Grants for School Security Cameras: How Do They Work?

Security camera grants for schools include several types of funding provided to educational institutions that cover security training and installing and maintaining surveillance systems. 

Here, we have listed some of the most trusted security camera grants for schools, their award amounts, and the costs covered.

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What Are School Security Camera Grants?

Security camera grants for schools provide safety for educational facilities through technology grants that cover security systems and associated costs.

The funding can be used for specialized equipment, alarms, electronic locks, card scanning systems, screening machines, and core infrastructure. They are designed to improve school safety, emergency preparedness, and response at schools for a safe and peaceful learning environment.

This ultimately aids in decreasing the rate of theft and potential threats. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 83% of public schools reportedly use security cameras for access control to monitor the premises.

Across the states, multiple security camera grants for schools are being awarded to improve the safety and security of school facilities. 

Security Camera Grants for Schools

Types of School Safety Grants

Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) 

The NSGP funding program aims to enhance school security measures by providing grants to improve physical security systems and offer safety training for school staff.

FEMA administers these grants to procure various security technologies, including surveillance cameras, cloud-based access control devices, and locking systems. 

With no local cash match required, up to $300 million in total national funding is available for FY2023, distributed to State Administrative Agencies for allocation to eligible nonprofits.

School Violence Prevention Program

The School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) is a federal program supported by the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program. It is a dedicated solicitation for funding schools to improve security on school grounds. 

The School Violence Prevention Programs provide school security camera grants and other funding to schools that need to upgrade and maintain their security systems. This award also helps improve communication between local law enforcement agencies, Federal agencies, and schools. 

As a federal government-level program, the School Violence Prevention Program covers up to 75% of funding for school security measures, including security camera grants. It provides school security improvements and security infrastructure improvements with enhanced technology. 

With security infrastructure improvements, you can coordinate between schools and law enforcement authorities and ask for school safety equipment like metal detectors, school security cameras, scanners, and computerized locks. 

The physical security improvements program awarded roughly $25 million in grant funding for the fiscal year 2019, consisting of a 24-month award up to a maximum of $500,000.

Secure Our Schools Program

The Secure Our Schools Grant Program is another major funding opportunity for schools to strengthen their security and collaboration with law enforcement agencies. It is administered by the Department of Justice, Office of Community-Oriented Policing Services. 

It provides funding to the local government to assist with developing and improving school security systems. The Secure Our Schools Program covers up to 50% of the cost of metal detectors, controlled door locks, and other equipment necessary to deter criminal activity. 

The award also includes school security camera grants. These grant funds can also be used for security training and other measures that could significantly improve school security.

The Secure Our School Program has allocated nearly $65 million to more than 750 law enforcement agencies, which partnered with more than 2,400 schools nationwide to strengthen security.

Students, Teachers, & Officers Prevention (STOP) School Violence

Students, Teachers, and Officers Prevention (STOP) School Violence was inaugurated in 2018. The Stop School Violence Act 2018 has set aside $75 million each fiscal year till 2028, with nearly $50 million for yearly grants. 

It provides funding for targeted violence prevention programs, technology implementation, education on violence prevention, conduction of threat assessment, and specialized training.

Two-thirds of the funding supports violence prevention programs and anonymous reporting technology through the Bureau of Justice Assistance. A third is allocated to school security equipment and technology essential for a safer school security system. 

The STOP School Violence program award can be used to purchase school security cameras and install CCTV systems for advanced security and surveillance within schools.

Michigan State Police Competitive School Safety Grant Program (CSSGP)

In addition to federal grants, local governments, and law enforcement agencies within states also offer school security camera grants. One of the many state grant programs available is the Michigan State Police Competitive School Safety Grant Program (CSSGP), which provides grants to the public schools of Michigan.

Security Camera Grants for Schools

To create supportive school environments, the Michigan legislature provided $10 Million to Michigan State Police and Grants and Community Services to award school security grants to public and immediate school districts. 

This move allowed school officials to enhance safety and security by purchasing technology and equipment. The grant is awarded for system upgrades and also covers security cameras.

This program helps pay for access to control, intercom, alert, public address systems, and more. However, the items do change from year to year.

How to Apply for These Grant Opportunities

Check the Federal Government’s Database

The first step to secure funding is by thoroughly reading and researching Federal grant programs. It is imperative to have a detailed view of their offerings. 

Checking the federal government’s database will give you an insight into the types of grant programs being allocated and a wider range of options. 

Moreover, official websites will provide you with every detail of the grant you seek. However, determine if you fit into an eligible federal grant category. The federal grant programs are most often awarded to organizations that fall under specific categories.

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Reach out to Organizations

Many organizations provide security grants, and most cover the cost of security cameras. You can contact organizations that facilitate such awards if you cannot find a suitable grant in the federal government’s database. 

There may be some grants you are unaware of, so it is important to explore your options and check all available funding opportunities. You can apply to multiple grants if you have checked their eligibility requirements and have yet to be awarded a grant.

Write an Application

Once you have selected the grant(s) to apply for, you must write an application to the concerned authorities. However, there are some specific items for your grant application process. These include:

How do you intend to use the funds?

School resource officers should clearly state how they will utilize the funds. Enlist all the things that require grant funding. Give an outline of your plan for your application to be considered.

How will this fund improve your school security program?

School resource officers should mention the needs of your safety and security system and how you will improve it. 

Mentioning the purchases and upgrades you want to make to improve your security program will appeal more to local education agencies.

Existing school safety infrastructure

Your application must contain the existing school infrastructure to be compared to the upgrades you mentioned. 

Facts and figures from school safety professionals might help you achieve the grants. State everything the school safety infrastructure lacks to show why you need the funds clearly.

Evaluation of the Applicants

School Safety Planning & Efforts

The applications for grant opportunities will be further evaluated based on the efforts of the school community to strengthen and improve its security. Your efforts and steps toward enhancing the security system will be the basis of your selection for the student safety grants.

Management & Implementation Plan

Management and implementation plans count no less than the efforts and planning for the school’s security. Your school community will only be granted funds if your management and implementation plan will be worth it. You must explain how you plan to manage the funds and fulfill your security needs.

Tips on Securing Funding from Programs

  • Look first for grants near you, such as local or state grants. This is particularly important if you have limited resources to reach out for school security funding programs. The amount awarded may nearly equal what you’d receive from a federal program.
  • It’s important to have arrangements in place for staff and employee recruitment both before your application and after you have submitted your proposal. This gives the awarding authorities confidence in your skills to manage large funds and your ability to work well in a team.
  • Before applying for any award, put some effort into increasing physical security and establishing your capabilities. Your school should have a good team that can carry out school safety funding activities.
  • Please be aware of regional preferences regarding federal grants. The award amount should also be considered to ensure it is sufficient to enhance school safety. 


What expenses can school security grants cover?

School safety grants can cover various expenses related to purchasing and installing surveillance equipment, including the cost of cameras, software, installation fees, and training for staff members.

Also, there is a successful grant proposal for student mental health services from state education agencies. Mental health awareness for students, teachers, and administrators is as important as any other security grant.

What are the benefits of applying for school safety grants?

Applying for school safety grants can provide K-12 schools with the financial assistance needed to enhance their security infrastructure.

It can also improve student and staff safety and deter potential threats on campus and school districts.

What is the school safety grant in Texas?

Texas’s latest school safety grant is the School Safety Standards Formula Grant initiative. With $400 million in Federal funding, it aims to enhance school hardening and safety protocol capabilities. 

Developed by the Texas Education Agency, this program assists school districts in meeting new safety requirements and ensuring a safer environment for students and staff. 

In Conclusion 

School safety grants represent a vital resource for enhancing safety measures within educational institutions. 

These safety grants empower schools to bolster security infrastructure and create safer learning environments for students, teachers, and staff by providing funding for installing and maintaining surveillance systems.

However, while grants offer valuable financial assistance, it’s essential for schools to prioritize the ethical and responsible use of surveillance technology, ensuring that privacy concerns are addressed and that policies govern the proper handling of recorded footage.

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