RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System

The RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System is a reliable solution for parents to track the location of their children on bus rides. This is possible with a GPS module. An RFID card is built into the system and is used to identify the child. As the child boards the bus, the RFID tag is located by the reader present in the bus. The system notifies the parents about the location via text message. It therefore helps parents keep tabs on their child’s safety.
School buses play an essential role in safely carrying children to and from educational facilities. Here we will elaborate safety with respect to school buses to enhance transportation in a protected and secure way.

The Different Parts of a School Bus Security System

RFID Based School Bus Tracking

RFID Based School Bus Tracking facilitates you in ensuring the safety of your child. When your child boards the bus, the RFID Based School Bus Tracking System will notify you via text message. You will also get notified when your child enters and leaves school. Furthermore, the bus is constantly being monitored, and the authorities take immediate action in case of unusual or undesirable circumstances. This all-in-one GPS tracking system allows parents and schools to gain visibility into the security of school buses along with their arrival and departure times. It notifies you about every stop along the route and alerts you if buses are running late.

School Bus Surveillance Cameras

School Bus Surveillance Cameras play a vital role in keeping the bus safe from accidents. Enhanced security is a result of the School Bus Surveillance Cameras using a GPS module. To do so, these cameras help monitor traffic in and around the vehicle, both front and back. They use a total of eight cameras. These include side-view cameras, rearview cameras, backup cameras, people counting cameras, and dome cameras. Moreover, they supervise the driver’s performance on the road as well as behavior towards the passengers.

For additional safety, School Bus Surveillance Cameras provide a multi-angle view of the inside of the bus as well as the outside. You can know the number of people boarding and exiting the bus. The instance of forgetting kids on the bus is one of the critical issues most bus services face. If your child is left on the bus accidentally, or the driver fails to evacuate the bus entirely, the surveillance cameras detect the child and induce alarms. The alarms indicate that the bus is not empty, and the driver is alerted to check the situation and resolve the matter promptly.

School Bus Panic Button

Despite the care and other security measures in place, emergencies can occur due to unavoidable circumstances. The RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System contains a School Bus Panic Button for emergencies. Although both inside and outside monitoring cameras are available to avoid accidents, if the vehicle still meets with an accident or faces an undesirable situation, the school bus panic button is there to help. The button connects the driver to the person on the other side via the School Bus Intercom System.

School Bus Intercom System

The RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System also houses an intercom setup that enables the driver to initiate two-way communication. It is preferred in the case of accident-related emergencies or disaster situations. Through such means, the driver can let the authorities know about the mishap the vehicle has encountered and ask for assistance if required. Through such a robust mechanism, the central management is notified right at the minute of any mishap that has occurred and takes immediate action. The school bus intercom system makes sure your child rides back to you as safe as possible.

School Bus DVR NVR: On-Board Video Storage

To ensure a smooth, comfortable, and guarded journey, the RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System uses video surveillance systems onboard the vehicle. This is made possible by pairing camera systems with DVRs or NVRs. The connection allows the driver to view all the video footage from the cameras on a single screen, and it also enables video storage. Using such technology, the driver can detect any mishap happening inside or outside of the bus. It also enables the driver to drive safely on the road with a wider view.

PIR Motion Sensor

RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security Systems use a PIR motion sensor. The passive motion sensor detects and measures infrared radiations from objects in its field of view. It enables the driver to keep track of other vehicles and objects on the road. It is used in security alarms of the bus. The PIR Motion Sensor ensures a safe drive for the driver and passengers.

What Can Be Done With RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System?

Identify The Child That Boarded The Bus and Notify Parent With a Text Message

The RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System identifies the child as soon as he or she boards the bus. After doing so, the system notifies the parent via text message that their child has boarded the bus safely. During such times, it reports to parents about every move of the bus, so they don’t have to worry about their child’s safety.

Alert Central Management of Drivers That Are Speeding

In an RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System, drivers are constantly monitored by central management. If the driver exceeds the speed limit, central management immediately alerts the driver to slow down. It ensures that the vehicle is always under control.

Communication Between Drivers and Central Management

One aspect that makes the RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System the best and most reliable option is that central management is constantly in touch with the driver. As soon as they detect an anomaly, for example, a child left on the bus, they immediately inform the driver. In this way, there is no space for negligence. Communication is key, and the RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System makes sure the driver is connected with the authorities throughout the ride.

Alert Authorities of Traffic Violators

In addition to vehicles and obstruction, the system also monitors traffic. Fixed cameras allow for both indoor and outdoor views. It helps to ensure authorities are informed as soon as there is any violation of traffic rules, thus preventing a major incident at the onset.

Alert Drivers of Children That Are Accidently Left on the Bus

Central management is constantly monitoring drivers and vehicles. If any child stays on the bus, the siren sounds, indicating that the bus is still carrying a passenger. If the driver fails to recognize this indication, he is approached by central management. Through such systematic procedures, the RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System makes sure your child reaches you, safe and sound.

Use Cameras to Monitor Traffic Around School Bus

RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security Systems use multiple cameras for security. Cameras are located both inside and outside the vehicle. The driver can view the traffic around the school bus from the cameras located outside the bus. It reduces the risk of accidents occurring due to lack of visibility or hazard perception.

Supervise Driver Behavior

Cameras inside the school bus give a clear view of the driver and passengers. Driver training is an integral part of ensuring bus safety. However, as with any other factor, it is critical to monitor both the behavior and driving of bus drivers to maintain optimum security for everyone on board. Central management can directly supervise the behavior of the driver from the internal cameras to ensure the safety of children. It is equally important to monitor passenger behavior and ensure no one causes disturbance or harm to others on the ride.

Count People that Board the Bus

RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security Systems use a dual-lens camera to count everyone on board the bus at a particular time. Cameras inside school buses show how many people have boarded the bus. This way, the driver can keep track of people boarding and leaving the bus.

Video Backup Via Wifi Automatically

In an RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System, cameras automatically back up the video footage once connected to Wi-Fi. As the footage is available all the time and safe from loss, it ensures convenient tracking of bus rides. All the data is available and backed up through a Wi-Fi connection.

GIS Application: Manage the Security Devices Centrally

Through the GIS Application, the security devices are managed by central management. It minimizes the risk of negligence. All the security devices are in control by central management to ensure the security of the bus and its passengers.

Track School Bus Location

If you want to track the location of your child through your phone, the RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System will provide you with the exact location of the school bus and its whereabouts. From the time your child boards the bus until reaching back home safely, you will know what is happening on the route.

For further assistance, this system uses several alarms that include deviation alarms and boundary-crossing alarms. These alarms are primarily used for quality control. The deviation ranges can be pre-set on the GIS map. If the school bus diverges from its route or changes its daily route, mobile NVR will report to the monitoring center with an alarm message. In this way, you can keep an eye on the route of the bus and the track it follows.


The RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security System provides safe and secure travel for your child. It notifies you about every activity and lets you know the exact location of the bus at any time. Central management is monitoring the bus throughout service, adding enhanced security.

From the driver to the passenger, everyone is under supervision. Hazards such as driving under the influence and over speeding are easily monitored. This system uses multiple cameras and alarms for the safe travel of your child. If at any instance, you feel that your child is in danger, you can retrieve the location from your mobile phone or talk to the driver.

In modern times, all we need is the security of lives and particularly, our children’s. Accidents happen all the time. A parent can perform several checks to make his or her child safe at home. But children today need to leave their homes for distinct reasons. For maximum reliability and supervised bus travel, you can count on RFID Based School Bus Tracking and Security Systems.

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