ExacqVision Installer

Benefit from the latest VMS functionality with exacqVision video management. As a trusted exacqVision installer, we deal and install an expansive range of exacqVision server products and VMS software for businesses of all sizes.

ExacqVision Installer

Benefit from the latest VMS functionality with exacqVision video management. As a trusted exacqVision installer, we deal and install an expansive range of exacqVision server products and VMS software for businesses of all sizes.


Manufactured by industry leader Exacq, exacqVision is widely used in the educational, corporate, retail and healthcare markets. exacqVision uses cutting-edge technology to provide widely implemented, user-friendly systems. We provide exacqVision troubleshooting, consulting, and installation services.

ExacqVision CCTV

Enjoy the highest level of security and convenience with exacqVision CCTV solutions. Whether you need a small, single-camera systems or a scalable large enterprise network with thousands of cameras, exacqVision has what you need to keep your business monitored.

VMS integration

ExacqVision Reseller

We’re an exacqVision reseller who provides and integrates VMS software and compatible high-quality security cameras. Our experts know how to integrate a monitoring system that achieves exacqVision’s potential for powerful and convenient video monitoring. We provide the exacqVision LC series, exacqVision hybrid NVR systems, and other exacqVision pro VMS security products.

ExacqVision Dealer

Find out how our white-glove service and expert installation makes us your go-to exacqVision dealer. We install and integrate easy-to-use monitoring systems that let you keep an eye on multiple business areas from one secure location.

ExacqVision VMS Products

Easily manage live and recorded video footage via a feature-rich system, with exacqVision VMS products. Our experts install exacqVision web server and software products for business facilities and residential properties of all sizes.

ExacqVision Start is a VMS software for stand-alone installations that allows real-time video and audio monitoring and recording. A perfect solution for smaller applications, exacqVision Start connects to up to 16 analog CCTV cameras and 16 IP cameras per server.

Experience convenient video monitoring with exacqVision Start. Users can view live and recorded video footage from a web browser, smartphone, or tablet. Powerful search capabilities can also be used on a mobile device, to find the exact time-stamped recorded moment you are looking for.

ExacqVision Start offers easy installation and setup, as well as seamless upgrades to exacqVision Professional and Enterprise for expanding businesses.

ExacqVision Start Features:

  • Customizable full-screen exacqVision video wall
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Onscreen motion and alarm event display
  • Instant replay of video and audio events
  • Ability to search time-stamped footage across multiple cameras seamlessly
  • Fish-eye lens support and distortion-free images
  • Pre- and post-alarm recording
  • Constantly expanding functionality with included software updates
  • Cybersecurity features include HTTPS encryption, complex passwords, and user lockout
  • PTZ controls and presets


ExacqVision VMS

ExacqVision VMS provides flexible IP camera integration, as well as using existing CCTV infrastructure that includes analog cameras and coaxial cabling. ExacqVision streamlines video security management for any size of application. Our experts know how to provide and install the ideal exacqVision VMS system for your property. We then continue to maintain your security system for the rest of its lifetime.

Achieve powerful and intuitive video management with exacqVision Professional. Connecting with up to 64 analog and 128 IP cameras, exacqVision Professional is a step up from the exacqVision Start software, with wider integrations and added features. ExacqVision Professional is ideal for larger applications in need of polished and feature-rich video management.

Similarly to exacqVision Start, exacqVision Professional features easy installation and intuitive controls. ExacqVision Professional VMS is compatible with thousands of IP cameras and encoders, as well as video analytics for license plate reading, heat mapping, and exacqVision facial recognition. ExacqVision remote access control capabilities also allow pairing with 20 access control systems.

ExacqVision Professional Features:

  • Minimum and maximum camera specifications retention for each camera
  • Time-lapse recording that saves storage space
  • Ability to archive important video and audio to an exacqVision S-Series storage server or standard NAS device
  • Complete audit trails of who modified the system and when
  • Custom user groups with specific permissions
  • Third-party integrations with access control, analytics, retail, intrusion systems, and more
  • Smart Search accurately detects motion in video footage
  • Email notifications for hardware failures and other system health events
  • ExacqVision Keyboard support enables PTZ controls and faster system navigation
  • Event-driven and time-based video switching
  • Multi-streaming from large numbers of cameras
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Bookmarking permanently saves and labels important video footage
  • Video analytics for license plate recognition, heat mapping, and intrusion detection
  • Data integration from retail and access control systems

Enforce large-scale security with exacqVision Enterprise. ExacqVision Enterprise VMS offers intuitive video management features for large applications such as enterprise businesses. Enterprise retains easy installation, and offers two-way audio, a full-screen customizable video wall, interactive and multi-level mapping, and more.

With the exacqVision Enterprise VMS solution, users can integrate data from retail and access control systems for actionable business insights. Make remote investigations of large amounts of footage easy with Enterprise Manager, an integrated part of exacqVision Enterprise VMS software that enables access of your system health instantly, no matter where you are. Our comprehensive exacqVision mobile solution provides the highest level of cutting-edge video monitoring for large applications.

ExacqVision Enterprise Features:

  • Health dashboard of exacqVision NVRs and attached cameras
  • Video analytics for license plate recognition, heat mapping, and intrusion detection
  • Advanced user role management
  • LDAP/Active Directory to easily manage user access to the system through an existing directory
  • Nested maps for fast navigation of large camera systems 
  • VideoPush allows users to push live cameras to another exacqVision user or public view monitor
  • Camera inspection workflow
  • Case management organizes bookmarked video footage into cases
  • Video can be exported in open-standard video formats or as a self-contained player with tamper protection
  • Multi-Server Administration and single-screen administration across multiple systems
  • Global configuration and monitoring of camera settings across an enterprise
  • Compatible with exacqVision S Series storage connections
  • Powerful thumbnail, timeline, and list search capabilities
  • LDAP and Active Directory integration for standardized network administration
  • Customizable email and text notifications on all servers

Gain easy, integrated access to cloud storage with exacqVision Cloud Drive Storage. ExacqVision remote access through a mobile phone provides modern and secure video management, no matter where you are located. See live and recorded video footage on your smartphone, tablet, or web browser, anytime, anywhere.

ExacqVision Cloud Drive Storage lets users store and search all security camera footage in the cloud, providing the highest level of convenience to property owners and operators. Footage can be retrieved from any device, or users can make copies of important video footage to protect against theft, natural disasters, and other events that could harm your business.

All cloud footage is securely encrypted to ensure complete privacy. Only security operators and managers can access video footage. For businesses operators who want to integrate cloud storage with local storage, our experts know how to provide a complete CCTV video storage solution for every application.

ExacqVision Cloud Benefits:

  • Live and recorded video footage viewing on any device provides modern convenience
  • Cloud storage provides foolproof security encryption 
  • Users can easily search video footage in the cloud, and access advanced search capabilities, via exacqVision Client or the exacqVision mobile app
  • Innovative software accurately identifies people, objects, and vehicles in and around your commercial property
  • Multiple cameras can be configured on one NVR, letting users send video footage to the cloud using one subscription
  • ExacqVision external storage can be combined with cloud storage for a flexible VMS solution

Experience full-featured video recording while saving server and installation costs with exacqVision Edge. An ideal solution for smaller video surveillance systems, exacqVision Edge eliminates servers by running directly on an IP camera and storing video to an SD card in the camera. Edge enables viewing of live and recorded security footage, and the system’s included client software lets users view footage on multiple Edge and server-based recorders at the same time.

ExacqVision Edge is a complete video management system (VMS) software solution that runs directly on an IP camera and stores video to an SD card in the camera. Experience the same powerful features of server-based recording software without the server. View live and recorded video from multiple Edge and server-based recorders simultaneously with the included client software.

Safe and Sound experts install and integrate exacqVision Edge VMS software with high-quality, tailored security systems for small businesses around the country.

ExacqVision Edge Benefits:

  • Easy upgrades allow users to archive more video to an exacqVision S Series network storage device 
  • An ExacqVision Web Service software is included, enabling users to view video footage from a browser, tablet, or smartphone
  • Users can completely pre-configure video system prior to installation, achieving fast deployment by eliminating server installation
  • The entire video recording system stays running, even if one server fails
  • The camera records even when internet networks are down, establishing secure recording 24/7
  • System has independent recording, enabling it to monitor remote server rooms independently of building surveillance recording 
  • Users can remotely monitor low-density locations with low camera counts

Who Should Use ExacqVision

ExacqVision VMS solutions can span from stand-alone, single-camera systems all the way to sprawling enterprise networks. Here’s who should use exacqVision.

How To Implement ExacqVision VMS:

ExacqVision cameras integration allows any exacqVision video management system to pair with IP and analog CCTV camera systems for streamlined video monitoring and management. Our experts provide a wide range of high-quality security cameras that pair with exacqVision software.

H3 – ExacqVision System Requirements
ExacqVision system requirements are broad, allowing a range of applications to use the software. ExacqVision VMS pairs with existing networks in most corporate settings, working with your facility’s IT infrastructure to monitor your business. We are familiar with exacqVision client system requirements, and we know how to set up the ideal system for your needs.

ExacqVision servers come in hybrid and IP options, providing a complete VMS solution that accommodates both analog and IP cameras and encoders. ExacqVision software offers Windows and Linux server compatibility across all systems. ExacqVision camera servers are freely distributed through a client software, and easily accessible on most internet browsers and a free mobile app.

ExacqVision NVR systems pair with thousands of IP camera models to provide top-notch video recording and storage. Our experts provide and install the exacqVision Z series NVR, the exacqVision A Series NVR, exacqVision ELP Series NVRs, the exacqVision IPS 4000 R2 NVR camera server, the exacqVision IP04, and more. We also set up exacqVision Web Server technology, letting users view security footage on a web browser using a local network.

ExacqVision’s free client software is available for Windows, Linux or Macintosh computers — this lets users view and administrate video footage from one or more servers. The servers may be in the same building, or anywhere in the world, thanks to cutting-edge cloud connection. We provide personalized exacqVision remote access setup.

As a qualified exacqVision dealer, we provide flexible security solutions for businesses of all sizes. We pair exacqVision VMS with 1,900+ IP camera models, as well as access control, point-of-sale systems, and smart analytics.

ExacqVision NVR

ExacqVision Installation

Safe and Sound experts provide secure exacqVision installation to your business. Once your installation and exacqVision server setup is complete, we continue to maintain your system over its lifetime.

Exacqvision installation

Products that Integrate with ExacqVision

ExacqVision Compatible Cameras

Buying And Installing ExacqVision

Exacqvision reseller


Offering quick installation and configuration, exacqVision products can be easily set up on a web browser or mobile app. We are familiar with exacqVision installation, and work to provide the best IP camera software solution for your business.

ExacqVision CCTV

We provide top-quality exacqVision CCTV and IP systems, carefully tailored to your business. exacqVision software provides a scalable solution that supports a variety of cameras and coders.

ExacqVision Reseller

As a certified exacqVision reseller, Safe and Sound provides, installs, and integrates exacqVision products for businesses across the country. We integrate your exacqVision system with the most cutting-edge security cameras, access control, and alarm systems available.

ExacqVision Dealer

We’re the right exacqVision dealer for your business. Safe and Sound Security experts offer a wide range of security cameras compatible with exacqVision. We design, integrate, and install the ideal camera system for your application, then we continue to maintain it over its lifetime.

Exacqvision CCTV
Verkada installer

ExacqVision Installer

As a trusted exacqVision installer, we offer exacqVision products for businesses of all sizes. Our experts personally oversee the entire installation and setup process, carefully ensuring your system is set up for optimal functioning. With Safe and Sound exacqVision installation, your system will work without a hitch. 

Cloudvue repair

ExacqVision Repair

Our dedication to your security doesn’t stop once installation is complete: We continue to offer exacqVision repair and maintenance services for the rest of your video monitoring system’s lifetime. Whether it’s a small camera setup or a huge enterprise network, we have the expertise to keep your exacqVision system running smoothly and securely.

Cloudvue repair

Northern California

Southern California



Milestone vs ExacqVision

ExacqVision is known for its strong NVR and IP camera capabilities, and its innovative and easy-to-use systems. Milestone remains a leader in large enterprise solutions, with a wide range of high-end features. No matter your application, Milestone and exacqVision both offer great solutions for video management, with different strengths.


Milestone vs ExacqVision

ExacqVision is known for its strong NVR and IP camera capabilities, and its innovative and easy-to-use systems. Milestone remains a leader in large enterprise solutions, with a wide range of high-end features. No matter your application, Milestone and exacqVision both offer great solutions for video management, with different strengths.

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