Brivo vs Openpath: Which is Better?

brivo vs openpath

Access control is a crucial part of any business security system. Streamlined, high-quality access control installation simplifies business entry for employees, customers, and visitors, while securing your space against intruders. Brivo and Openpath are two leading access control manufacturers that you may be considering for your business. Both systems use cutting-edge cloud-based technology to enable mobile building access and security management. But how do the two systems stack up, and which one is right for your needs? Keep reading to find out.

Brivo vs Openpath: Is it an Open Architecture Platform?

Both Brivo and Openpath offer an open architecture, which means you can combine these systems with other third-party systems on the market. This results in a more customizable and flexible security system by letting you choose personalized equipment based on your needs. Integrated security systems are useful in a variety of commercial settings, giving businesses more control over security.

Brivo Integration

Brivo’s integrations focus on creating an automated ecosystem for a more pleasant experience entering your business. The Brivo Onair API lets you connect your cloud-based Brivo system to third-party systems, and to view live and recorded footage directly in the Brivo Onair interface. The Brivo API integrates with video systems, elevator control, biometrics, identity management, visitor management, intercom access, multifamily, co-working, HR management, and health and wellness systems. However, Brivo security cameras only integrate with Eagle Eye Networks and exacqVision for video management capabilities. Integrating other security cameras or VMS providers into this system is not possible — to use them, you will have to set them up on a different platform.

Openpath Integration

Openpath access control

If you want to integrate security cameras or VMS into your access control system, Openpath has a wider range of video surveillance integrations options than Brivo — especially if you have specific security cameras you want to incorporate into your system. Openpath integrates with many third-party security manufacturers, including legacy access control, and supports many apps right out of the box. Businesses can integrate Openpath access control with third-party applications using its open API or mobile SDKs. Openpath’s platform integrates with communication, CRM, gym management, identity services, productivity, safety and wellness systems, tenant amenities, video management, and visitor management.

Brivo vs Openpath: Installation

Brivo installer

If you buy a Brivo or Openpath security system, it is usually possible to install it yourself, since these systems contain relatively simple wiring and setup. But for the highest level of safety and the most peace of mind that your security system is functioning the way it should, it is best to hire an authorized security partner for your installation.

Brivo Installation

Brivo access control only requires you to install door control boxes and locks, as well as downloading any mobile apps used with the system. Brivo offers fairly easy installation with an extensive library of manuals available on their website. For businesses that want professional installation, Brivo works with authorized security systems installers to get the job done.

Openpath Installation

Openpath door controllers have minimal wiring for convenient setup, and is compatible with PoE/PoE+ and 12-24V supply. Each Openpath controller supports two smart readers and up to two entries. Openpath smart readers are flush mounted with just an 11mm profile.

Brivo vs Openpath: Mobile App

Brivo and Openpath both offer cloud-based mobile apps with mobile unlocking capabilities. Mobile credentials provide convenience to your business by streamlining employee access, eliminating lost keys, and providing easy user management from a smartphone or web browser.

Brivo Mobile Pass

Brivo mobile pass app

Brivo’s app for mobile building access is the Brivo Mobile Pass, compatible with Brivo’s cloud-based access control platform. Admins can email mobile passes to users, allowing them to enter restricted areas with their smartphone. Brivo users must have the app open on their smartphone and hold it up to the panel in order to gain access, unless Bluetooth-enabled readers are purchased. The Brivo MobilePass app gets a 4.1 in customer reviews in the Apple app store.

Brivo Onair

Brivo also offers the Brivo Onair app, which lets administrators remotely manage their cloud-based Brivo Onair system from a mobile device or web browser. Brivo Onair gets a 4.4 in app store reviews, and lets app users:

  • View live and recorded video footage
  • Manage multiple sites
  • See activity logs
  • Remotely Unlock doors
  • Easily manage and add users

Openpath Mobile Access

The Openpath Mobile Access app lets users access doors using their smartphone, via Bluetooth, Wifi, and LTE capabilities. Users can receive email links to easily get mobile credentials. Customers appreciate Openpath’s feature-rich readers, which support hands-free wave access, apps on various devices, encrypted keycards, fobs, and Cloud Key access, all from one platform. Unlike Brivo, Openpath offers touch-free motion activated access without requiring an additional purchase of Bluetooth capabilities. Admins can also use the app to manage business security remotely from their smartphone. Openpath Mobile Access gets a 4.3 in Apple app store customer reviews.

Use an Approved Brivo Partner or Openpath Partner

security provider

Brivo and Openpath are both great options for commercial access control, but getting thoroughly informed about each system will help you make the best choice for your unique business. If you want to learn more about which access control system is right for you, it’s best to use the services of an aproved Brivo or Openpath partner. Security professionals can examine your business to help you determine the best system for your facility.

For the best security installation and consultation services, get in touch with our authorized security system installers and consultants. Safe and Sound experts handpick, install, and integrate Brivo and Openpath systems to give your business the highest level of security and convenience.

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