Brivo vs Openpath: A Comparative Guide (2024)

brivo vs openpath

As property owners, choosing the right access control system is pivotal to your peace of mind. Security threats evolve daily, and picking a system that adapts to change and stands guard is crucial.

Brivo and OpenPath have emerged as frontrunners in this arena, but which one should you entrust with the safety of your domain?

In the Brivo vs Openpath comparison, let’s discover the differences between these titans of security solutions.

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OpenPath & Brivo Access Control Systems Compared

In access control, Brivo and OpenPath represent two of the most progressive systems, each boasting unique strengths.

Brivo’s access control solution is lauded for its extensive experience and comprehensive coverage, offering robust solutions that have been refined over the years.

OpenPath, on the other hand, shines with its modern approach, emphasizing seamless user experience and cutting-edge integrations.

The core of their divergence lies in Brivo’s seasoned network and OpenPath’s forward-thinking connectivity, choosing between tried-and-tested reliability and innovative efficiency.

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Brivo vs OpenPath Access Controls Cheat Sheet

AlarmsComprehensive alarm management and monitoringReal-time alarm notifications and custom responses
Cloud Camera IntegrationIntegrated with multiple camera brands for live and recorded videoSeamless integration with security cameras and video management systems
Cloud-BasedFully cloud-based with remote management capabilitiesTrue cloud-native platform with a user-friendly dashboard
Data ExportExtensive reporting with customizable data export optionsEasy data export with insights and analytics capabilities
Direct SupportDedicated support with extensive training resources24/7 direct support with a focus on user experience
Directory IntegrationsSupports a wide range of directory services for easy user managementAdvanced directory integration with real-time updates
Lockdown FeatureInstant lockdown capabilities from any deviceSmart lockdown feature with customizable triggers
Native Mobile AccessMobile app with remote access and managementSuperior mobile experience with touchless access features
Public APIOpen API for integration with other systems and servicesExtensive public API for flexible system integration
Remote UnlocksRemote unlock feature from web and mobileAdvanced remote unlock with geofencing capabilities
SAML SSO-enabledSSO integration for streamlined user accessAdvanced SSO options with support for multiple providers

Key Differences

Access Control

The core functionality of access control [1] is to provide a secure and convenient way for employees to assign default staff, vendors, and cleaning and maintenance staff to gain access to authorized areas.

Brivo’s system is a bastion of access control, delivering extensive experience with various customization options.

While newer, OpenPath innovates with user-centric features and a sleek interface. When it comes to pure breadth and depth of access features and visitor management, Brivo takes the lead, benefiting from its longevity and established presence in complex security environments.


The hardware battle is a clash of Brivo’s tried-and-true reliability against OpenPath’s modern and sleek designs.

Brivo’s hardware has the advantage of being battle-tested in diverse settings, while OpenPath’s offerings are aesthetically pleasing and integrate the latest technologies.

OpenPath may edge out in terms of a modern approach to hardware, appealing to those seeking a contemporary look and feel.

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Property Management Software Mobile Access

In the realm of mobile access, OpenPath takes the stride with its emphasis on a seamless and frictionless user experience.

Their use of touchless access technology, utilizing a mobile device as a key, showcases their commitment to innovation.

In contrast, Brivo offers robust mobile functionality but with a more traditional approach to legacy access control.

Brivo mobile pass app

Ease of Use

Ease of use is paramount in modern access control systems, and here, OpenPath shines. Their platform is built with user experience at the forefront, making it intuitive for end-users and administrators.

Brivo, while feature-rich, may require a steeper learning curve, giving OpenPath an edge for users seeking straightforward operability. It gives spaces for commercial real estate, property managers, vendor management operators, and software vendors.


Brivo Access Control Installation Checklist

Ensure your Brivo access control system with this comprehensive checklist.

Ease of Installation

Brivo installer

Installation simplicity is another critical factor, and OpenPath has made strides to ensure a smooth deployment process.

With fewer wires and an emphasis on wireless technology, OpenPath’s systems are designed for easier installation than Brivo’s more conventional and sometimes more complex setups. It positions OpenPath as a favorable option for businesses looking for minimal installation disruption.

Cloud-Based Access Control & System Integrations

System enterprise integrations are crucial for extending the functionality of access control, especially cloud-based access control. Brivo’s extensive history in the industry has led to a robust network of integration partners.

You can integrate Brivo with the property management software, booking engine, legacy systems, and business management software (e.g., track rental income, monitor tenant balances, and online payments) you are using.

However, OpenPath’s fresh perspective has yielded a highly adaptable system, designed from the ground up to play well with multiple channels, suggested software ecosystems, HR systems, other financial software, vendor management solutions, bank reconciliations, back office activities, and IoT devices [2].

Openpath access control

Platforms Supported

Both Brivo and OpenPath offer broad email support across platforms of traditional software vendors, ensuring accessibility through various devices.

Brivo’s comprehensive platform support reflects its maturity in the market, ensuring users can interface with the system from multiple endpoints with live support.

OpenPath’s embracement of a mobile-first philosophy provides a slight edge for a workforce increasingly reliant on smartphones for interaction with security systems.

Property Management System & Security

security provider

Security is the cornerstone of both Brivo’s and OpenPath’s offerings. Brivo has a proven track record of robust security measures, leveraging years of experience.

OpenPath, while newer to the scene, employs the latest encryption and security protocols, making it an equal contender in providing peace of mind for those concerned with data breaches and unauthorized access.


Brivo Access Control Installation Checklist

Ensure your Brivo access control system with this comprehensive checklist.

User Interface

The user interface is the gateway through which property managers, administrators, and users interact with the access controls.

OpenPath’s modern, intuitive UI focuses on the user experience, making it particularly appealing to those with a penchant for contemporary design and straightforward usability.

While Brivo’s interface is functional and comprehensive, it may need more polish and intuitiveness than OpenPath offers, which can streamline the day-to-day operations for users.

You can set unlimited rules based on a set schedule, auto-create tasks, provide unlimited phone and email support, create a maintenance request on your vacation rental, or track income on bank accounts.

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Customer Support

Customer support can be the deciding factor in a satisfying user experience. OpenPath is known for its responsive, tech-savvy, industry-leading customer support team, which aligns with its modern technological ethos.

Brivo, with its larger install base and longer tenure, has established a comprehensive support network.

OpenPath may provide quicker resolutions for newer, tech-oriented users, while Brivo maintains a strong appeal for those preferring extensive support resources.


Both Brivo and OpenPath leverage the power of data analytics to inform security decisions and operational efficiency. Brivo offers robust analytics tools, including video surveillance analytics, that benefit from the company’s long-standing experience.

OpenPath, however, provides a more modern analytics dashboard that presents data in a more actionable manner, making it particularly advantageous for decision-makers who rely on real-time data interpretation.

API Access

API access is essential for integrating third-party systems and custom solutions. OpenPath offers a highly flexible and developer-friendly API, catering to businesses looking to customize their access control deeply.

The API can integrate data with your property management system and visitor management solution. Brivo also provides API access but focuses on the stability and security of being an established provider.

You can create a door access control system customized to your business with Brivo hardware and API integration. Companies looking for cutting-edge integration might lean towards OpenPath for its openness and agility.

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Scalability is crucial as businesses grow and their security needs evolve. Brivo’s solutions are scalable, serving clients from small businesses to large enterprises.

OpenPath’s cloud-based infrastructure, however, offers scalability with minimal physical upgrades, appealing to rapidly growing companies that require quick and efficient scaling.


Cost-effective considerations often guide the final decision in choosing an access control system. Brivo’s solutions are competitively priced and backed by years of reliability, which might suit budget-conscious businesses seeking a balance between cost and proven performance.

OpenPath may command a premium for its state-of-the-art features and design-forward approach, positioning it as an attractive option for businesses that prioritize cutting-edge technology and are willing to invest in future-proof infrastructure.

In the long run, most property managers find that the OpenPath system impacts maintenance management and lowers administrative costs.


Brivo Access Control Installation Checklist

Ensure your Brivo access control system with this comprehensive checklist.


Which system offers better integration capabilities, Brivo or OpenPath?

Both Brivo and OpenPath offer robust integration capabilities. Brivo has a wide array of integrations due to its established presence in the market and partnerships.

OpenPath may have the edge for businesses seeking newer, more tech-forward integrations, thanks to its flexible API and commitment to seamless user experience across various platforms.

Is Brivo or OpenPath more scalable for businesses?

OpenPath’s cloud-based infrastructure provides ease of scalability that is well-suited for businesses experiencing rapid growth.

Most property owners and property managers will agree that Brivo is also scalable but may involve more traditional upgrading processes, making OpenPath the go-to for those seeking to scale swiftly and with minimal physical system changes.

In Conclusion

Brivo vs Openpath hinges on aligning your business’s current needs and growth trajectory with the unique offerings of each system.

Whether you prioritize the tried-and-tested support network of Brivo or the agile, tech-forward approach of OpenPath, making an informed choice is paramount.

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