch. 

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We offer thorough VIVOTEK repair and maintenance services for new and existing systems, to keep your security functioning at the highest level. If we install your VIVOTEK system, we continue to provide repair and maintenance for the rest of your security system’s lifetime.

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VIVOTEK vs. Axis

Both VIVOTEK and Axis offer cutting-edge video analytics and clear video monitoring. Axis is an established leader in security systems of the highest quality. Vivotek is a great option for small-to-medium businesses looking for a system that balances outstanding quality with an impressively low price tag. Thanks to its partnership with Trend Micro, VIVOTEK has an extra layer of cybersecurity embedded into its cameras. Axis does not partner with a third-party company for cybersecurity, but it also has a highly-developed cybersecurity program. Get in touch with our security experts to find out which system is right for you!

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