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The need for security cameras has drastically increased over the years. Modern surveillance systems are in high demand today. Be it schools, supermarkets, stores, offices, shops or other locations, enhanced security has become an essential. When talking about security cameras, a great option for businesses and organizations is none other than the Verkada video and surveillance system. 

Verkada is a California-based company known for developing cloud-based security systems. It combines different security equipment such as video surveillance, control systems and environmental sensors with artificial intelligence and cloud-based machine vision. Verkada security cameras are a great solution for places that require panoramic monitoring in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

verkada pricing

Verkada offers four types of solutions that have a mobile command center application built into the system for alerts and notifications. Each camera within the system comprises simple and effective software to offer high-definition applications. Let’s look deeper into the different models of Verkada security cameras and see which ones are the most popular in terms of Verkada pricing.

Verkada Camera Pricing

Verkada camera pricing might be slightly higher than other cameras available in the market. More than half of the products start from $799. The price goes up based on the duration of storage for recorded footage. However, there may be chances for you to find some great cameras at a Verkada camera cost of $500. One advantage that Verkada has over other companies is that it provides a 30-day free trial for you to choose what model suits your requirements. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular and effective Verkada camera products as well as Verkada pricing and features. If you’re looking for a comprehensive security solution for your facility or location, check out this exclusive Verkada camera cost list.

Top Verkada Cameras

Verkada’s camera solutions include four types of cameras:

Dome cameras

Bullet cameras

Mini cameras 

Fish-eye cameras

CD31 Dome – $599

The Verkada CD31 Dome entails a 2 megapixel (2 MP) image resolution, a 128-degree diagonal field of view and 15 meter IR range. It is known for its intelligent edge-based video analytics. It is a general-purpose indoor dome that comprises a fixed lens. Moreover, the Verkada CD31 Dome delivers enterprise-grade security for both indoor and outdoor environments. Additionally, it has a 15-day footage retention. The Verkada camera cost for CD31 Dome is $599 for each piece. For exterior applications, the CD31-E model is also available.

verkada pricing

CD41 Dome – $799

Similar to the above camera, the Verkada CD41 Dome features a 5 megapixel (5 MP) image resolution, a 128-degree diagonal field of view, and 15 meter IR range. Like the CD31 Dome, it has a fixed lens too. However, it does not have a fixed period for footage retention. It entails a 15, 60, 90, 120 day footage retention. It has a night function and performs best in low-light solutions. The higher image resolution and long period for footage retention make the price higher than the CD31 Dome Camera. The Verkada camera cost for CD41 Dome is $799 for each piece.

CD51 Dome – $999

CD51 Dome is an indoor dome with 3x optical zoom and intelligent edge-based video analytics. It has a 5 megapixel (5 MP) image resolution, a 128-degree diagonal field of view, and 30 meter IR range. It differs from both the CD31 and CD41 Dome as it has a 3x optical zoom lens. As for footage retention, the CD51 Dome entails 15, 60, 90 and 120 days storage options. The price for the CD51 Dome is $999.

CD61 4K Dome – $1,199

The Verkada CD61 Dome comprises a 4K image resolution. Similar to other Dome cameras, the CD61 4K Dome has a 128-degree diagonal field of view, 15 meter IR range, and 3x optical zoom lens. Furthermore, it has a 30 and 60 days period for footage retention. The CD61 4K Dome comes at a Verkada camera pricing of $1,199.

D4O MINI Dome – $799

Verkada’s D40 Mini-Dome features a 5 megapixel (5 MP) image resolution and a 128-degree diagonal field of view. It also packs a 15 meter IR range and fixed lens. This high-resolution mini dome can be installed anywhere. It has a 15-day footage retention and comes at a cost of $799 for each piece.

verkada pricing

CM61 Mini 4K – $1,199

Verkada’s CM61 MINI 4K features a 4 megapixel (4 MP) image resolution, 120-degree diagonal field of view, 15 meter IR range and fixed lens. Additionally, this camera has a 30, 60-day footage retention. You can instantly add coverage while delivering an uncompromised 4K video quality experience with Verkada CM61 Mini 4K. It comes with a price tag of $1,199 for each piece.

D80 Fisheye – $1,899

Verkada’s Fisheye series is sure to be a sought-after security solution. With an enhanced image resolution of 12 megapixels (12 MP), the Verkada D80 Fisheye has a 180-degree diagonal field of view. It has a 20 meter IR range and entails a fixed lens. The camera can be placed inside or outside the facility without any need to change the installation process. It allows customers to choose wide-viewing angles or view the area in quadrants. Additionally, the D80 Fisheye comes with the Verkada video analytics solutions. D80 Fisheye has a Verkada camera cost of $1,899 for each solution.

verkada pricing

CB51-E Bullet Camera – $1,399

This general purpose bullet camera comes packed with a high resolution of 5 MP, 3x optical zoom, 30m IR range and IR cut filter for day and night functions.

CB61-E Bullet Camera – $1,799

For a truly HD experience, you can upgrade to the CB61-E 4K resolution bullet camera that packs similar features as the CB51-E in addition to its enhanced image resolution. 

verkada pricing

CB51-TE Bullet Camera – $1,499

Incorporating a telephoto zoom lens, the CB51-TE bullet camera has a higher focal length of 8mm to 20mm as well as a 50m IR range. The higher resolution version of this bullet camera is the CB61-TE that gives 4K image resolution and comes at a price of $1,899.

The VX51 Live Viewing Station – $1,999

Verkada’s VX51 has the ability to stream up to 36 cameras at one time with ultra-low-latency and customizable layouts. It is built with an eighth-generation Intel quad-core processor and Intel Ultra HD graphics. It comes with a price tag of $1,999 for each piece. This live viewing solution is a viewing platform of choice for customers that have critical viewing requirements. 

Cloud License

When you purchase your Verkada camera solution, you also need to take into account the hardware license which comes at $199 per camera for a one-year license.

Verkada Camera Cost: Value for Money?

In lieu of less functional cameras, Verkada solutions give you value for money with their effective features and robust functionality. The basic price rate starts from $799 but depends on the image resolution and footage retention periods. The cameras with higher image resolution and larger footage retention such as D80 Fisheye have relatively higher prices. They are purposefully designed to minimize the damages to the surface caused by external factors.

Additionally, Verkada’s products eliminate all the insecure components, practices, and protocols that are common with competing technology. Verkada security cameras allow you to record footage with better contrast, color and low-light performance. They produce videos that are 4 times higher in clarity than 1080p HD security cameras. They have a high pixel density that allows them to zoom in on distant objects without reducing image quality. In case of any incidents, they provide useful evidence.

verkada pricing

What Do All Verkada Security Cameras Include?

Verkada’s surveillance cameras offer a blend of features and functionality. Some of these specifications are applicable to all of its camera solutions.

Edge-based analytics

A Verkada security solution is the only solution with built-in facial recognition and license plate tracking. It has an advanced people tracking ability and is the best option for finding people through thousands of cameras. It brings footage from across sites into one dashboard and grants secure access to your entire team. Verkada security systems help you strengthen security and simplify ownership. 

10-Year warranty

Verkada security cameras provide a 10-year warranty to cover and replace all verkada hardware. This helps to keep customers secure in all aspects and unbothered from security concerns.

Automatic software updates

Verkada technology continues to get better with each passing day. It saves you from the trouble of replacing old software and updates automatically. It is constantly improving day by day to provide you with the best solutions. Verkada security cameras help you stay ahead of emerging threats with ongoing features and security updates. 

No limitations to cloud archiving

Verkada solutions allow you to store unlimited footage in the cloud. Moreover, you can easily share the footage with anyone or any web browser. Verkada also uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud servers and storage of archived videos. Every Verkada comes with a free 30 days’ worth of cloud backup storage. The camera will continue to record even if offline. Once the connection is re-established, all footage will be backed up to the cloud. 

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