Milestone vs Genetec: Which is Better?

Milestone vs genetec

A recent Verified Market research report projects the Video Management Software (VMS) market will reach $26.24 billion by 2025, growing nearly 24% a year from 2017 to 2025.

The report also lists Milestone Systems and Genetec among the top players in VMS. One cannot go wrong when selecting a VMS from the best of the best. But choosing between two top-rated VMS solutions requires a solid understanding of their differences and how they can meet the needs of your video surveillance system.

In a recent Gartner comparison of Milestone and Genetec VMS, reviewers scored their willingness to recommend Milestone at 85% but put their willingness to recommend Genetec’s product at 75%.

It was Milestone’s ease of use that put users squarely on Milestone’s side. And, while reviewers scored Genetec higher for its scalability and integration, they scored Genetec higher for its customization capabilities and technical support.

Milestone vs Genetec: Is it an Open Architecture Platform?

Open Architecture Platform

When making a comparison of Milestone vs Genetec, it’s important to look at the platform.

Both manufacturers maintain they offer an open architecture platform, a necessary ability when planning to integrate products from third-party vendors in your overall security solution. Open architecture VMS allows this integration through an application programming interface (API). 

Milestone XProtect integrates with over 1,000 provider’s products, while other VMS platforms limit integration opportunities to encourage using their proprietary ancillary products.

While Genetec makes no claims to how many third-party vendors its system integrates with, it maintains that its Omnicast VMS lets users tap into a “constantly evolving ecosystem of technologies” to “choose devices that make sense” for their operation.

Omnicast VMS supports thousands of industry-leading cameras, encoders, sensors, storage equipment, and other security devices.


Genetec Security Assessment Checklist

Assess the current state of your security infrastructure with Genetec solutions.


Milestone vs Genetec: Is the Video Management System Scalable?

Because security needs differ from company to company, security solutions must too. One company may need a video management system for a local security application with a handful of cameras while another may need a VMS for thousands of cameras at several locations.

Whatever the initial size of the system, both Genetec and Milestone realize companies may expand their video surveillance solution over time. Thus, both companies offer scalable VMS that lets companies grow their security system as they grow.

Genetec Omnicast VMS for CCTV

Genetec Omnicast lets companies add devices and technologies over time from a variety of manufacturers. It reports its VMS is modular and scalable. The Genetec VMS comes in four different packages: Compact, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. 

Omnicast Security Center Compact supports up to 25 cameras and provides an easy, “no training required” option for customers with basic video management requirements.

Genetec designed the solution for smaller sites, but it can link to larger systems. The Compact edition offers the same camera integrations available as its Enterprise VMS, so customers can choose the vendors they want and design a system that suits their business.  

Omnicast Standard supports up to 50 cameras and up to five clients, while Genetec’s Omnicast Pro version supports 250 cameras and up to 10 clients, and its Enterprise solution supports an unrestricted number of cameras and clients.

All solutions offer edge recording and archive transfer, motion detection, multi-streaming support, edge storage and a high level of security.

Milestone XProtect VMS for CCTV

Milestone also offers several options of VMS. Its XProtect Essential+ is an entry-level system for small businesses. It supports up to eight cameras. Licensing with this system is free and unrestricted.

For businesses with up to 48 cameras, Milestone also offers XProtect Express+ with maps, alarms and other add-on products.

Milestone’s XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate offer perpetual licensing for an unrestricted number of cameras and devices, unrestricted number of servers, and unrestricted number of users. 

XProtect Professional+ is a VMS version for multi-site companies and includes bookmarking, edge storage and central management. Milestone designed XProtect Expert for large-scale operations requiring end-to-end protection of video integrity.

It offers fail-over management and high protection against cyberattacks. XProtect Corporate provides interrupted access to live and recorded video, a video wall license, evidence lock and a central hub in an interconnected system.

Customer Support After the Sale

Customer Support After the Sale

In a comparison of Milestone vs Genetec, one must also consider their support after the sale.

Gartner reviewers ranked both companies high, putting service and support at 4.3 out of 5 for Milestone and 4.4 out of 5 for Genetec. Reviewers put timeliness of vendor response at 4.4 for Milestone, and 4.3 for Genetec. And they ranked the quality of technical support at 4.6 for Milestone and 4.5 for Genetec.

These reviews demonstrate that both companies support their products well. 

The Genetec Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) gives Genetec Certified Professionals access to phone support from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

The company also offers the GTAC Crisis Response Center, which is available 24/7 to give customers emergency support by email, phone, and even on site.

The company’s engineers and certified partners specialized in rapid response to offer support during catastrophic system failure or cyber-attack. But this support is only available to surveillance systems enrolled in the Genetec Advantage program.

The company also offers the Genetec Technical Assistance Portal (GTAP) to give support information that helps customers troubleshoot and repair their systems.

The GTAP is a secure area where customers can peruse an extensive knowledge base and product documentations, get software downloads, access a customer support forum, or open a support ticket for further assistance. Access to the GTAP is FREE for all Genetec customers and partners. 

Milestone also offers different levels of support, some of which put troubleshooting and repair on the end-user.

Milestone Care Plus provides automatic upgrades and gives customers access to the Milestone Customer Dashboard. Milestone Care Premium gives end-users direct access to a global team of technical support engineers.

Milestone Care Elite creates a dedicated Milestone Technical account and gives customers direct access to Milestone Technical Support 24/7 and a dedicated Milestone Technical Account Manager with knowledge of their installation. 

The company also offers Milestone Trouble Shooting Assistance, a self-help online tool that identifies the causes of issues and guides the user through step-by-step resolutions.


Genetec Security Assessment Checklist

Assess the current state of your security infrastructure with Genetec solutions.

Use an Approved Milestone Partner or Genetec Partner

Both Milestone and Genetec offer excellent VMS options. When comparing Milestone versus Genetec, it’s up to customers to review their specific needs then select the best VMS for their application. 

The next step is to use a qualified Genetec or Milestone partner to install the VMS to make sure it operates as intended. Installers handpick, place and integrate every security system component to make sure the system operates smoothly.

In a market positioned to grow by 24% a year, new companies and new products will enter and leave the industry. Pick a product meant to last. You won’t go wrong with either Genetec or Milestone but knowing their differences will help you make the choice.

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