Unlocking Security with UniFi Access Control

UniFi Access Control is an integral part of the Ubiquiti UniFi ecosystem, designed to provide a scalable and comprehensive access control solution. It is built to seamlessly integrate with other UniFi products, offering businesses a unified system for their security needs. With its ability to integrate magnetic locks and electric strikes, this system serves as the first line of defense in safeguarding sensitive areas and assets within a facility.

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What is UniFi Access Control?

UniFi Access Control is developed by Ubiquiti, a company well-known for its high-quality networking products. The Access Control system is a natural extension of the UniFi ecosystem, which includes Wi-Fi networks, video surveillance, and more. This ecosystem, which includes Wi-Fi networks, video surveillance, and more, allows for seamless integration. This means you can manage your access control, door sensors, and Wi-Fi networks from a single device interface, fulfilling a variety of security requests efficiently.

Key Features

UniFi offers an array of features designed to enhance security and ease of management:

  • Scalability: Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, UniFi can scale to fit your needs.
  • Mobile Management: A robust mobile application allows you to control access remotely, offering features like real-time alerts and remote unlocking directly from your phone.
  • Time-based Access: You can set up schedules to allow or restrict access to certain areas based on the time of day or week.
  • Integration with Video Surveillance: Integration with UniFi Protect, the video surveillance solution by Ubiquiti, allows you to pair video footage with access events.
  • Multiple Authentication Methods: From PIN code and NFC card to biometric scans and passwords, UniFi offers multiple ways to authenticate users, adding an extra layer of security.
unifi access control

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of UniFi is its user-friendly interface. The system is managed through the UniFi Controller software, which offers an intuitive dashboard that provides a quick overview of all your UniFi devices, UniFi access card, door sensors, access readers, and access events. You can easily add or remove users, adjust access permissions, set up alerts, and even request for specific door activities, all from one centralized location.

The UniFi mobile app adds another layer of convenience by allowing for remote management of your access control system. Through the app, you can:

  • Receive real-time alerts for access events
  • Remotely unlock doors for guests or employees
  • View live video footage (if integrated with UniFi Protect)
  • Adjust settings and permissions

Security Features

In line with Ubiquiti’s commitment to security, UniFi utilizes advanced encryption standards to ensure data integrity and confidentiality. The system typically employs AES 256-bit encryption, providing a high level of security against unauthorized data access.

UniFi offers multiple authentication methods to maximize security:

  • Card-based Access: Traditional but still effective, especially when used with other methods.
  • PIN Codes: A numeric code can be assigned to each user, providing a basic level of security.
  • Biometric Authentication: High-end models of UniFi offer features like fingerprint or even facial recognition for increased security.

The system also supports multi-factor authentication, allowing you to require two or more methods for entry, thereby adding an extra layer of security.

Integration Capabilities

Compatibility with Other UniFi or Third-Party Systems

One of the major advantages of using UniFi Access is its seamless integration capabilities within the UniFi ecosystem. If you’re already using UniFi networking or UniFi Protect for video surveillance, adding access control to the mix will allow you to manage everything from a unified interface. However, the system is somewhat limited when it comes to third-party integrations, so you may face limitations if you are using non-UniFi hardware or software.


UniFi offers a straightforward pricing model, focusing primarily on one-time hardware purchases rather than ongoing subscription fees. The core components like the UA Hub and Access Reader have upfront costs, which vary based on the specific model and features you choose. While there are no mandatory monthly fees, optional support packages and extended warranties are available for an additional cost.

When compared to other access control solutions, UniFi offers competitive pricing, especially for businesses that are already invested in the UniFi ecosystem. The absence of monthly subscription fees can result in significant long-term savings. However, if you require extensive third-party integrations, you might incur additional costs, making it essential to perform a comprehensive cost analysis based on your specific needs.


Q: Is UniFi suitable for small businesses?

A: Yes, its scalability and ease of use make it a viable option for small to large enterprises.

Q: Are there any recurring costs?

A: While the primary focus is on one-time hardware costs, optional support and extended warranties are available for additional fees.

Q: How secure is UniFi Access Control?

A: With features like AES 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication, UniFi offers robust security measures.

Final Words…

UniFi Access Control offers a robust, scalable, and user-friendly solution for businesses looking to enhance their security infrastructure. Its seamless integration with the UniFi ecosystem allows for a centralized, streamlined approach to security management, while its advanced security features offer peace of mind.

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